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This article is about the city. For the adventure, see Return to Pendrama.

Pendrama is a city-state on the world of Eamon that is the setting of the 1992 Eamon adventure Return to Pendrama by Hoyle Purvis.

The beautiful land of Pendrama was ruled by a long line of kings, each one passing to his son the magical Staff of Pendrama which had the power to protect the kingdom's citizens from harm. The Darklord, however, invaded the palace one night in the form of a black fog and stole the staff from the current king (whom Purvis describes as wise and good), prompting most of the city's residents to flee and allowing the Darklord's forces to overrun the city. Its walls and many of its buildings were reduced rubble by the invading forces and the few remaining residents were killed; the Darklord also conjured a long magical barrier south of the city which left the land murky and drab.

Driven from the city, the king attempted to return and liberate it but couldn't overcome the invaders. With the help of the adventurer, however, the king reacquired the staff as well as two other important magical artifacts hidden in the cornerstones of the palace — the Sword of Pendrama and the Cosmic Cube — and with them was able to break the Darklord's hold and free Pendrama.