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Vulden is a city on Eamon, likely within the land of Aldaar, that the adventurer may visit in The Dragon of Aldaar by Glenn Gribble. Within the adventure the city serves a similar purpose to Evenhold's Main Hall: a place where adventurers may rest, obtain supplies, improve their skills, and check their inventory.

Services available in the city include the following (with their prices):

  • A store that sells food. 1gp of food lasts 5 to 10 rounds.
  • A pub that sells drinks. 1gp of drink lasts 5 to 10 rounds.
  • A public bath operated by Madame Midgit. A bath is 2gp; the proprietor also sells an ointment that can make one more attractive, the price of which varies but is at least 200gp.
  • The Vulden City Luxury Hotel, where rooms are 10gp a night.
  • A school that offers in instruction in a variety of areas:
    ∙ Speed/agility, taught by fighting expert Hinjin
    ∙ Language, taught by Mr. Ellis
    ∙ Folklore related by the elderly Monty Montegue
    ∙ Magic taught by the laid-back Smokas Tokas

Prices are different in the Eamon Deluxe version of the adventure.