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Agroville is a agricultural community in the New Kingdom on the world of Eamon that first appears in Redemption, an Eamon adventure written by Sam Ruby released in 1995.

The community is situated on the plains in the western part of the kingdom and is surrounded by a lightly fortified wooden wall in roughly the shape of a circle, with gates opening west and east. Businesses include a bakery, liquor store, tobacconist, slaughterhouse, and a horse and mule trading barn. The Windmill, a humble tavern on the town square, acts as the villagers' social hall. The road east from Agroville connects to the other New Kingdom communities of Kingscourt, Ironcastle, Shrine City, and Tradetown.

In Ruby's The Curse of Talon Agroville sends a young squire to help carry the adventurer's provisions and equipment.