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Sayhar is a city-state and port on the continent of Northland on the world of Eamon, described by Sam Ruby in his adventure Elemental Apocalypse.

The colony of Sayhar was founded 1,020 years ago, an event that would later become the starting point for the calendar of the North Kingdom (NK). It grew and flourished over the following centuries, becoming a powerful city-state by the mid-600s NK. Around 850 NK (or 170 years ago), Sayhar's King Alnaron I married Illya of the nearby kingdom of Tredland, uniting the two nations to form the North Kingdom.

From 960 to 986 NK, Sayhar and the other members of the North Kingdom fought the Magic Wars against invading Magi from the east, the final victory being achieved on the steps of the palace in Sayhar by Alnaron II and his son who would be crowned Alneron III.

The shipwrecked adventurer washed ashore in the North Kingdom at the start of Elemental Apocalypse and was taken to the city of Sayhar to meet the Prime Minister.