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The New Kingdom, also identified as Graceland, is a land in the eastern foothills of the Great Mountains, 10 days' travel west of Evenhold. It was established 300 years ago by citizens of the Old Kingdom of Cyrak west of the mountains, who fled east across the range when their land was invaded and conquered by the Dark Lords from a neighboring land.

The refugees established a new flourishing kingdom, the capital and cultural center of which is Kingscourt, a city situated in the northern portion of the New Kingdom. The kingdom's agricultural center is Agroville to the west; its military and industrial center is Ironcastle to the east; its religious center is Shrine City to the south; and its financial center is Tradetown near the middle of the territory.

Ruby first introduces the displaced civilization of refugees in his 1990 adventure Sanctuary, at that time calling them a stateless people who lived dispersed across various kingdoms of the east, and who yearned to retake their old homeland west of the mountains. In his 1993 adventure Redemption Ruby gave the people a named kingdom, the history of which he further elaborated in his final adventure, The Curse of Talon (1995).