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Bug Bytes is a column written by NEUC president John Nelson published in the Eamon Adventurer's Log that instructs readers how to fix problems that the club has identified in Eamon adventures and related programs. The column appears in all 13 regular issues of the newsletter and includes fixes for bugs in 82 adventures plus the Master and Dungeon Designer.

The equivalent column in the later Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter is Bugs 'n' Fixes.


Issue Subjects
March 1984 Nelson introduces the column and gives instructions on how to submit a bug report
May 1984
August 1984 Instructions on how to make changes in Applesoft BASIC
October 1984
January 1985 Introduction to the Master Bugs List and the new revision date system
March 1985
May 1985
August 1985
October 1985
June 1986
January 1987
October 1987
April 1989 Request for bug reports in PC versions of Eamon