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The Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter, March 1993 issue.


Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter Archive


March 1993


Eamon Adventurer's Guild; Tom Zuchowski (editor)


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The Eamon Adventurer's Guild
March 1993

News and Stuff

by Tom Zuchowski

Annual Financial Report

I finally got around to putting the EAG transactions into a database, so this year I have a better breakdown than in years past.

EAG finances for 1992:

Starting Balance: $173.63
    Back Issues: 104.65
    New Memberships: 186.00
    Renewal Memberships: 290.00
    Updates: 37.00
    Miscellaneous: 21.00
Total Income: 638.25
    Copier: 302.39
    Postage: 301.22
    Supplies: 149.04
Total Expenses: 752.65
Ending Balance: $59.23

Not a real terrific year, yet it's better than it looks at first glance. That unscheduled reprint of the March issue cost nearly $100. If you figure that in, the EAG only lost some 20 bucks in 1992, an amount which I am very comfortable with. And I don't anticipate screwing up any newsletters in 1993! <grin>

The bottom line is still well into the black. Inquiries are up. The EAG is getting exposure in several new places, including a mention in Softdisk and as a Quality Computers freebie. I expect 1993 to be a pretty good year.

Apple IIgs discontinued

The shoe has finally dropped. After allegedly selling 14 Apple II computers in October, Apple Corp. announced that the Apple IIgs line would be permanently discontinued on Dec. 15. The IIe is still available to institutions, but I don't expect it to long survive the GS.

This has no significant effect on the Apple II world, which began organizing for "orphan" status a couple of years ago. The good news is that used equipment prices are better than ever as the techno-junkies bail out and sell their machines.

Apple Corp. now sells all Apple II hardware (except CPUs) through direct mail-order, saving us from the trauma of trying to obtain stuff through our local Mac dealers. Apple's Continuation Support group is unchanged, still working with programmers and software vendors to maintain order in the Apple II world. And they are selling literally hundreds of thousands of IIe cards per year. The II is far from dead!

Things could be better, but they could be a heck of a lot worse. Despite the widespread whining, Apple Corp. has treated II owners pretty darned well over the years and continues to support us even now. Apple made one major error years ago (not marketing the GS as a Macintosh for the home), and it put them in an impossible position, competing with themselves. Even so, the long-rumored GS+ computer very nearly made it into the marketplace.

The rumored revamping of A+/inCider into a Macintosh magazine has been reconsidered, and it has retained a format that is similar to the one it had. Quality Computers has begun publishing its own Apple II magazine, called II Alive. Resource Central still publishes its newsletter plus five disk-based magazines. Softdisk is going strong. The II has strong support on the commercial online services. New software and hardware continues to appear. Yes, things could be a lot worse. We're doing OK.

Another One Bites the Dust

Computer Budget Shopper of Cheyenne, WY has discontinued sales of Apple II software. Don't send them any more orders. Jim Hassler didn't say why he dropped the Apple II, but I'd bet it had a lot to do with recent increases in advertising costs.

Eamon Adventurer's Guild

Thomas Zuchowski, Editor

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The Eamon Adventurer's Guild is published 4 times per year in Mar., Jun., Sep., and Dec.

We are always looking for new material! If you would like to publish your own letter or article in this newsletter, feel free to send one in. If you would like to add your own Eamon adventure to the list, send it on a disk to the above address. It will be assigned an Adventure number, and tested for bugs and other problems before release. An informal critique and disk with bug corrections will be returned.

Back issues

Apple-based back issues of the formerly Apple-based NEUC's Adventurer's Log are available from us:
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Contest Results

Results of the "no-contest" from last issue:

Robert Parker offers this: a modification of "drinkable artifacts" to "eatable/drinkable". Rob would use the unused Field 8 to distinguish between food and drink.

Rob's second idea is a "disguised monster" artifact, with these fields:

5: Disguised Artifact type
6: First Effect Number
7: Number of Effects
8: Monster Number.

Phil Schulz came up with this: day/night cycles that require the player to sleep occasionally. While sleeping, the player would be exposed to attack, robbery and abandonment by companions. If he didn't sleep, he would become less effective and eventually pass out.

Phil also thinks that "special lighting" (other than simple light and dark) would be neat if there was a good explanation for it. He likes the idea of ammo-dependent weapons, too.

Holly Zehnder had this idea: "puzzle monsters" that blocked passages and would not move until the riddle had been correctly answered. Holly envisions the monsters showing varied personalities and reacting in varied ways to right and wrong answers.

Holly also suggested a side trip in an adventure that offers a chance to gamble in several simple games of chance. "I can just picture it: the character being hacked to death in a duel over a disputed match of Go Fish."

I'm pretty sure that nearly all of these things have been done at one time or another. Rob gets extra credit for the most complete suggestions, and Holly gets extra credit for good examples. Nobody made a killing with a runaway "best idea", but all three get credit for giving a bit of thought to the contest.

Rob, Phil, and Holly, you have won some free Eamon adventures. I'll send you any four Eamon disk sides that you desire. Let me know what you want.

New Adventures

221 Count Dracula's Castle by Robert Parker
222 The Halls of the Adept by Tim Berge and Johnathan Thomas Cottingham

In Count Dracula's Castle, you find yourself wandering about in a castle full of vampires. Reviewed in this issue.

You venture into The Halls of the Adept on a mission for rescue and vengeance. This is Good Stuff. Also reviewed in this issue.

In other news, we've got several new adventures cooking, some of which you will not want to miss when they come out!

Dungeon Designs

Adding a New Command
by Tom Zuchowski

While the version 7.0 MAIN PGM has a fairly complete basic command set, sometimes you need to add extra commands to get the play that you desire.

Let's set up a simple example and then step through the procedure. Let's say that part of the quest requires that the player be able to TALK to a certain denizen of the dungeon. This scenario needs to have the command TALK added to the command list. For the sake of simplicity in this example, let's say that only one monster actually has something to say, and that this is monster #12. Let's make this monster's comments Effect #6. The required syntax for this command will be TALK (MONSTER).

First, let's write the code for the new command:

35000 REM TALK
35010 GOSUB 4900: GOSUB 4700: IF NOT F THEN 96
35020 IF M = 12 THEN R = 406: GOSUB 45: GOTO 98 
35040 IF M%(M,11) = 1 THEN PRINT "INSULTS." 
35060 GOTO 98

Let's examine this, statement by statement:

GOSUB 4900 (Check to make sure that a specific object has been named in the command.)
GOSUB 4700 (Find out if the Monster named is in the room, and what his number is in the monster database.)
IF NOT F THEN 96 (If the routine at 4700 cannot find a match between the object and the name of any monster present in the room, it returns with F = 0. If no match was found, jump to line 96, which prints NOBODY HERE BY THAT NAME!)
IF M = 12 THEN R = 406 (If the routine at 4700 finds a match, it returns with M = the monster number. In our example, the only monster that has anything to say is monster #12. Effects are stored in EAMON.DESC at records 401-600. Effect #6 is record #406.)
GOSUB 45 (This is the routine that gets text from EAMON.DESC and prints it.)
GOTO 98 (Exit the routine. This exit prints a blank line and updates the screen pause line counter.)
PRINT: PRINT "YOU EXCHANGE "; (Print this text when M does not equal 12 so that the player gets a response to his command.)
IF M%(M,11) = 1 THEN PRINT "INSULTS." (If the monster is an enemy.)
IF M%(M,11) > 1 THEN PRINT "PLEASANTRIES." (If the monster is not an enemy.)
GOTO 98 (Exit the routine. This exit prints a blank line and updates the screen pause line counter.)

OK, that is our new command. Now we have to integrate it into the command list. The number of basic commands (32) is stored at line 31910, and the commands are listed at line 31920. To add TALK, we must increase the number at 31910 by one and add the command at line 31930:

31910 DATA 33

TALK will now be listed as the very last command in the command list and will be recognized by the command parsing routine at line 200. The only thing left to do is to add the line number of the routine to line 290 so that the command parser will know where it is:

290 ON C GOTO 3000,3000,3000,3000,3000,3000,  
17000,18000,19000,20000,21000,22000,24000, 25000,26000,27000,28000,35000

Note that the numbers in line 290 must be in exactly the same order as the commands in lines 31920-31930!

That's it! We now have a working TALK command!

OK, that covers new commands involving monsters. The code for commands involving artifacts is much the same, except that the artifact search routine is at 4800 instead of 4700, and the routine at 4800 has several entry points. Let's look at the differences from the above code. It's identical except for the GOSUB 4700. The artifact search routine compares to three "locations": HA, WH, and EM. The defaults are:

HA = - 1 (held by player)
WH = RO (visible in room)
EM = RO + 200 (embedded in room)

GOSUB 4801 if the player must be holding the artifact for the command to work (e.g.: DROP).

GOSUB 4804 if the command works whether the artifact is being held, is in the room, or is still embedded in the room (e.g.: EXAMINE).

HA = RO: GOSUB 4805 if the artifact must be in the room or embedded in the room but not held by the player (e.g.: GET).

HA = -999: EM = HA: WH = HA: GOSUB 4810 You can also define your own special "locations" to be checked. The example above is from the REMOVE command, which requires that the artifact to be acted on be worn by the player (-999). This can be any number that you choose to use.

There are several optional exits from your routine. The two main ones are:

GOTO 98 prints a line, increments the line counter by three, and proceeds to the monster melee code at 300.
GOTO 99 is the same as GOTO 98 except that it proceeds to the YOU SEE code at 100 instead of the monster melee code.

If the routines at 4700 and 4800 do not find a match to the object and return with F = 0, you have several optional exits:

GOTO 94 "YOU CAN'T (player's command) (e.g.: YOU CAN'T WEAR TABLE)

If none of these four error messages quite fit your new command, you can use your own error message and exit through a GOTO 98 or GOTO 99.

Let's recap by looking at some examples from the regular commands:


5010 GOSUB 4900: IF S$ = "ALL" THEN 5100
5030 GOSUB 4801: IF NOT F THEN 91


6010 GOSUB 4900: GOSUB 4804: IF NOT F THEN 6040 


4010 GOSUB 4900: IF S$ = "ALL THEN 4200
4020 HA = RO: GOSUB 4805: IF NOT F THEN 94


26010 GOSUB 4900: HA = -1: WH = RO: EM = - 999: GOSUB 4810: IF NOT F THEN 94


7020 GOSUB 4900: GOSUB 4700: IF F THEN 7300
7030 HA = RO: GOSUB 4805: IF NOT F THEN 94


#23 The Temple of Ngurct

Date Fixed: 2/15/93

Fix: In Line 13070, change GOTO 7639 to GOSUB 7639

#166 Storm Breaker

Date Fixed: 1/9/93

Problem: SYNTAX ERROR IN 7530
Fix: In Line 7530, change A%(M%(0,),3) to A%(M%(0,9),3)

#166 Storm Breaker

(40-col. ProDOS only)
Date Fixed: 1/9/93

Problem: SYNTAX ERROR IN 9097
Fix: In Line 9097, change LM < 0 to LM = 0

Adventure Reviews

#18 Hogarth Castle

by Ken Nestle

Reviewed by Steve Bernbaum

MAIN PGM Version: 4
Deleted Commands: READ
Special Features: advice and artifacts offered by monsters
Playing Time: 15 minutes to 2 hours
Reviewer Rating: 5   Average Rating: 4.5/2

Description: You are hired to rescue Rowena by her father, a king. He gives you some advice on how to get help and on what you can take. She is being held prisoner by Prince Hogarth in his castle. Once you head for the castle you, find yourself in Hogarth Town. In town you can enter various shops and encounter townfolk, who may be friendly or not and helpful or not. Exploring the town you will find the castle and the way back to the Guild Hall. You can leave anytime you want without penalty. Once you enter the Castle, you will want to find Rowena and get out to collect the reward.

Comment: Pay close attention to the advice that the king gives you. If you follow this advice, both as to what is said and what is not said but logically follows, you will get lots of help and aid from the villagers. If you ignore the unsaid implications, all hands will be turned against you. HOWDY is the code word the king gives you. SAY HOWDY to everyone, no matter how unlikely they look to provide help, or you will not succeed in freeing Rowena. Even if they are unfriendly, they will give you the advice and artifacts they have for you before attacking.

If you explore the town thoroughly before entering the castle, read between the lines in the advice given by the king and the villagers and use your head to think through your mission, you can get into the castle, find Rowena, get some backup warriors, free Rowena and get out pretty quick and easily. It took me about fifteen minutes to do so. Then I went back to the adventure with another character and explored the rest of the castle. If you don't figure out the easy way, make a wrong turn once you are in the castle or just decide to check the whole place out, you can take about two hours to finish this one.

There are a few fairly nasty monsters about, as well as lots of loot. So, you can aim for accomplishing the mission quickly or have a hack and slash adventure where you can get filthy rich. Overall the monsters are of average hardiness. Some are tough. Some are pushovers. Most are in between. None are super tough. However, if you don't do the right thing around a couple of them, you're dead, no matter how tough the adventurer. If you think about the things helpful villagers give you and follow the king's advice, you won't have this problem. Otherwise... Except for these spots, there was no situation that my adventurers could not handle. However, I might add both were well experienced and carried heavy duty weapons but I think an average character with average weapons would do fine.

Don't waste any effort using EXAMINE or LOOK. They just reprint the room description.

Although there are some secret passages and other hidden objects, you can find them by hints in the descriptions and using the action commands.

There are numerous locked doors that you can't open without first finding the keys. Once you have opened the doors, any friendly monsters that are with you will not enter. They will wait by the door until you come back. Any friendlies you find beyond the door will come out with you.

Weapons seem to get broken and dropped with great frequency but there are loads of others around, either dropped by dead monsters or just sitting there to begin with. Neither of my characters left with the weapon they readied at the start. If you have friendlies with you that aren't helping out, GIVE them weapons. Some are unarmed but pack quite a punch once you arm them.

HINT: The most valuable treasure is located in a place that looks like a "gotcha" death trap. It's not a "gotcha" but the toughest monster in the place lives there. If you go after it, you're on your own. No other monster will enter there.

If you figure out the clues and decide to go for the easy rescue, this is a pretty straight forward adventure. However, if you decide to search for glory and wealth, be sure to map the place. It is large and the room connections are often convoluted. There are a few nice effects scattered about the castle. Greedy adventurers, who don't follow the between the lines advice that the king gives, will be in for some nasty shocks, both during the adventure and when they head back to the Hall. Overall, I'd give it a 5 for difficulty. If you make the easy rescue, you will find it only a 3 or 4 for difficulty.

#23 The Temple of Ngurct

by James & Robert Plamondon

Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski

MAIN PGM Version: 5
Extra Commands: OPEN, READ, UNLOCK
Deleted Commands: None, no SAVE
Special Features: Wandering monsters
Playing Time: 1-2 hours
Reviewer Rating: 7.0   Average Rating: 7.2/4

Description: "There is an old ruin of a small citadel on a cliff overlooking a rarely used pass. The road through the pass has become increasingly hazardous in recent years. Now, only rash and desperate travelers — or those travelling in very large parties — dare to use it. Those who have survived the crossing tell dark tales of fearsome beasts and strange happenings; in all these tales the citadel is the eye of the storm.

It is rumored that the evil priests of Ngurct have occupied the citadel. Their foul creed worships the black demon of the same name. Ngurct is the patron demon of exotic monsters — and he requires the regular sacrifice of human unbelievers.

You have been hired by your king to eradicate this scourge, and make the pass safe for travel and commerce once again. The power of Ngurct is locked into a gold medallion. If you return the medallion to the king, the power of Ngurct will be broken. For your efforts, you will be paid 5,000 GP upon the return of the medallion.

Comment: The Plamondons did a really good job with this adventure, given the early state of the Eamon gaming system at the time they wrote it. The game has all the unrefined characteristics that you would expect from a number this low, such as requiring full words in commands and having no screen pausing at all. But screen pausing, at least, is handled nicely by pacing text speed at different rates for different events.

Some interesting things have been done with the POWER command. There are several interesting side-tracks in the dungeon that are not required for a successful quest. In fact, there is evidence that they originally had a much more complex quest in mind but scaled it back for unknown reasons. You will attain a fully successful quest if you do nothing more than recover the medallion. Anything else you do is for your own interest in fully exploring the dungeon. Warning: best to bring your tactical nukes if you plan to awaken Ngurct himself!

This one is a bit tough to grade for difficulty. It depends a lot on what companions you gather along the way and whether you manage to avoid causing inadvertent trouble for yourself. The average difficulty might be (6).

#221 Count Dracula's Castle

by Robert Parker

Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski

MAIN PGM Version: 5
Extra Commands: None
Deleted Commands: None
Special Features: None
Playing Time: 30 min.
Reviewer Rating: 2.0

Description: "One fine day, after having one too many root beer floats, you layed down to take a nap. It was an awful nap, and you had a bad dream. You dreamt of vampires! But the really scary part was when you dreamt that you woke up, and you were there..."

Comment: This is a very simple adventure, with no puzzles or secret stuff. The bad guys are easy enough, though there are a lot of them. I give it a (4) for difficulty.

The map is simply laid out. Just about the only monsters that you see are bats and vampires, which gets a bit old. The descriptions were quite simple, with numerous spelling errors. The adventure does have a "quest" to fulfill, though it's not spelled out: kill the Count.

I suspect that this adventure may be a pretty good pick for young boys, with tons of combat and absolutely zero mental heavy lifting. It's actually not that bad of an adventure; it's just way too simple for my tastes.

#222 The Halls of the Adept

by Tim Berge and Johnathan Thomas Cottingham

Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski

MAIN PGM Version: 5
Deleted Commands: None
Special Features: 10-directions, secret door screen effects
Playing Time: 30-60 min.
Reviewer Rating: 7.0

Description: "The king needs your services. He informs you, 'The beautiful princess Aeriel has been kidnapped by an evil Adept.'

"This is bad enough, but it is worse. A war may break out if she is not returned in time to marry the barbarous king of the Northern Reaches. It is said that the king has the aid of Demon magic, and Eamon would be destroyed if you fail.

"The king offers you a reward of 7500 gold pieces for Aeriel's return, and another 2500 for the Adept's body. And of course, you may keep whatever you, well, acquire while questing. He cannot send another man with you, as they are preparing for war."

Comment: After a lapse of 150 adventures, Tim Berge rises from the dead with a quite competent offering. It is rather dated by being based on an early version 5 MAIN PGM, with such flaws as requiring full object names and having virtually no screen pauses. But it is simply jammed with nonstop specials and effects. This adventure has all the right elements: a clear quest, interesting companions and foes, magical devices, and some minor puzzling.

The POWER spell is loaded with special stuff that you won't want to miss. There's a (literally) fire-breathing companion that makes combat rather more interesting. There is a special screen gimmick for secret doors that I really enjoyed. There are a number of random traps, but most are not fatal.

This could possibly have garnered an 8 or 8.5 rating if it had been based on the more solid footing of the version 7 MAIN PGM. But the massive special programming required by the use of such an ancient version is a little uneven and a bit cantankerous in spots, which accounts for the lower rating.

I guess I give it a (6) for difficulty. This one is worth a play for all the specials; they are pretty neat.

This was a special issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Guild newsletter
It completes five continuous years of publication!

ProDOS Eamon Adventures

EAG ProDOS Eamon Revision Dates: Date: 2/20/93 40-col. 80-col.

1. Main Hall & Beginners Cave 06/06/91 5. Castle of Doom 02/24/90 8. The Abductor's Quarters 04/21/90 12. The Quest for Trezore 09/03/90 16. The Caves of Mondamen 03/28/90 19. Death Trap 07/10/90 20. The Black Death 09/15/90 21. The Quest for Marron 08/05/90 22. The Senator's Chambers 02/26/90 23. The Temple of Ngurct 09/19/90 02/14/93 24. Black Mountain 08/29/90 02/25/92 25. Nuclear Nightmare 02/25/90 26. Assault on the Mole Man 10/03/90 27. Revenge of the Mole Man 10/06/90 28. The Tower of London 02/25/90 33. The Orb of Polaris 08/15/91 09/21/91 34. Death's Gateway 01/18/91 09/07/91 35. The Lair of Mutants 01/15/91 36. The Citadel of Blood 07/23/90 37. Quest for the Holy Grail 10/13/90 38. City in the Clouds 10/20/90 39. Museum of Unnatural History 01/22/91 41. Caverns of Lanst 01/28/91 45. SwordQuest 08/20/90 47. FutureQuest 07/14/90 12/01/92 48. Picnic in Paradise 08/08/90 49. The Castle Kophinos 08/11/90 51. The Caves of Eamon Bluff 10/23/90 53. Feast of Carroll 02/26/90 55. The Master's Dungeon 03/03/90 56. The Lost Adventure 01/29/91 58. The Land of Death 02/07/91 64. Modern Problems 02/19/91 68. The Smith's Stronghold 02/24/91 69. The Black Castle of NaGog 07/11/90 09/03/91 73. The Deep Canyon 03/06/91 74. DharmaQuest 10/13/90 10/12/92 75. Temple of the Guild 03/17/91 76. The Search for Yourself 04/18/90 01/22/93 77. Temple of the Trolls 08/15/90 08/01/91 78. The Prince's Tavern 05/28/91 05/28/91 80. The Search for the Key 10/27/90 81. The Rescue Mission 10/27/90 86. Castle Mantru 03/23/91 87. Caves of Hollow Mountain 03/26/91 90. The Doomsday Clock 04/01/91 91. FutureQuest II 01/25/90 07/28/91 92. The Fugitive 11/02/90 93. Flying Circus 11/07/90 97. The House of Secrets 04/06/91 99. In the Clutches of Torrik 04/14/91 100. Sorceror's Spire 05/09/90 106. Camp Eamon 11/11/90 107. The Last Dragon 10/15/91 10/15/91 108. The Mines of Moria 04/18/90 09/29/91 109. The Forest of Fear 01/09/91 112. Hills of History 04/19/91 113. The Life-Orb of Mevtrelek 11/15/90 114. Thror's Ring 03/05/90 05/04/91 117. Dungeon of Doom 01/15/91 118. Pittfall 06/18/90 09/02/91 119. Grunewalde 04/28/91 120. Orb of My Life 06/19/91 06/19/91 121. Wrenhold's Secret Vigil 06/02/90 11/08/92 124. Assault on Dolni Keep 05/09/90 05/21/91 126. The Pyramid of Anharos 03/15/92 03/15/92 127. The Hunt for the Ring 11/20/90 128. Quest of Erebor 11/24/90 129. Return to Moria 12/01/91 12/01/91 130. Haradwaith 11/27/90 131. Nucleus of the Ruby 04/08/92 132. Rhadshur Warrior 10/03/92 10/03/92 137. The Ruins of Ivory Castle 04/26/92 138. Starfire 06/15/90 05/21/91 139. Peg's Place 11/30/90 142. The Beermeister's Brewery 04/26/92 143. The Alternate Zone 05/01/92 145. Buccaneer! 07/31/90 11/01/92 146. The House of Horrors 05/09/92 147. The Dark Brotherhood 04/11/90 05/27/91 148. Journey to Jotunheim 10/07/90 03/19/92 149. Elemental Apocalypse 01/06/91 150. Walled City of Darkness 01/23/92 01/23/92 154. A Trip to Fort Scott 06/05/90 155. Tomb of the Vampire 10/07/90 158. The Lair of Mr. Ed 12/25/90 159. The Bridge of Catzad-Dum 05/18/92 160. Monty Python & Holy Grail 01/25/90 161. Operation Endgame 06/29/91 06/29/91 162. Eamon 7.0 Demo Adventure 05/26/90 163. The Sands of Mars 03/17/92 164. A Real Cliffhanger 03/18/92 165. Animal Farm 04/02/92 166. Storm Breaker 03/14/90 01/09/93 169. The Black Phoenix 03/15/90 11/15/91 170. Ragnarok Revisited 09/15/90 183. The Boy and the Bard 06/20/90 188. Encounter: the Bookworm 05/31/92 191. Enhanced Beginners Cave 01/27/90 194. Attack of the Kretons 07/30/91 07/30/91 195. The Training Ground 02/12/90 196. The Cat House 04/20/92 04/20/92 198. Revenge of the Bookworm 06/06/92 204. Sanctuary 10/14/90 03/09/92 205. Utterly Outrageous 06/10/92 206. Curse of the Hellsblade 02/04/91 10/28/91 208. Assault on Helstar 06/21/92 211. Lair of the Marauders 07/04/92 213. Demongate 07/05/92 214. Deathstalker's Castle 07/15/92 215. Treasure Island 08/16/92 216. The Pirate's Cave 09/20/92 217. Eye of Agamon 09/13/92

Dungeon Designer Diskette Ver.7.0 10/06/91 Eamon Utilities Diskette 01/26/92 Graphics Main Hall 05/23/91 ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

Eamon Adventure Listing ______________________________________________________

8. Abductor's Quarters, The J. Jacobson 178. Alien Intruder, The R. Parker 42. Alternate Beginners Cave R.Volberding 143. Alternate Zone, The J. Actor 175. Anatomy of the Body R. Parker 165. Animal Farm S. Ruby 209. Apocalypse 2021 H. Purvis 124. Assault on Dolni Keep T. Zuchowski 208. Assault on Helstar P. Schulz 9. Assault on the Clonemaster D. Brown 26. Assault on the Mole Man J. Nelson 194. Attack of the Kretons N. Segerlind 187. Batman!! A. Geha 142. Beermeister's Brewery, The J. Actor 186. Beginner's Cave II J. Nelson 140. Beginner's Forest M. Anderson 50. Behind the Sealed Door T. Berge 69. Black Castle of NaGog, The D. Burrows 20. Black Death, The J. Nelson 24. Black Mountain J. Nelson 169. Black Phoenix, The R. Pender 94. Blood Feud R. Krebs 185. Body Revisited, The R. Parker 183. Boy and the Bard, The S. Ruby 159. Bridge of Catzad-Dum, The N. Segerlind 145. Buccaneer! P. Hurst 106. Camp Eamon R. Slemon 49. Castle Kophinos, The D. Doumakes 86. Castle Mantru S. Constanzo 79. Castle of Count Fuey, The D. Brown 5. Castle of Doom D. Brown 84. Castle of Riveneta R. Karsten 196. Cat House, The Anonymous 220. Catacombs of Terror P. Schulz 3. Cave of the Mind, The Jacobson/Varnum 62. Caverns of Doom, The M. Mullin 41. Caverns of Lanst R.Volberding 201. Caverns of Vanavara, The C. Hewgley 51. Caves of Eamon Bluff, The T. Berge 87. Caves of Hollow Mountain J. Nelson 16. Caves of Mondamen, The J. Nelson 13. Caves of Treasure Island Genz & Braun 96. Chamber of the Dragons, The B. Kondalski 67. Chaosium Caves S. Bhayani 36. Citadel of Blood, The E. Hodson 38. City in the Clouds E. Hodson 219. City of Sorcerors, The R. Osgood 152. Computer Club of Fear, The N. Segerlind 221. Count Dracula's Castle R. Parker 193. Creature of Rhyl, The R. Parker 54. Crystal Mountain K. Hoffman 206. Curse of the Hellsblade Nelson/Zuchowski 40. Daemon's Playground R.Volberding 147. Dark Brotherhood, The P. Hurst 6. Death Star, The D. Brown 19. Death Trap J. Nelson 34. Death's Gateway R. Linden 214. Deathstalker's Castle P. Schulz 73. Deep Canyon, The K. Blincoe 213. Demongate H. Purvis 52. Devil's Dungeon, The J. Merrill 7. Devil's Tomb, The J. Jacobson 74. DharmaQuest R. Pender 176. Dirtie Trix's Mad Maze R. Parker 90. Doomsday Clock, The J. Tankard 117. Dungeon of Doom D. Knezek 66. Dungeons of Xenon S. Bhayani 162. Eamon 7.0 Demo Adventure T. Zuchowski 102. Eamon Railroad, The Sam 207. Eamon Renegade Club P. Schulz 151. Eamon S.A.R.-1 (Deneb Raid)D. Crawford 181. Eamon Sewer System, The R. Parker 149. Elemental Apocalypse S. Ruby 188. Encounter: The Bookworm R. Parker 191. Enhanced Beginners Cave Brown/Nelson 174. Escape from Granite Hall R. Parker 82. Escape from Mansi Island S. Starkey 44. Escape from the Orc Lair J. Hinkleman 167. Expedition to the DarkwoodsG. Gioia 217. Eye of Agamon H. Purvis 182. Farmer Brown's Woods R. Parker 53. Feast of Carroll D&J Lilienkamp 133. Final Frontier, The R. Slemon 110. Fire Island G. Gioia 93. Flying Circus R. Krebs 109. Forest of Fear, The S. Ruby 92. Fugitive, The D. Doumakes 14. Furioso W. Davis 47. FutureQuest R. Pender 91. FutureQuest II R. Pender 180. Gamma 1 R. Parker 144. Gartin Manor G. Gioia 31. Gauntlet, The J. Nelson 101. Ground Zero Sam 119. Grunewalde P. Hurst 222. Halls of the Adept, The Berge/Cottingham 130. Haradwaith S. Ruby 61. Harpy Cloud, The A. Forter 212. Haunted Keep H. Purvis 15. Heroes Castle J. Nelson 168. High School of Horrors, TheM.Haney/A.Hunt 112. Hills of History D. Smith 18. Hogarth Castle K. Nestle 146. House of Horrors, The D. Cross 32. House of Ill Repute Anonymous 97. House of Secrets, The G. Gunn 72. House on Eamon Ridge T. Berge 173. House that Jack Built, The R. Parker 127. Hunt for the Ring, The S. Ruby 99. In the Clutches of Torrik J. Nelson 141. Infested Fortress, The M&P Hamaoka 116. Iron Prison, The S. Ruby 148. Journey to Jotunheim T. Zuchowski 59. Jungles of Vietnam J. Allen 158. Lair of Mr. Ed, The N. Segerlind 35. Lair of Mutants, The E. Hodson 211. Lair of the Marauders H. Purvis 2. Lair of the Minotaur, The D. Brown 156. Lake, The N. Segerlind 58. Land of Death, The T. Berge 107. Last Dragon, The R. Pender 113. Life-Orb of Mevtrelek, The R. Volberding 46. Lifequest D. Crawford 153. Lost! N. Segerlind 56. Lost Adventure, The J. Allen 29. Lost Island of Apple, The D. Brown 200. Lost Isle, The R. Davis 104. Lost World, The Sam 203. Lotto's Masterpiece H. Haskell 10. Magic Kingdom, The D. Cook 1. Main Hall & Beginners Cave D. Brown 57. Manxome Foe, The R. Olszewski 55. Master's Dungeon, The J. Allen 125. Mattimoe Palace, The J. Actor 95. Maze of Quasequeton, The B. Kondalski 192. Mean Streets T. Tetirick 17. Merlin's Castle R. Hersom 108. Mines of Moria, The S. Ruby 64. Modern Problems Anderson/Barban/Thompson 160. Monty Python & Holy Grail N. Segerlind 136. Mountain Fortress, The M. Greifenkamp 172. Mountain of the Master, TheM. Dalton 39. Museum of Unnatural History R.Volberding 25. Nuclear Nightmare J. Nelson 131. Nucleus of the Ruby K. Somers 71. Operation Crab Key J. Vercellone 161. Operation Endgame S. Ruby 120. Orb of My Life J. Nelson 33. Orb of Polaris, The J. Nelson 157. Pathetic Hideout of Mr. R. N. Segerlind 139. Peg's Place M&A Anderson 48. Picnic in Paradise J. Nelson 216. Pirate's Cave, The M. Anderson 118. Pittfall S. Starkey 202. Plain of Srevi, The K. Ivers 43. Priests of Xim! M & E Bauman 78. Prince's Tavern, The R. Davis 126. Pyramid of Anharos, The P. Hurst 171. Pyramid of Cheops, The R. Parker 134. Pyramid of the Ancients J.& R. Pirone 21. Quest for Marron, The J. Nelson 184. Quest For Orion P. Gise 37. Quest for the Holy Grail E. Hodson 12. Quest for Trezore, The J. Jacobson 128. Quest of Erebor S. Ruby 199. Quest of the Crystal Wand R. Davis 170. Ragnarok Revisited N. Segerlind 164. Real Cliffhanger, A T. Swartz 81. Rescue Mission, The (80b) D. Brown 129. Return to Moria S. Ruby 210. Return of Nugrct H. Purvis 218. Return to Pendrama H. Purvis 198. Revenge of the Bookworm R. Parker 27. Revenge of the Mole Man J. Nelson 132. Rhadshur Warrior R. Pender 115. Ring of Doom, The S. Ruby 189. Ruins of Belfast, The D. Sparks 137. Ruins of Ivory Castle, The M. Greifenkamp 204. Sanctuary S. Ruby 163. Sands of Mars, The T. Swartz 65. School of Death, The K. Townsend 80. Search for the Key, The D. Brown 76. Search for Yourself, The D. Doumakes 22. Senator's Chambers, The J. Plamondon 60. Sewers of Chicago, The J. Allen 190. Shift Change at Grimmwax D&A Sparks 177. Shippe of Fooles R. Parker 88. Shopping Mall, The A. Porter 98. Slave Pits of Kzorland R. Hersam 68. Smith's Stronghold, The A. Porter 100. Sorceror's Spire J. Nelson 197. Star Wars-Tempest One S. Averill 138. Starfire E. Phillips 166. Storm Breaker S. Ruby 105. Strange Resort, The Sam 89. Super Fortress of Lin Wang S. Bhayani 45. SwordQuest R. Pender 23. Temple of Ngurct, The J&R Plamondon 75. Temple of the Guild D. Doumakes 77. Temple of the Trolls J. Nelson 114. Thror's Ring T. Zuchowski 85. Time Portal, The E. Kuypers 135. Tomb of Evron, The M. Greifenkamp 11. Tomb of Molinar, The D. Brown 155. Tomb of the Vampire Trent/Grayson 70. Tomb of Y'Golonac, The R. Romanchuk 103. Top Secret Sam 28. Tower of London, The F.& S. Smith 195. Training Ground, The C. Hewgley 215. Treasure Island M. Anderson 154. Trip to Fort Scott, A W. Trent 83. Twin Castles, The J. Tankard 30. Underground City, The S. Adelson 205. Utterly Outrageous P. Gise 111. Vacation in Europe, A D. Smith 63. Valkenburg Castle J. Weener 122. Valley of Death, The S. Ruby 150. Walled City of Darkness T. Zuchowski 123. Wizard of the Spheres M. Elkin 179. Wizard's Tower, The R. Parker 121. Wrenhold's Secret Vigil R. Davis 4. Zyphur Riverventure, The J. Jacobson