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Eamon News is a column by editor John Nelson published in the Eamon Adventurer's Log, dedicated to game-related news not specific to the club.


Issue Subjects
August 1984 8 new adventures
Eamon Master 2.0
Reading and printing text files
October 1984 The death of William Fesselmeyer
2 new adventures
January 1985 13 new adventures
Tournament disk conversions and other updates
March 1985 IBM-PC and Commodore 64 conversion projects
1 new adventure
May 1985 8 new adventures
IBM-PC version status
Commodore 64 version status
Eamon publicity expands
August 1985 9 new adventures
IBM-PC / IBM-PCjr version
Commodore 64 version
Graphics Master
Masters, masters everywhere
October 1985 Uncontest results
IBM version of Eamon by Jon Walker
5 new adventures
June 1986 7 new adventures
IBM-PC update
Commodore-64 version update
January 1987 23 new adventures
Eamon on the IBM-PC
Commodore 64 / 128 Version
October 1987 5 new adventures
1988 Update on IBM-PC conversions
April 1989 Update on IBM-PC conversions