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Adventure Tips is a column published in seven issues of the Eamon Adventurer's Log from August 1984 to October 1985. Written by John Nelson or Bob Davis, the columns often give practical techniques or hacks that players can use to deal with difficult situations like a program crash or the death of a character, while a couple are just humorous lists.


Date Author Subjects
August 1984 John Nelson
  • Determining the friendliness of monsters without risking attack
  • Bribing monsters to be more friendly
  • Cheating death using Eamon utilities
  • Continuing an adventure after it's crashed
October 1984 John Nelson
  • Clarifications on bribing monsters
  • Embedded artifacts in version 6.0
January 1985 John Nelson
  • How to tell if an adventure is version 5.0 or 6.0
  • Resurrecting dead friends using Power
  • The benefit of using artifacts to bribe monsters
March 1985 John Nelson and Bob Davis
  • A humorous list of the characteristics of "real adventurers"
May 1985 John Nelson
  • Humorous advice for adventurers
  • Pop quiz on surviving a deadly situation
August 1985 Bob Davis
  • Techniques for recovering an adventurer who's died
  • Hack to grant spell abilities to a character
October 1985 Bob Davis
  • Betting negative values when gambling
  • Bypassing the knight marshall in The Beginners Cave
  • Attack-able artifacts
  • Command abbreviations
  • Using Power to survive