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The Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter, June 1995 issue.


Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter Archive


June 1995


Eamon Adventurer's Guild; Tom Zuchowski (editor)


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The Eamon Adventurer's Guild
June 1995

News and Stuff

The biggest news right now in the Eamon world is that I am in the process of uploading the entire Eamon library to GEnie. Right now there are only a few public-domain vendors left who carry the entire Eamon list. I've embarked on this huge uploading task so that the complete Eamon library will be preserved, no matter what happens to those vendors or myself. My plans are to upload various oddball stuff too, like Sam Ruby's special editors that he wrote for many of his Eamons

If you are on GEnie, you will find that the Eamon library is becoming quite large, making it more difficult to find any particular Eamon adventure you are looking for. I recommend that you do a library search on the keyword EAMON, and save and print out the resulting listing. You will find that, for the most part, a search sorts the library by operating system and display type, because I am using special naming conventions designed to do this.

If you're not on GEnie, it continues to develop as the Last Bastion of Apple II programmers and users. Apple Corp. recently turned the filetype database over to the GEnie Apple II Programming sysops to maintain, and Apple is now completely out of the Apple II business. From this point, anyone desiring a filetype assignment must request it from the A2Pro sysop in charge of the database.

There really hasn't been much else going on in the world of Eamon since the last issue. There are a couple of partially-completed Eamons in the works, but there is no way to predict when or even if they will surface. ________________________

I've recently been going through my old correspondence archives, sorting out the stuff worth keeping so that I can free up a little filing space around here. I am quite surprised to find dozens of letters from people who were working on Eamons that apparently never were completed. Alas. If only they had asked for a bit of help, they might have gotten past whatever was keeping them from completion. Many of my very best computing friends grew out of our correspondence while devloping their Eamons. People like Nate Segerlind, Pat Hurst, and many, many others did much to enrich my life. I can only wonder what good friends I missed with those long-dead Eamon projects. Most of these people aren't even with the EAG any more (my archives go back almost ten years). ________________________

The annual Apple II gathering in Kansas City will take place as usual this year. Although ICON (formerly Resource-Central) has gone out of business, some Apple II enthusiasts have taken things in hand and are going forward with the usual arrangements at Avila College. I will be going again this year. I'll let you know if any really interesting news comes to light! ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________


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________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

EAMON ADVENTURER'S GUILD Thomas Zuchowski, Editor

Membership/subscription fee for 4 issues: US-Canada: $7.00; foreign: $12.00; in U.S. funds This newsletter is published 4 times per year, in March, June, September, and December


We are always looking for new material! If you would like to publish your own letter or article in this newsletter, feel free to send one in. We make quarterly Eamon adventure giveaways to the best contributions.

If you would like to add your own Eamon adventure to the EAG list, send it on a disk to the above address. It will be assigned an Adventure number, and tested for bugs and other problems before release. An informal critique and disk with bug corrections will be returned. Once released, you will be given any Eamon Adventure of your choice in exchange, and may be awarded several Eamon Adventures if your Eamon is of superior quality.

________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

Letters ________________________________________________

Received your letter of March 16, notifying me that I have not yet renewed my membership, I was surprised, because I don't remember getting a prior notification that my membership had lapsed. - Ed Berman

Ed, the EAG doesn't send out notifications that a membership is expiring. We rely on our members to note the expiration date on their mailing labels. We do underline each expiring date with a red marker to bring attention to it.

We do this to save money. About three-quarters of our members renew on their own without need of any reminder. Many don't get around to it until a month or two after they have nominally expired. It would be a waste of the none-too- plentiful EAG funds to send reminders to people who remember to renew on their own.

Not to worry. We do send reminders to those who haven't renewed by the time the next issue comes out, as we did in your case, and back-date the membership to include the most recent issue. - TomZ

In the bug fix for the CHARACTERS FILE MAINT program, you have this code:


It looks like the GET Z$ is just there to pause the screen until the user has read the message. So, why PRINT Z$? I know it isn't doing any harm, but it takes up a little memory for no purpose, unless I've missed something here. - Steve Bernbaum (via GEnie)

You didn't miss anything, Steve. The PRINT statement serves no purpose in a DOS 3.3 program. However, in ProDOS, if a GET is immediately followed by a disk command, the disk command is ignored. "Closing" the GET with a PRINT statement prevents the problem.

I make it a point to "close" all ProDOS GETs, even when they don't precede a disk command. You never know when a mod might be done to the program that might cause a problem. Also, while a simple PRINT is all that is needed, I usually also print the variable. Often the GET is looking for a specific user input, and printing what he typed will give some feedback. While printing Z$ serves no purpose here, I am in the habit of always doing GET the same way so that it will always be correct.

I do make an effort to program identical code in both DOS 3.3 and ProDOS whenever possible. This is both for consistency in both versions, and to simplify things if a conversion to ProDOS ever becomes desirable. Thus the DOS 3.3 fix gets ProDOS-valid code. - TomZ

________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

Dungeon Designs ________________________________________________

A Tour of the MAIN PGM 7.1 (Part IV)

22000-22190 DRINK routine 22010 check for object S$; check if object is available; if not found then exit through error message at 94 (YOU CAN'T...) 22020 if object not drinkable then exit through error message at 94 (YOU CAN'T...) 22030 if not open then exit through error message at 92 (YOU MUST FIRST OPEN IT) 22110 if #uses less than one then print NONE LEFT; exit to PICK FOE through line counting routine 22130 decrement #uses; reduce/increase hits by Heal Amt; print FEEL BETTER or WORSE message; if hits reduced below zero then set to zero 22140 update line counter; proceed to DO BATTLE subroutine to print state of health 22190 exit to PICK FOE routine

23000-23210 READ routine 23010 check for object S$; check to see if object is available; if not then exit through error message at 94 (YOU CAN'T...) 23020 if not drinkable then exit through error message at 94 (YOU CAN'T...) 23030 if not open then exit through error at 92 23040 print IT SAYS:; update line count 23210 print Effects defined by artifact data; exit to PICK FOE routine

24000-24150 FREE routine 24010 check for object S$; check to see if object is available; if not then exit through error message at 94 (YOU CAN'T...) 24020 if not Bound Monster then exit through error message at 94 (YOU CAN'T...) 24030 set some temporary variables 24120 if guard is present then print WON'T LET YOU DO THAT message; exit to PICK FOE through line counting routine 24130 if key exists and not available then print DON'T HAVE KEY message; exit to YOU SEE 24150 print FREED message; put freed monster in room, remove bound monster; update monster alignments and group totals; exit to PICK FOE through line counting routine

25000-25090 REQUEST routine 25010 if object is named then run object through PARSE routine to see if it parses into full command (REQUEST XX FROM YY) 25040 if not full command then get object requested S$ and monster name B$ 25050 check for monster named; if not present then exit through error message at 96 25060 if monster is enemy then exit through SMILE routine 25070 check to see if monster has it; if not print DOESN"T HAVE IT message; exit to PICK FOE through line counting routine 25080 print OKAY; update line count; transfer object from monster to player; increase weight carried WT by object's weight; if object was monster's ready weapon then mark him as unarmed 25090 exit through DROP routine to check for effects of object acquisition

26000-26100 WEAR routine 26010 check for object S$; check to see if object is available; if not then exit through error message at 94 (YOU CAN'T...) 26015 if object already worn then proceed to error message at 26100 26020 if not wearable then then exit through error message at 94 (YOU CAN'T...) 26030 if armor then proceed to 26080 26040 if armor and already carrying shield then proceed to error message at 26100 26050 if armor then update player data to show that shield is carried if armor class is odd number (eg: PLATE AND SHIELD) 26060 if already armored then proceed to error message at 26100 26070 set player's armor data to this artifact 26080 mark object as worn; print WORN; exit to PICK FOE through line count 26100 print ALREADY WEARING message; exit to PICK FOE through line counting routine

27000-27040 REMOVE routine 27010 check for object S$; check to see if object is available; if not then print AREN'T WEARING IT message; exit to YOU SEE through line counting routine 27020 if object is player's shield then remove shield from player data 27030 if object if player's armor then remove armor from player 27040 mark object as carried by player; print REMOVED message; exit to PICK FOE through line counting routine

28000-28900 USE routine 28900 print TRY ANOTHER COMMAND message; exit to PICK FOE through line counting routine

29000-29070 RESUME GAME routine 29005 turn off ONERR 29010 ask RESUME GAME? 29020 get answer 29030 if "N" then delete saved game and restart program 29040 BLOAD saved game variables and pointers 29050 set screen to 40-col.; if saved game was 80-col. then set screen to 80-col. 29060 OPEN data files used during play 29070 preset command variables to no command; exit to YOU SEE routine

31000-31950 INIT routine 31005 set string variables to file names 31010 turn off ONERR; open EAMON.DESC; input database parameters; close file 31015 set # of Artifacts NA to number in database plus six for player's stuff; dimension all arrays 31020 input artifact data 31030 input monster data 31035 set up multiple monster numbers and group weight 31039 temporarily go to FAST.START code to save FAST.START info 31040 input player data from FRESH.MEAT file 31050 input player weapons into artifact array 31052 check for player weapons (name not "NONE"); increase # of artifacts variable NA for each one found; set weapon artifact type to "magic" if dice times sides exceeds 25; set weapon weight to 2; add weight to WT carried 31054 close open files 31055 delete FRESH.MEAT (disabled by REM) 31060 open EAMON.DESC and EAMON.ROOMS; set player Ready Weapon; set player dice and sides to that of Ready Weapon 31080 check player weapons for duplicate names 31090 if artifact name matches name of player's weapons then add "#" to front of artifact name; if rename is required then make second pass to ensure that no fresh name matches were generated 31100 check player's armor class AC and generate armor artifact to match; make wearable; set armor weight based on class of armor; mark as "worn"; add to weight carried; set armor class of artifact 31110 check player's armor class for shield and generate shield artifact if present; make it wearable; set weight to 10; mark as "worn"; add to weight carried; set armor class of artifact 31111 set player's armor to that of armor worn; mark player as "friendly" 31120 calculate effect of Armor Expertise and Armor Class 31130 read number of commands NC from data; dim command list array; read commands from data; calculate line breaks for listing commands; set next room R2 to 1 31140 set room to 1; set number of exit directions to 6; assign FF$ to the linfeed character (used by II+ 80-col. video cards to clear screen for HOME command) 31410 read SMILE responses into array 31420 read attack verbs into array; read attack result verbs into array 31430 set line counter to 50 to force HIT ANY KEY TO CONTINUE pause when game is ready to begin; set line length variable CP (used by line counter routine) to number held in memory location 768; if not 80 then set CP to 40 (note: the intro program pokes 80 into location 768 if 80-col. display was chosen) 31440 determine weapon type of Ready Weapon 31900 proceed to GO routine to set up Room 1 and begin game 31910 DATA: number of commands 31920 DATA: commands 31930 space for additional commands 31940 SMILE responses 31945 attack verbs 31950 attack result verbs

32000-32900 DONE routine 32010 clear keyboard strobe so no keypress is pending; execute screen pause 32020 close open files; reset SPEED spell 32030 if dead then exit game 32040 compile list of weapons carried 32050 if fewer than 5 weapons carried then proceed to sell stuff 32060 print "TOO MANY WEAPONS" message 32070 list weapons carried; get number of weapon to sell 32080 put cursor on "sell" input line; get player input; if invalid weapon number than repeat this line 32090 remove "sold" weapon from list; if still more than 4 weapons then relist weapons

32300 assemble retained-weapon data in preparation for return to Main Hall 32310 print SELL GOODS message 32315 remove shield and armor from artifact data 32320 compute value of artifacts carried 32350 print computed value 32360 add value to gold carried; if value is less than zero then set to zero 32370 execute screen pause

32500 set up ONERR vector to recover if Master disk is not inserted as prompted 32505 turn off II+ (Videx) 80-col. mode 32506 turn off IIe 80-col. mode 32510 print INSERT EAMON MASTER message; clear keyboard strobe 32520 get keypress; if not "C" then again 32530 print keypress to screen 32540 if player is dead then delete THE ADVENTURER from Master disk to tell the Main Hall that no one is returning from an adventure 32550 open CHARACTERS and write player data 32555 write more player data to file 32560 write player weapons to file 32570 write player name and record number in THE ADVENTURER 32900 run MAIN HALL to exit program

33000-33540 FAST.START routine 33005 lower the top of free memory to make a protected place for the search routine code; BLOAD the search routine 33010 set ONERR vector to recover if no saved game is found 33015 check for presence of saved game 33020 set ONERR vector to recover if no FAST.START file is found 33025 check for presence of FAST.START PARMS; input memory freespace parms 33030 if current memory free space matches parms then BLOAD FAST.START info; reset ONERR flag; proceed to INIT routine at 31040 to set up and start game 33035 (this line will be run only if present memory setup does not match FAST.START parms) delete FAST.START parms info; proceed to start of INIT routine to load artifact and monster info

33500 generate current memory free space info and save as FAST.START parms info; close all files 33510 BSAVE FAST.START variable pointers 33520 BSAVE FAST.START variables 33530 BSAVE FAST.START strings 33540 proceed to INIT routine at 31040 to set up and begin game ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

Adventure Reviews ________________________________________________

  1. 2 The Lair of the Minotaur by Donald Brown

Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski

MAIN PGM Version: 4 Extra Commands: ENTER, UNLOCK, FREE, DRINK, OPEN, RELEASE, DIG Deleted Commands: None Special Features: Simple text animation in intro Playing Time: 30-90 min. Reviewer Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 4.5/6

Description: "You had arranged to meet in the town of Dunderhaven with your girlfriend, Larcenous Lil. When you arrived, you learned that she had come into town flat broke, and had tried to pick up some easy cash by burglarizing a nearby castle. She hasn't been seen since.

Making your own subtle entrance into the castle, all seemed to be going well until suddenly the lights go on and you see yourself surrounded by bowmen and a fat, ugly man on a throne. He sneers at you, and says, 'Well, boys, another thief. I guess we'll send the scoundrel to meet the first.' With that, he pulls a lever, and the bottom drops out of the floor."

Comment: And from there, your "quest" is to find Lil and get out alive. This Eamon can perhaps be described as an "advanced Beginners Cave". With about 90 rooms, it is fairly large. There are several neat little events and specials that aren't exactly world-class but do make it more interesting to play.

All in all, a pretty good second adventure for beginners. I put the difficulty at (5), for a couple of death traps and a pretty decent maze. The monsters are pushovers for an advanced character, but plenty tough for beginners.

One hint: you can't complete it unless you know your Eamon magic spells. ________________________________________________

  1. 3 The Cave of the Mind by Jim Jacobson

and Red Varnum Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski

MAIN PGM Version: 4 Extra Commands: ENTER, UNLOCK, OPEN, DRINK Deleted Commands: UP, DOWN Special Features: None Playing Time: 15-30 min. Reviewer Rating: 3.0 Average Rating: 3.2/7

Description: "As you prepare for your next adventure, you meet a little man outside the Hall. He beckons you to see what he is holding. As you get closer, you notice a grail with a strange, bubbling green liquid within. In a strange low voice he says: 'Most adventures are for normal adventurers. But you are special, and should try the most challenging adventure you could imagine.' With a sly wink, he hands you the grail. You look at the potion, then back to the man --- but he has disappeared.

Not being one weak on courage, you raise the grail to your lips and quaff the potion."

Comment: This is definitely a beginner-level Eamon. It has much of the flavor of the original Beginners Cave, with a little humor and simple map and such. It is pretty small, with 26 rooms.

Strictly for beginners and Hack'n'Slash fans. The difficulty will ring in at about (4) for beginners, and much lower for experienced characters with good weapons. ________________________________________________

  1. 4 The Zyphur Riverventure by Jim Jacobson

Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski

MAIN PGM Version: 4 Extra Commands: ENTER, OPEN, DRINK Deleted Commands: None Special Features: None Playing Time: 20-60 min. Reviewer Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.7/7

Description: "A famous scientist (Prof. Axom) was kidnapped 3 months ago. The Society for the Preservation of Scientists (SFPOS) has offered a reward for the safe return of professor Axom (who is also a friend of yours).

"It has been rumored that the infamous Black Warrior (who lives somewhere along the Zyphur River) was responsible for the kidnapping. You must follow the river, find the professor, and bring him back...alive!"

Comment: This adventure is a very good example of an early Eamon. The large and somewhat complex map is well laid out, with competent room descriptions. It has a boat that is interesting and unusual (but be sure to remember to re-enter the boat each time you enter the river!)

Apart from the above, it's rather low in content by modern standards, with few monsters and artifacts. But it's a clean quest and a relaxing play. If you keep a careful map, you'll find the difficulty is certainly no more than (5). ________________________________________________

  1. 5 Castle of Doom by Donald Brown

Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski

MAIN PGM Version: 4 Extra Commands: OPEN, RELEASE, FREE, STUDY, EAT, DRINK Deleted Commands: None Special Features: Unusual Save method Playing Time: 30-60 min. Reviewer Rating: 4.0 Average Rating: 4.6/6

Description: "The Castle of Doom is run by two kindly old ladies who want to give valiant Adventurers a little bit of excitement.

You will be traveling in a round castle just chock-full of evil monsters and wonderful treasure. A special treat for you in this dungeon -- the owners will keep things as they are if you choose to return to the Main Hall to heal up for a while!"

Comment: This is yet another Eamon in the mold of the early ones: simply laid out, with minimal quest and no plot development. This is primarily a standard "kill'n'loot" scenario.

I enjoyed a couple of clever specials. A "save" is performed when you leave the adventure to return to the Main Hall by making a "snapshot" file of the dungeon's status. Then if the same character returns to the adventure, he will find it exactly as he left it. It works surprisingly well when considered in light of the intro text.

There is a vampire, and lots of vampire-related paraphernalia strewn about. Given all the stuff, I expected something special, but didn't really see anything.

This is a relaxing foray, suitable for young Eamonauts. I give it a (4) for difficulty.

  1. 13 Caves of Treasure Island by Genz & Braun

Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski

MAIN PGM Version: 4 Extra Commands: YELL, OPEN, PLAY, RELEASE, DIG Deleted Commands: None Special Features: Hi-res map in intro, musical instrument sounds Playing Time: 30-90 min. Reviewer Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 4.5/6

Description: "The Adventurer's Guild has elected you to rescue a captured Adventurer. Recently the Guild received a note in a bottle asking for assistance. The author explained that he had been taken captive on Treasure Island by pirates. Unfortunately, the exact location and name of the unlucky adventurer were destroyed by sea water. However, in the bottle was a map.

A word of caution! Legends tell of hidden caverns with one-way passages and tunnels under the surface of the island. Also the water around is infested with man-eating sharks. A ship will drop you off on the island but it has other duties. Another is scheduled to land on the south beach soon after you are dropped off.

Comment: The intro has a fairly nice hi-res map, too, that is hardly essential to the play, but is a nice touch just the same.

This Eamon has a lot of nice touches. There is some stuff with some magical musical instruments, and when you play them, you hear "music" through the speaker. There are some interesting specials with some of the other commands, too.

However, the intro isn't kidding about the one-way stuff. Unless you are simply lucky, it will take you several attempts to complete the quest, because some one-way passages prevent you from returning to explore other passages. If you don't do them in the right order, then you won't have the stuff you need to complete the quest. There are no clues as to which is the correct sequence. You must simply guess. There are quite a number of death traps, too. Even so, the difficulty isn't much worse than a (6).

______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

ProDOS Eamon Adventures ______________________________________________________

EAG ProDOS Eamon Revision Dates:

Date: 5/9/95 40-col. 80-col.

 1. Main Hall & Beginners Cave    06/06/91
 5. Castle of Doom                02/24/90
 8. The Abductor's Quarters       04/21/90
12. The Quest for Trezore         09/03/90
16. The Caves of Mondamen         03/28/90  05/08/93
19. Death Trap                    05/09/93  05/09/93
20. The Black Death               09/15/90  08/04/93
21. The Quest for Marron          08/05/90  07/03/93
22. The Senator's Chambers        02/26/90
23. The Temple of Ngurct          02/15/93  02/15/93
24. Black Mountain                08/29/90  02/25/92
25. Nuclear Nightmare             02/25/90
26. Assault on the Mole Man       10/03/90
27. Revenge of the Mole Man       10/06/90
28. The Tower of London           02/25/90
33. The Orb of Polaris            08/15/91  09/21/91
34. Death's Gateway               01/18/91  09/07/91
35. The Lair of Mutants           01/15/91
36. The Citadel of Blood          07/23/90
37. Quest for the Holy Grail      10/13/90  12/07/93
38. City in the Clouds            10/20/90  06/20/93
39. Museum of Unnatural History   01/22/91
41. Caverns of Lanst              01/28/91
45. SwordQuest                    08/20/90  01/31/93
47. FutureQuest                   07/14/90  12/01/92
48. Picnic in Paradise            08/08/90
49. The Castle Kophinos           08/11/90  09/27/93
51. The Caves of Eamon Bluff      10/23/90
53. Feast of Carroll              02/26/90
55. The Master's Dungeon          03/03/90
56. The Lost Adventure            01/29/91
58. The Land of Death             02/07/91
64. Modern Problems               02/19/91
68. The Smith's Stronghold        02/24/91
69. The Black Castle of NaGog     07/11/90  09/03/91
73. The Deep Canyon               03/06/91  09/09/93
74. DharmaQuest                   10/13/90  10/12/92
75. Temple of the Guild           03/17/91  02/06/94
76. The Search for Yourself       04/18/90  01/22/93
77. Temple of the Trolls          08/15/90  08/01/91
78. The Prince's Tavern           05/28/91  05/28/91
80. The Search for the Key        10/27/90
81. The Rescue Mission            10/27/90
86. Castle Mantru                 03/23/91
87. Caves of Hollow Mountain      03/26/91
90. The Doomsday Clock            04/01/91
91. FutureQuest II                01/25/90  07/28/91
92. The Fugitive                  11/02/90  06/03/94
93. Flying Circus                 11/07/90  05/11/93
97. The House of Secrets          04/06/91
99. In the Clutches of Torrik     04/14/91

100. Sorceror's Spire 05/09/90 05/31/93 106. Camp Eamon 11/11/90 07/11/93 107. The Last Dragon 10/15/91 10/15/91 108. The Mines of Moria 04/18/90 09/29/91 109. The Forest of Fear 01/09/91 112. Hills of History 04/19/91 113. The Life-Orb of Mevtrelek 11/15/90 114. Thror's Ring 03/05/90 05/04/91 117. Dungeon of Doom 01/15/91 118. Pittfall 06/18/90 09/02/91 119. Grunewalde 04/28/91 120. Orb of My Life 06/19/91 06/19/91 121. Wrenhold's Secret Vigil 06/02/90 11/08/92 124. Assault on Dolni Keep 05/09/90 05/21/91 126. The Pyramid of Anharos 03/15/92 03/15/92 127. The Hunt for the Ring 11/20/90 128. Quest of Erebor 11/24/90 10/25/93 129. Return to Moria 12/01/91 12/01/91 130. Haradwaith 11/27/90 01/12/94 131. Nucleus of the Ruby 04/08/92 132. Rhadshur Warrior 10/03/92 10/03/92 137. The Ruins of Ivory Castle 04/26/92 138. Starfire 06/15/90 05/21/91 139. Peg's Place 11/30/90 11/28/93 142. The Beermeister's Brewery 04/26/92 143. The Alternate Zone 05/01/92 145. Buccaneer! 07/31/90 11/01/92 146. The House of Horrors 05/09/92 147. The Dark Brotherhood 04/11/90 05/27/91 148. Journey to Jotunheim 01/18/95 01/18/95 149. Elemental Apocalypse 01/14/94 150. Walled City of Darkness 01/23/92 01/23/92 154. A Trip to Fort Scott 06/05/90 09/30/93 155. Tomb of the Vampire 10/07/90 158. The Lair of Mr. Ed 12/25/90 159. The Bridge of Catzad-Dum 05/18/92 160. Monty Python & Holy Grail 01/25/90 03/20/93 161. Operation Endgame 06/29/91 06/29/91 162. Eamon 7.0 Demo Adventure 05/26/90 163. The Sands of Mars 03/17/92 164. A Real Cliffhanger 03/18/92 165. Animal Farm 04/02/92 166. Storm Breaker 01/09/93 01/09/93 169. The Black Phoenix 03/15/90 11/15/91 170. Ragnarok Revisited 09/15/90 03/10/93 183. The Boy and the Bard 06/20/90 04/10/93 188. Encounter: the Bookworm 05/31/92 191. Enhanced Beginners Cave 01/27/90 194. Attack of the Kretons 01/14/94 07/30/91 195. The Training Ground 02/12/90 196. The Cat House 04/20/92 04/20/92 198. Revenge of the Bookworm 06/06/92 204. Sanctuary 10/14/90 03/09/92 205. Utterly Outrageous 06/10/92 206. Curse of the Hellsblade 11/14/94 11/14/94 208. Assault on Helstar 06/21/92 211. Lair of the Marauders 07/04/92 213. Demongate 07/05/92 05/15/94 214. Deathstalker's Castle 07/15/92 215. Treasure Island 08/16/92 216. The Pirate's Cave 09/20/92 217. Eye of Agamon 09/13/92 09/18/93 222. The Halls of the Adept 09/18/94 09/19/94 225. Adventure in Interzone 12/20/94 12/20/94

Dungeon Designer Diskette Ver.7.1 01/31/95 Eamon Utilities Diskette 01/30/95 Graphics Main Hall 05/23/91

______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

 Eamon Adventure Listing


Ratings are given on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 highest. Format is R/N, where R = the adventure's overall rating; N = the number of people who have rated it. Note key:

    a: version 4 or older    h: contemporary setting
    b: version 5             i: 40/80 column capability
    c: version 6             j: 80-column only
    d: version 7             k: 40 & 80 col. versions
    e: (reserved)            l: 2-disk adventure
    f: contains a quest      m: 3-disk adventure
    g: science-fiction       n: 4-disk adventure
 1. Main Hall & Beginners Cave  D. Brown       4.3/6 a
 2. The Lair of the Minotaur    D. Brown       4.5/6 a
 3. The Cave of the Mind       Jacobson/Varnum 3.2/7 a
 4. The Zyphur Riverventure     J. Jacobson    5.7/7 a,f
 5. Castle of Doom              D. Brown       4.6/6 a
 6. The Death Star              D. Brown       4.0/8 a,f,g
 7. The Devil's Tomb            J. Jacobson    5.0/7 a
 8. The Abductor's Quarters     J. Jacobson    4.7/3 a,f
 9. Assault on the Clonemaster  D. Brown       3.7/3 a,f
10. The Magic Kingdom           D. Cook        4.0/4 a
11. The Tomb of Molinar         D. Brown       3.0/5 a,f
12. The Quest for Trezore       J. Jacobson    6.2/4 a,f
13. Caves of Treasure Island    Genz & Braun   4.5/6 a,f
14. Furioso                     W. Davis       5.3/3 a
15. Heroes Castle               J. Nelson      4.5/2 a
16. The Caves of Mondamen       J. Nelson      7.4/5 a,f
17. Merlin's Castle             R. Hersom      4.5/3 a
18. Hogarth Castle              K. Nestle      4.5/2 a,f
19. Death Trap                  J. Nelson      7.5/4 b
20. The Black Death             J. Nelson      6.5/2 a,f,h
21. The Quest for Marron        J. Nelson      7.0/3 b,f
22. The Senator's Chambers      J. Plamondon   4.9/5 b,f
23. The Temple of Ngurct        J&R Plamondon  7.2/4 b,f
24. Black Mountain              J. Nelson      7.0/4 b,f,h
25. Nuclear Nightmare           J. Nelson      6.0/3 b,f,h
26. Assault on the Mole Man     J. Nelson      6.5/2 b
27. Revenge of the Mole Man     J. Nelson      6.0/3 b
28. The Tower of London         F.& S. Smith   6.2/2 a,h
29. The Lost Island of Apple    D. Brown       2.0/1 a
30. The Underground City        S. Adelson     2.0/1 a,g,h
31. The Gauntlet                J. Nelson      5.0/1 b
32. House of Ill Repute         Anonymous      1.7/3 a,h
33. The Orb of Polaris          J. Nelson      6.7/3 b,f
34. Death's Gateway             R. Linden      6.5/2 a,h
35. The Lair of Mutants         E. Hodson      6.9/4 a,f,g
36. The Citadel of Blood        E. Hodson      6.0/4 a,h
37. Quest for the Holy Grail    E. Hodson      7.0/2 a,f
38. City in the Clouds          E. Hodson      7.2/3 a,f,g
39. Museum of Unnatural History R.Volberding   5.5/4 b,f
40. Daemon's Playground         R.Volberding   4.7/3 b
41. Caverns of Lanst            R.Volberding   5.7/3 b
42. Alternate Beginners Cave    R.Volberding   5.0/5 b
43. Priests of Xim!             M & E Bauman   5.7/3 b
44. Escape from the Orc Lair    J. Hinkleman   3.8/4 b
45. SwordQuest                  R. Pender      7.8/4 b,f
46. Lifequest                   D. Crawford    2.0/1 b,f
47. FutureQuest                 R. Pender      7.8/6 b,f,g
48. Picnic in Paradise          J. Nelson      6.0/5 c
49. The Castle Kophinos         D. Doumakes    7.0/2 b,f
50. Behind the Sealed Door      T. Berge       4.7/3 a
51. The Caves of Eamon Bluff    T. Berge       6.8/3 b
52. The Devil's Dungeon         J. Merrill     6.0/3 a,h
53. Feast of Carroll            D&J Lilienkamp 5.0/2 a
54. Crystal Mountain            K. Hoffman     5.0/1 b
55. The Master's Dungeon        J. Allen       6.5/4 a
56. The Lost Adventure          J. Allen       6.0/1 a,h
57. The Manxome Foe             R. Olszewski   5.5/2 b
58. The Land of Death           T. Berge       6.0/1 a
59. Jungles of Vietnam          J. Allen       2.1/4 a,h
60. The Sewers of Chicago       J. Allen       3.2/4 a,h
61. The Harpy Cloud             A. Forter      4.0/2 b
62. The Caverns of Doom         M. Mullin      3.0/1 b,h
63. Valkenburg Castle           J. Weener      2.0/1 a,f
64. Modern Problems   Anderson/Barban/Thompson 6.2/2 a,f,h
65. The School of Death         K. Townsend    5.5/2 b,f,h
66. Dungeons of Xenon           S. Bhayani     5.0/1 a,f
67. Chaosium Caves              S. Bhayani     3.0/1 a,f
68. The Smith's Stronghold      A. Porter      6.0/1 b,f
69. The Black Castle of NaGog   D. Burrows     7.5/2 b,f
70. The Tomb of Y'Golonac       R. Romanchuk   6.0/2 a,f
71. Operation Crab Key          J. Vercellone  1.0/1 a,h
72. House on Eamon Ridge        T. Berge       4.5/2 b
73. The Deep Canyon             K. Blincoe     7.0/3 a
74. DharmaQuest                 R. Pender      7.9/6 b,f
75. Temple of the Guild         D. Doumakes    7.0/1 b
76. The Search for Yourself     D. Doumakes    7.5/2 b,f
77. Temple of the Trolls        J. Nelson      7.3/3 c,f
78. The Prince's Tavern         R. Davis1      9.0/3 b,f
79. The Castle of Count Fuey    D. Brown       5.7/5 a,f
80. The Search for the Key(80a) D. Brown       4.2/4 a,f
81. The Rescue Mission    (80b) D. Brown       6.7/3 a
82. Escape from Mansi Island    S. Starkey     5.0/1 b,f
83. The Twin Castles            J. Tankard     6.0/3 c,f
84. Castle of Riveneta          R. Karsten     5.0/1 b,h
85. The Time Portal             E. Kuypers     5.0/1 a,g
86. Castle Mantru               S. Constanzo   6.0/1 c,f
87. Caves of Hollow Mountain    J. Nelson      6.3/3 c
88. The Shopping Mall           A. Porter      1.0/3 b,h
89. Super Fortress of Lin Wang  S. Bhayani     4.2/3 c,f
90. The Doomsday Clock          J. Tankard     6.0/1 c,f,h
91. FutureQuest II              R. Pender      8.0/5 b,f,g
92. The Fugitive                D. Doumakes    7.0/1 c,f
93. Flying Circus               R. Krebs       7.0/1 b
94. Blood Feud                  R. Krebs       5.0/1 b,f
95. The Maze of Quasequeton     B. Kondalski   3.2/4 a,f
96. The Chamber of the Dragons  B. Kondalski   2.0/2 a
97. The House of Secrets        G. Gunn        6.0/1 a
98. Slave Pits of Kzorland      R. Hersam      3.0/1 a
99. In the Clutches of Torrik   J. Nelson      5.3/3 c,f

100. Sorceror's Spire J. Nelson 7.5/5 c 101. Ground Zero Sam 1.0/2 a,g 102. The Eamon Railroad Sam 2.2/5 a,h 103. Top Secret Sam 1.5/2 a 104. The Lost World Sam 1.0/1 a,g 105. The Strange Resort Sam 1.0/1 a,h 106. Camp Eamon R. Slemon 7.0/2 b,f,h 107. The Last Dragon R. Pender 7.7/3 c,f 108. The Mines of Moria S. Ruby 8.2/4 c,f 109. The Forest of Fear S. Ruby 6.3/3 c,f 110. Fire Island G. Gioia 5.0/1 c,f 111. A Vacation in Europe D. Smith 4.5/2 c,h 112. Hills of History D. Smith 6.0/2 c 113. The Life-Orb of Mevtrelek R. Volberding 6.5/2 c,f 114. Thror's Ring T. Zuchowski 9.0/6 c,f,i 115. The Ring of Doom S. Ruby 5.0/1 c,f 116. The Iron Prison S. Ruby 5.5/2 c,f 117. Dungeon of Doom D. Knezek 8.0/3 a,f,k 118. Pittfall S. Starkey 8.0/1 c,f 119. Grunewalde P. Hurst 6.5/2 b,f,l 120. Orb of My Life J. Nelson 9.0/1 c,f 121. Wrenhold's Secret Vigil R. Davis1 8.2/2 c,f 122. The Valley of Death S. Ruby 4.0/1 c 123. Wizard of the Spheres M. Elkin 5.0/1 c,f 124. Assault on Dolni Keep T. Zuchowski 9.2/6 c,f,i 125. The Mattimoe Palace J. Actor 3.0/1 b,f,h 126. The Pyramid of Anharos P. Hurst 7.3/3 c,f 127. The Hunt for the Ring S. Ruby 6.8/2 c,f 128. Quest of Erebor S. Ruby 6.0/1 c,f 129. Return to Moria S. Ruby 8.6/4 c,f,l 130. Haradwaith S. Ruby 7.0/2 c,f 131. Nucleus of the Ruby K. Somers 6.0/1 c,f,j 132. Rhadshur Warrior R. Pender 7.9/5 c,f,h 133. The Final Frontier R. Slemon 5.0/1 c,f,g 134. Pyramid of the Ancients J.& R. Pirone 4.0/1 c 135. The Tomb of Evron M. Greifenkamp 2.0/1 b 136. The Mountain Fortress M. Greifenkamp 3.0/1 b,f 137. The Ruins of Ivory Castle M. Greifenkamp 6.5/2 b 138. Starfire E. Phillips 4.8/4 c,f 139. Peg's Place M&A Anderson 7.5/2 c,f,h 140. Beginner's Forest M. Anderson 5.0/1 b 141. The Infested Fortress M&P Hamaoka 3.0/2 c 142. The Beermeister's Brewery J. Actor 6.0/3 b,f,h 143. The Alternate Zone J. Actor 6.0/2 b,f 144. Gartin Manor G. Gioia 5.0/1 c,f,h 145. Buccaneer! P. Hurst 8.3/3 c,f,l 146. The House of Horrors D. Cross 6.0/1 c,f,h 147. The Dark Brotherhood P. Hurst 8.7/3 c,f,l 148. Journey to Jotunheim T. Zuchowski 8.4/5 c,f,i 149. Elemental Apocalypse S. Ruby 7.8/4 c,f,n 150. Walled City of Darkness T. Zuchowski 8.8/3 c,f,i 151. Eamon S.A.R.-1 (Deneb Raid) D. Crawford 3.5/2 c,f,g 152. The Computer Club of Fear N. Segerlind 5.5/2 c,f,h 153. Lost! N. Segerlind 4.0/2 c 154. A Trip to Fort Scott W. Trent 7.0/1 c 155. Tomb of the Vampire Trent/Grayson 5.7/3 c,f 156. The Lake N. Segerlind 4.0/1 c 157. Pathetic Hideout of Mr. R. N. Segerlind 5.0/1 c,f,h 158. The Lair of Mr. Ed N. Segerlind 7.0/1 c,f,h 159. The Bridge of Catzad-Dum N. Segerlind 6.5/2 c,f,h 160. Monty Python & Holy Grail N. Segerlind 7.0/2 c,f 161. Operation Endgame S. Ruby 8.9/5 c,f,h,m 162. Eamon 7.0 Demo Adventure T. Zuchowski (N/A) d,i 163. The Sands of Mars T. Swartz 5.7/3 a,f,g 164. A Real Cliffhanger T. Swartz 6.0/1 a,h 165. Animal Farm S. Ruby 6.8/2 c,f,h,l 166. Storm Breaker S. Ruby 8.5/2 c,f,m 167. Expedition to the Darkwoods G. Gioia 3.5/2 c,f 168. The High School of Horrors M.Haney/A.Hunt 4.5/2 a,h 169. The Black Phoenix R. Pender 8.1/5 c,f,g 170. Ragnarok Revisited N. Segerlind 7.8/3 c,f,i 171. The Pyramid of Cheops R. Parker 5.0/1 b 172. The Mountain of the Master M. Dalton 5.2/2 a,f 173. The House that Jack Built R. Parker 2.0/2 b,h 174. Escape from Granite Hall R. Parker 3.5/2 b 175. Anatomy of the Body R. Parker 3.5/2 b,g 176. Dirtie Trix's Mad Maze R. Parker 3.0/1 b,h 177. Shippe of Fooles R. Parker 3.0/1 b 178. The Alien Intruder R. Parker 4.0/1 b,g 179. The Wizard's Tower R. Parker 4.4/2 b 180. Gamma 1 R. Parker 3.5/2 b,g 181. The Eamon Sewer System R. Parker 1.0/1 b 182. Farmer Brown's Woods R. Parker 1.0/1 b,h 183. The Boy and the Bard S. Ruby 7.8/3 c,f 184. Quest For Orion P. Gise 5.4/5 d,f,i 185. The Body Revisited R. Parker 5.0/3 d,f,i 186. Beginner's Cave II J. Nelson 2.0/2 c 187. Batman!! A. Geha 2.0/1 b 188. Encounter: The Bookworm R. Parker 6.5/4 d,f,i 189. The Ruins of Belfast D. Sparks 3.0/1 a,h 190. Shift Change at Grimmwax D&A Sparks 4.5/2 a,f,h 191. Enhanced Beginners Cave Brown/Nelson 5.0/1 c 192. Mean Streets T. Tetirick 4.0/1 c,h 193. The Creature of Rhyl R. Parker 7.0/1 d,f,i 194. Attack of the Kretons N. Segerlind 9.0/2 d,f,i 195. The Training Ground C. Hewgley 5.0/1 c 196. The Cat House Anonymous 1.0/1 b,h 197. Star Wars-Tempest One S. Averill 2.0/1 c,g 198. Revenge of the Bookworm R. Parker 6.5/1 d,f,i 199. Quest of the Crystal Wand R. Davis2 5.0/1 c,f 200. The Lost Isle R. Davis2 4.0/1 c 201. The Caverns of Vanavara C. Hewgley 5.0/1 c,f 202. The Plain of Srevi K. Ivers 4.5/1 c 203. Lotto's Masterpiece H. Haskell 5.5/2 d,f,i 204. Sanctuary S. Ruby 9.0/1 d,f,l 205. Utterly Outrageous P. Gise 6.5/1 d,f,h,i 206. Curse of the Hellsblade Nelson/Zuchowski 7.5/1 d,f,i 207. Eamon Renegade Club P. Schulz 5.0/1 d,f,h,i 208. Assault on Helstar P. Schulz 6.0/1 d,f,h 209. Apocalypse 2021 H. Purvis 5.0/1 d,f,g,i 210. Return of Ngurct H. Purvis 5.0/1 d,f,i 211. Lair of the Marauders H. Purvis 6.0/1 d,i 212. Haunted Keep H. Purvis 5.0/1 d,i 213. Demongate H. Purvis 7.0/1 d,i 214. Deathstalker's Castle P. Schulz 6.5/1 d,f 215. Treasure Island M. Anderson 6.0/1 d 216. The Pirate's Cave M. Anderson 5.0/1 d,f 217. Eye of Agamon H. Purvis 7.0/1 d,f 218. Return to Pendrama H. Purvis 6.5/1 d,f,i 219. The City of Sorcerors R. Osgood 5.0/1 a,f 220. Catacombs of Terror P. Schulz 5.0/1 d,i 221. Count Dracula's Castle R. Parker 2.0/1 b,f 222. The Halls of the Adept Berge/Cottingham 7.0/1 b,f 223. Time-Shift C. Sena 4.0/1 a 224. Prisoner of Darkness P. Schulz 7.0/1 d 225. Adventure in Interzone F. Kunze 8.0/1 d 226. Bookworm 3-D R. Parker 7.5/1 d 227. B I Z A R R O A. Porter 2.0/1 c 228. Shipwreck Island R. Ledbetter 4.0/1 c 229. Firestorm P. Schulz 7.0/1 d,f 230. Well of the Great Ones M. Ellis 5.0/1 c,f 231. Keep of Skull Gorge D. Kellogg 4.0/1 d,f

SD#137 Redemption S. Ruby 9.5/1 d,f,j SD#152 Banana Republic S. Ruby 9.0/1 d,f,j

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