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The Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter, June 1992 issue.


Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter Archive


June 1992


Eamon Adventurer's Guild; Tom Zuchowski (editor)


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The Eamon Adventurer's Guild
June 1992

News and Stuff - by Tom Zuchowski

Well, we are all well aware of how crummy the March issue looked. It's a long and sordid story of a bunch of minor misjudgments and one big one. Never mind the small ones; the big one was the decision to go ahead and send out a crummy- looking newsletter rather than take the time to redo it and miss the deadline.

I learned a few things from this that I was more-or-less aware of but hadn't paid much attention to until I got my face rubbed in it. The first is that you should use a brand-new ribbon when mastering something on a dot-matrix printer that will be photocopied. The next is that fonts with serifs may look great on the dot-matrix original but will often not photocopy very well because of virtually undetectable variations in density between the serifs and the rest of the letter. These variations may be invisible to you and me on the master document, but a copier sees them quite well and will be confused by them.

OK. The first order of business was to remaster the March issue with a sans- serif font and a brand-new ribbon. You will find your replacement copy enclosed with this issue. The next thing to do was to experiment with different fonts and text sizes. It looks so far like my printer's draft mode gives the best results on the copier, when printing small-size text with a new ribbon. And if space permits, I intend to start using a slightly larger print size whenever possible to improve readability. These days there aren't many bug fixes to print, and I should be able to go to the larger print size with little or no loss of content.

The biggest thing to happen in Eamondom recently was Joe Kohn's writeup of Eamon and the EAG in the June issue of A+/inCider. It's resulted in quite a few inquiries and a few new memberships. Thanks for the promotion, Joe!

So far, the EAG has received mentions in A+/inCider, A2-Central, Call- A.P.P.L.E., and Dragon. And we get some exposure on the online services that have Eamons uploaded to them. I also put an EAG advertisement on the first screen of every Eamon that I convert to ProDOS. And of course we are grateful to the public-domain outfits that help promote the EAG. Some of them have done a great deal for us in that respect.

An effort has begun on the A2 Roundtable on GEnie to find as many old authors and publishers of Apple software as can be found. The idea is to try to get the programs' source code and documentation stored in the GEnie library so that this stuff can never be lost. Of course, we'd like to see all of this stuff released into the public domain, but the main idea is to get this stuff stored someplace that is safe so that it can never be lost, even if it is not released. This was spurred in part by the recent revelation that the masters for Infocom's games for the Apple II were inadvertently lost when Infocom was bought out. The Infocom stuff is gone forever. Alas.

If you happen to have some info about an old Apple game or its author, please pass it along to me so that I can relay it to the guy who is heading up this effort. _______________________________________________ ________________________________________________

EAMON ADVENTURER'S GUILD Thomas Zuchowski, Editor

Membership/subscription fee for 4 issues: US-Canada: $7.00; foreign: $12.00; in U.S. funds The Eamon Adventurer's Guild is published 4 times per year in Mar., Jun., Sep., and Dec.


We are always looking for new material! If you would like to publish your own letter or article in this newsletter, feel free to send one in. If you would like to add your own Eamon adventure to the list, send it on a disk to the above address. It will be assigned an Adventure number, and tested for bugs and other problems before release. An informal critique and disk with bug corrections will be returned. ________________________________________________

BACK ISSUES: Apple-based back issues of the formerly Apple-based NEUC's 'Adventurer's Log' are available from us: Mar'84, May'84, Aug'84, Oct'84, Jan'85, Mar'85 May'85, Aug'85, Oct'85, Jun'86, Jan'87, Oct'87

EAG back issues: Jun'88, Sep'88, Dec'88 Mar'89, Jun'89, Sep'89, Dec'89 Mar'90, Jun'90, Sep'90, Dec'90 Mar'91, Jun'91, Sep'91, Dec'91 Mar'92

Quantities of 1-5: $1.75 each Quantities of 6 or more: $1.25 each

ADVENTURE UPDATES: You may obtain updated versions of your Eamon adventures from the EAG. Send in a copy of the adventure to be updated and $1.00 per copy to cover our cost, and an updated copy will be returned to you. You MUST include a copy of EACH adventure for which you wish an update. NOTE: the update program does not cover conversion of DOS 3.3 Eamons to ProDOS; if you send in a DOS 3.3 Eamon, you will get DOS 3.3 back. _______________________________________________ ________________________________________________

New Adventures ________________________________________________

217 Eye of Agamon by Hoyle Purvis

In this adventure, you are tasked to find and recover the Eye of Agamon, a powerful magical device. Once recovered, you must use the Eye to save a kingdom from the legions of Undead that are assailing it. This adventure has several interesting details, including unusual modes of travel and a TALK command that is used to embed hints and advice in the adventure. This is probably the most sophisticated Eamon that Hoyle has yet done. ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

Dungeon Designs ________________________________________________

The Synonym Checker

by Tom Zuchowski

One feature of modern Eamon adventures is the ability to "embed" artifacts in room descriptions. Such embedded artifacts do not appear in the room until the player examines them, at which time they are converted from "embedded" to "normal".

The biggest drawback of embedded artifacts is that the artifact's name must correspond almost exactly with the name used in the room description. This is often difficult to accomplish in a way that reads well. For example, if there is a secret hidden trapdoor in the floor, the room description can hardly say so! This difficulty could be gotten around in older Eamon versions by making the trapdoor a "hidden" artifact that would appear in the room when the player did a LOOK command, but version 7.0 does not support "hidden" artifacts.

The solution for this problem in version 7.0 was the implementation of the SYNONYMS routine at line 4600. This routine has been designed specifically to identify embedded artifacts that may have names that are drastically different from the one in the room description.

Let's look at an example of a synonym and how it is handled by the routine. We'll use that hidden trapdoor that I mentioned before, and let's say that it is Artifact #17 and is located in Room #21, and its name is SECRET TRAPDOOR.

First, the room description:


Now, let's generate the lines for the Synonym Checker:

4610 SL = LEN (S$) 4620 IF RO = 21 THEN SY$ = "RUG": SY = 17: GOSUB 4680 4630 IF RO = 21 THEN SY$ = "BUMP": SY = 17: GOSUB 4680 4675 RETURN 4680 IF LEFT$ (SY$,SL) = S$ OR RIGHT$ (SY$,SL) = S$ THEN S$ = A$(SY): POP 4690 RETURN


S$ is the "object" that the player is examining SL is the length of the object name that the player typed RO is the Room that the player is in SY$ is a synonym for the object SY is the artifact number tied to the synonym

My example sets up two possible synonyms for the secret trapdoor: RUG and BUMP. Let's examine the routine on a line-by-line basis:

 4610 finds the length of the object name the player typed in.
 4620 checks to see if the player is in room 21.  If he is, it passes the 

synonym name RUG and the artifact number of the secret door (which is artifact

  1. 17) to the compare subroutine at 4680.
 4630 is the same as line 4620 but for the synonym BUMP.
 4675 exits the synonym routine if no synonym match was found.
 4680 compares the synonym SY$ to the object S$.  If a match is found, it 

changes the object name to the name of the synonym and POPs the subroutine stack to avoid returning to the synonym checker.

 4690 exits the compare subroutine.  If no match was found, it RETURNs to the 

synonym checker in case there are multiple synonyms in the room. If a match was found, it RETURNs to the routine that called the synonym checker.

In my example, there are two possible synonyms in the room, RUG and BUMP. The command EXAMINE RUG would execute these lines: 4610, 4620, 4680, 4690. The command EXAMINE BUMP would execute these lines: 4610, 4620, 4680, 4690, 4630, 4680, 4690. As you can see, the number of lines executed goes up rapidly with each synonym that is added. This is why the room number RO is checked in 4620 and 4630; if the player is not in room 17 then the lines executed for either command would be: 4610, 4620, 4630, 4675. This avoids wasting time checking for synonyms that aren't even in the room.

Even though my example uses just two synonyms, you can add as many as you want. There is room for 69 synonyms without renumbering the routine, and as many as 94 if you renumber.

The synonym checker is a great tool and I strongly recommend that you take advantage of it. _______________________________________________ ________________________________________________

Bugs'n'Fixes ________________________________________________

  1. 126 The Pyramid of Anharos

Date Fixed: 3/15/92

Problem: ILLEGAL QUANTITY ERROR IN 5105 Fix: In Line 5105: change the second AND to THEN IF _______________________________________________

  1. 148 Journey to Jotunheim (80-col. ProDOS ONLY)

Date Fixed: 3/19/92

Problem: Program hangs if there is no SAVED.GAME file on the disk. Fix: Required extensive rewrite of the MAIN.PGM. A replacement is recommended. ________________________________________________

  1. 159 The Bridge of Catzad-Dum

Date Fixed: 5/18/92

Problem: When the Baalhop is cast into the gorge, you get the "UNFRIENDLIES ABOUT" message even though you are alone. Fix: In Line 7155, change NBTL = 0 to GOSUB 3600 _______________________________________________ ________________________________________________

Adventure Reviews ________________________________________________

  1. 24 Black Mountain - by John Nelson

Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski

MAIN PGM Version: 5 Extra Commands: USE, OPEN Deleted Commands: None Special Features: 10-directions Playing Time: 1-4 hr. Reviewer Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 7.0/4

Description: The dastardly Black Bark has escaped and has rejoined his henchmen at his hideout. They have been up to no good, and you have been selected to enter their lair and fulfill the mission that you have selected.

Comment: This adventure is rather unique in that it offers the player a half- dozen different missions to fulfill. The dungeon appears to set up a bit differently each time it is played. In theory you could play this several times and play a "different game" each time.

The plot and play is pretty good, and I enjoyed those aspects for the most part. It falls down on a couple of points. Rather than using the standard secret passages that are found with the LOOK command, it simply doesn't list those exits in the room name or description. This means that the player must try all twelve directions in all 88 rooms in order to be sure that he didn't miss anything. Second, I found several of the puzzles to be so obscure that I couldn't solve them. I wasn't able to complete my quest (return Black Bark) because I couldn't find him. I discovered the hard way that the Taser only works one time and then is useless. There are a number of blocked passages that I could not discover how to unblock (this was moot, because I also discovered that you could walk right through the barriers as if they weren't there). I could find no way to escape from the trap doors. There's at least one death trap that will nail you if you don't happen to be carrying something found in the dungeon.

If all this wasn't enough, the icing on the cake was that there were several really tough opponents who quickly killed all of my companions, and I could only defeat them by cheating. When you play this one, bring your tactical nukes-- you'll need them! Perhaps John intends for the player to FLEE here and there until he gets around them; it would be possible to do that but could take hours of mindless fleeing until the insidious RNG gives you the results you desire.

To be sure, this was a landmark adventure for its day with many advanced features and some interesting special effects. But by today's standards, its intolerant puzzles cause it to pale considerably. I give it an (8) for difficulty, but it almost deserves a (9). ________________________________________________

  1. 126 The Pyramid of Anharos - by Pat Hurst

Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski

MAIN PGM Version: 6 Extra Commands: JUMP, WEAR, SWIM, THROW Deleted Commands: None Special Features: 10-directions, water consumption Playing Time: 1-4 hr. Reviewer Rating: 8.0 Average Rating: 7.3/3

Description: You are enjoying a quiet tankard of ale when you notice that it is getting dark outside. And it is only 9 o'clock in the morning! A large black cloud has formed over the town and is sending down jagged bolts of lightning. The frequent flashes show the cloud to be shaped like a giant taloned hand. The townspeople surge into the temple square to implore the priests to come forth and repel the evil manifestation. Pindar Rambis, the High Priest, appears, and his voice rings out:

"Be afraid, people of Eamon, for the conflict between Good and Evil is at hand and the evil ones have found new strength. My commune with the spirits has revealed that the tomb of beloved Anharos has been desecrated by grave robbers. His Diamond of Purity has been stolen! Anharos will reveal the gem when he is made whole again. Woe unto us if his tomb be not restored."

The tomb is in the Desert of Terza. Terza is the goddess of purification through pain and sacrifice. The desert is her personal domain, but it is inhabited by tribes of desert nomads, the Riffs, reputed to be thieves, slavers, and murderers. Anyone who could restore the tomb would be deemed the savior of Eamon and amply rewarded. It is an ideal quest for an Adventurer of your ilk; big dangers - big treasures. Before you go, you might want to hire a desert guide.

Comment: This adventure has a number of unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. First, you get to hire a guide at the beginning to get you through the trackless wastes of the desert. Second, the desert is hot; you (automatically) consume your water at a scary rate, and you must be on your toes to replenish your water bag. Next, Pat is up to his usual tricks, subtly rewarding good behavior and punishing evil behavior.

Pat is a master at the good/evil thing. You must be properly purified and protected before you can win through into the interior of the tomb. The scenario's atmosphere is top-rate, and the puzzles are well balanced. There's plenty of combat, too.

One thing kept this adventure from getting a (9) rating from me: the water consumption. The water goes fast and you will probably die and have to restart several times before you find sources of water replenishment. And once you do, you have to go off and replenish your water bag every 50 moves or so, and the traipsing back and forth gets a little old. (If you aren't opposed to a bit of cheating, the water counter is variable KW.) Apart from that one item, this adventure is high up among the best-written and most sophisticated of Eamons.

If you are a puzzler and/or appreciate well-written adventures, don't miss this one! It gets a difficulty rating of (8) as well. ________________________________________________

  1. 143 The Alternate Zone - by Jeffrey Actor

Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski

MAIN PGM Version: 5 Extra Commands: PRAY, OPEN, READ, DRINK, WISH, USE Deleted Commands: None Special Features: None Playing Time: 60-90 min. Reviewer Rating: 6.0

Description: You are about to face your most trying task. The land is colorful, the people superstitious. The Pontifex is a good and just ruler. The Pontifex has latent metaphysical powers, which are enhanced by the Staff of Law. The Staff of Law is now in the clutches of Lord Creyn and Lady Valentine. Lord Creyn resides in the Alternate Zone. This is where you will venture.

Lord Creyn has surrounded himself with psychic individuals. His people are extremely loyal to their lord and lady. You too have latent talents, as yet undiscovered. We have heard that the Lady Valentine was given the Staff of Law as a present. It will be your duty to defeat Lady Valentine and recover the Staff.

Of course, you will never return home unless you can successfully defeat Lord Creyn, and recover the Book of Demonology!

Comment: This adventure has very little to make it stand out from the crowd, though it's a well enough done example of an average Eamon adventure. While the introduction seems to promise a lot of supernatural events and combat, in actual fact there is very little and the encounters are all mundane.

I found it a pleasant diversion, with a couple of minor puzzles and an adequate amount of combat. I give it a (6) for difficulty. _______________________________________________

  1. 164 The Sands of Mars - by Ted Swartz

Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski

MAIN PGM Version: 4 (heavily modified) Extra Commands: VANISH, MATERIALIZE, SUSPEND Deleted Commands: None, no Save Special Features: Runs in 'real time'; single-key commands Playing Time: 1-3 hr. Reviewer Rating: 8.0 Average Rating: 5.7/3

Description: As you leave the Main Hall, you are challenged by a guard who could only have come from the Red Planet. He speaks - 'The Martians are looking for a few good men. Be all that you can be. Join us.'

You accept his challenge, and follow him to an odd shimmery area where your eyes waver and you can't quite make out what lies beyond. The Martian says, 'Remember to pick your friends well. You'll meet two groups, the Green Meanies and the Rowdy Reds. You must choose between them. Your choice will guide your destiny through your stay. And whatever decisions you make, make them fast! Mars waits for no man.'

He pushes you into the shimmering field. Your guts twist and then...

Comment: This adventure is 100% unique in that it runs in 'real time'. That is, combat continues to happen whether you do anything or not. The other guy will attack you every five seconds or so even if you don't type anything. This is very disconcerting at first, but you quickly learn to hit the bad guy as soon as you see him. It has been modified so that you only need to hit a single key to enter all commands so that you can keep up. To make the single-key thing possible, some commands (such as the spells) are typed in through the SAY command. There is also a SUSPEND command that pauses the 'real time' feature; it resumes as soon as you hit any key.

The map consists of 95 rooms that contain two castles and a battlefield in the middle. The map is a perfect mirror image; that is, the Green castle has exactly the same floor plan as the Red castle, but reversed. I picked the Red side since they are the good guys in Burroughs' 'John Carter of Mars' books, but it doesn't matter which side you choose to join, as the map, monsters, and artifacts are identical on both sides.

Like many early Eamons, this one isn't extremely sophisticated in its puzzles. In fact they are rather difficult to reason out, but if you persevere in trying directions and doing LOOKs you should be able to find all the pieces. Here's a few hints: the book can be opened; read the inscription over the exit (which isn't in a castle); and don't enter the enemy castle until you can VANISH (unless you enjoy heavy combat).

While I gave this adventure an (8) because I really enjoyed the 'real time' feature, the other two people who have rated it didn't like the feature and rated it much lower. To be sure, the bad guys are plenty tough and the good guys don't help much. Bring your heavy armor and big guns for this one. You may or may not enjoy the novelty; all you can do is try it and see for yourself.

I originally gave this a difficulty of (4). This is somewhat misleading, as some combat is heavy and the puzzles might be a bit obscure if you miss a step. While the difficulty isn't bad for a heavy-duty character and a player who is careful to cover all the bases, it will be much tougher for children. They will undoubtedly enjoy the 'real time' combat, but they probably won't solve it. _____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

Eamon Adventure Listing ______________________________________________________

EAG ProDOS Eamon Revision Dates: Date: 5/24/92 40-col. 80-col. 1. Main Hall & Beginners Cave 06/06/91 5. Castle of Doom 02/24/90 8. The Abductor's Quarters 04/21/90 12. The Quest for Trezore 09/03/90 16. The Caves of Mondamen 03/28/90 19. Death Trap 07/10/90 20. The Black Death 09/15/90 21. The Quest for Marron 08/05/90 22. The Senator's Chambers 02/26/90 23. The Temple of Ngurct 09/19/90 24. Black Mountain 08/29/90 02/25/92 25. Nuclear Nightmare 02/25/90 26. Assault on the Mole Man 10/03/90 27. Revenge of the Mole Man 10/06/90 28. The Tower of London 02/25/90 33. The Orb of Polaris 08/15/91 09/21/91 34. Death's Gateway 01/18/91 09/07/91 35. The Lair of Mutants 01/15/91 36. The Citadel of Blood 07/23/90 37. Quest for the Holy Grail 10/13/90 38. City in the Clouds 10/20/90 39. Museum of Unnatural History 01/22/91 41. Caverns of Lanst 01/28/91 45. SwordQuest 08/20/90 47. FutureQuest 07/14/90 48. Picnic in Paradise 08/08/90 49. The Castle Kophinos 08/11/90 51. The Caves of Eamon Bluff 10/23/90 53. Feast of Carroll 02/26/90 55. The Master's Dungeon 03/03/90 56. The Lost Adventure 01/29/91 58. The Land of Death 02/07/91 64. Modern Problems 02/19/91 68. The Smith's Stronghold 02/24/91 69. The Black Castle of NaGog 07/11/90 09/03/91 73. The Deep Canyon 03/06/91 74. DharmaQuest 10/13/90 75. Temple of the Guild 03/17/91 76. The Search for Yourself 04/18/90 77. Temple of the Trolls 08/15/90 08/01/91 78. The Prince's Tavern 05/28/91 05/28/91 80. The Search for the Key 10/27/90 81. The Rescue Mission 10/27/90 86. Castle Mantru 03/23/91 87. Caves of Hollow Mountain 03/26/91 90. The Doomsday Clock 04/01/91 91. FutureQuest II 01/25/90 07/28/91 92. The Fugitive 11/02/90 93. Flying Circus 11/07/90 97. The House of Secrets 04/06/91 99. In the Clutches of Torrik 04/14/91 100. Sorceror's Spire 05/09/90 106. Camp Eamon 11/11/90 107. The Last Dragon 10/15/91 10/15/91 108. The Mines of Moria 04/18/90 09/29/91 109. The Forest of Fear 01/09/91 112. Hills of History 04/19/91 113. The Life-Orb of Mevtrelek 11/15/90 114. Thror's Ring 03/05/90 05/04/91 117. Dungeon of Doom 01/15/91 118. Pittfall 06/18/90 09/02/91 119. Grunewalde 04/28/91 120. Orb of My Life 06/19/91 06/19/91 121. Wrenhold's Secret Vigil 06/02/90 124. Assault on Dolni Keep 05/09/90 05/21/91 126. The Pyramid of Anharos 07/04/90 03/15/92 127. The Hunt for the Ring 11/20/90 128. Quest of Erebor 11/24/90 129. Return to Moria 12/01/91 12/01/91 130. Haradwaith 11/27/90 131. Nucleus of the Ruby 04/08/92 132. Rhadshur Warrior 03/03/90 137. The Ruins of Ivory Castle 04/26/92 138. Starfire 06/15/90 05/21/91 139. Peg's Place 11/30/90 142. The Beermeister's Brewery 04/26/92 143. The Alternate Zone 05/01/92 145. Buccaneer! 07/31/90 146. The House of Horrors 05/09/92 147. The Dark Brotherhood 04/11/90 05/27/91 148. Journey to Jotunheim 10/07/90 03/19/92 149. Elemental Apocalypse 01/06/91 150. Walled City of Darkness 01/23/92 01/23/92 154. A Trip to Fort Scott 06/05/90 155. Tomb of the Vampire 10/07/90 158. The Lair of Mr. Ed 12/25/90 159. The Bridge of Catzad-Dum 05/18/92 160. Monty Python & Holy Grail 01/25/90 161. Operation Endgame 06/29/91 06/29/91 162. Eamon 7.0 Demo Adventure 05/26/90 163. The Sands of Mars 03/17/92 164. A Real Cliffhanger 03/18/92 165. Animal Farm 04/02/92 166. Storm Breaker 03/14/90 169. The Black Phoenix 03/15/90 11/15/91 170. Ragnarok Revisited 09/15/90 183. The Boy and the Bard 06/20/90 191. Enhanced Beginners Cave 01/27/90 194. Attack of the Kretons 07/30/91 07/30/91 195. The Training Ground 02/12/90 196. The Cat House 04/20/92 04/20/92 204. Sanctuary 10/14/90 03/09/92 206. Curse of the Hellsblade 02/04/91 10/28/91

Dungeon Designer Diskette Ver.7.0 10/06/91 Eamon Utilities Diskette 01/26/92 Graphics Main Hall 05/23/91 ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

Eamon Adventure Listing ______________________________________________________

Ratings are given on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 highest. Format is R/N, where R = the adventure's overall rating; N = the number of people who have rated it.

Note key: a: version 4 or older h: contemporary setting b: version 5 i: 40/80 column capability c: version 6 j: 80-column only d: version 7 k: 40 & 80 col. versions e: (reserved) l: 2-disk adventure f: contains a quest m: 3-disk adventure g: science-fiction n: 4-disk adventure

1. Main Hall & Beginners Cave D. Brown 4.3/6 a 2. The Lair of the Minotaur D. Brown 4.4/5 a 3. The Cave of the Mind Jacobson/Varnum 3.2/6 a 4. The Zyphur Riverventure J. Jacobson 5.7/7 a,f 5. Castle of Doom D. Brown 4.6/6 a 6. The Death Star D. Brown 3.7/7 a,f,g 7. The Devil's Tomb J. Jacobson 5.0/7 a 8. The Abductor's Quarters J. Jacobson 4.7/3 a,f 9. Assault on the Clonemaster D. Brown 3.7/3 a,f 10. The Magic Kingdom D. Cook 4.5/2 a 11. The Tomb of Molinar D. Brown 3.5/4 a,f 12. The Quest for Trezore J. Jacobson 6.2/4 a,f 13. Caves of Treasure Island Genz & Braun 4.4/5 a,f 14. Furioso W. Davis 5.3/3 a 15. Heroes Castle J. Nelson 4.5/2 a 16. The Caves of Mondamen J. Nelson 7.4/5 a,f 17. Merlin's Castle R. Hersom 4.8/2 a 18. Hogarth Castle K. Nestle 4.0/1 a,f 19. Death Trap J. Nelson 7.5/2 b 20. The Black Death J. Nelson 7.0/1 a,f,h 21. The Quest for Marron J. Nelson 7.0/3 b,f 22. The Senator's Chambers J. Plamondon 4.9/5 b,f 23. The Temple of Ngurct J&R Plamondon 7.3/3 b,f 24. Black Mountain J. Nelson 7.0/4 b,f,h 25. Nuclear Nightmare J. Nelson 6.0/3 b,f,h 26. Assault on the Mole Man J. Nelson 6.5/2 b 27. Revenge of the Mole Man J. Nelson 6.0/3 b 28. The Tower of London F.& S. Smith 6.2/2 a,h 29. The Lost Island of Apple D. Brown 2.0/1 a 30. The Underground City S. Adelson 2.0/1 a,g,h 31. The Gauntlet J. Nelson 5.0/1 b 32. House of Ill Repute Anonymous 1.7/3 a,h 33. The Orb of Polaris J. Nelson 6.7/3 b,f 34. Death's Gateway R. Linden 6.5/2 a,h 35. The Lair of Mutants E. Hodson 6.9/4 a,f,g 36. The Citadel of Blood E. Hodson 6.0/4 a,h 37. Quest for the Holy Grail E. Hodson 7.0/2 a,f 38. City in the Clouds E. Hodson 7.2/3 a,f,g 39. Museum of Unnatural History R.Volberding 5.5/4 b,f 40. Daemon's Playground R.Volberding 4.7/3 b 41. Caverns of Lanst R.Volberding 5.7/3 b 42. Alternate Beginners Cave R.Volberding 5.0/5 b 43. Priests of Xim! M & E Bauman 5.7/3 b 44. Escape from the Orc Lair J. Hinkleman 3.8/4 b 45. SwordQuest R. Pender 7.7/3 b,f 46. Lifequest D. Crawford 2.0/1 b,f 47. FutureQuest R. Pender 7.8/5 b,f,g 48. Picnic in Paradise J. Nelson 6.0/5 c 49. The Castle Kophinos D. Doumakes 7.0/1 b,f 50. Behind the Sealed Door T. Berge 4.7/3 a 51. The Caves of Eamon Bluff T. Berge 6.8/3 b 52. The Devil's Dungeon J. Merrill 6.0/3 a,h 53. Feast of Carroll D&J Lilienkamp 5.0/2 a 54. Crystal Mountain K. Hoffman 5.0/1 b 55. The Master's Dungeon J. Allen 6.5/4 a 56. The Lost Adventure J. Allen 6.0/1 a,h 57. The Manxome Foe R. Olszewski 5.5/2 b 58. The Land of Death T. Berge 6.0/1 a 59. Jungles of Vietnam J. Allen 2.1/4 a,h 60. The Sewers of Chicago J. Allen 3.2/4 a,h 61. The Harpy Cloud A. Forter 4.0/2 b 62. The Caverns of Doom M. Mullin 3.0/1 b,h 63. Valkenburg Castle J. Weener 2.0/1 a,f 64. Modern Problems Anderson/Barban/Thompson 6.2/2 a,f,h 65. The School of Death K. Townsend 5.5/2 b,f,h 66. Dungeons of Xenon S. Bhayani 5.0/1 a,f 67. Chaosium Caves S. Bhayani 3.0/1 a,f 68. The Smith's Stronghold A. Porter 6.0/1 b,f 69. The Black Castle of NaGog D. Burrows 7.5/2 b,f 70. The Tomb of Y'Golonac R. Romanchuk 6.0/2 a,f 71. Operation Crab Key J. Vercellone 1.0/1 a,h 72. House on Eamon Ridge T. Berge 4.5/2 b 73. The Deep Canyon K. Blincoe 7.0/3 a 74. DharmaQuest R. Pender 7.9/5 b,f 75. Temple of the Guild D. Doumakes 7.0/1 b 76. The Search for Yourself D. Doumakes 8.0/1 b,f 77. Temple of the Trolls J. Nelson 7.3/3 c,f 78. The Prince's Tavern R. Davis1 9.0/3 b,f 79. The Castle of Count Fuey D. Brown 5.7/5 a,f 80. The Search for the Key(80a) D. Brown 4.3/3 a,f 81. The Rescue Mission (80b) D. Brown 7.0/2 a 82. Escape from Mansi Island S. Starkey 5.0/1 b,f 83. The Twin Castles J. Tankard 6.0/3 c,f 84. Castle of Riveneta R. Karsten 5.0/1 b,h 85. The Time Portal E. Kuypers 5.0/1 a,g 86. Castle Mantru S. Constanzo 6.0/1 c,f 87. Caves of Hollow Mountain J. Nelson 6.3/3 c 88. The Shopping Mall A. Porter 1.0/3 b,h 89. Super Fortress of Lin Wang S. Bhayani 4.2/3 c,f 90. The Doomsday Clock J. Tankard 6.0/1 c,f,h 91. FutureQuest II R. Pender 8.0/4 b,f,g 92. The Fugitive D. Doumakes 7.0/1 c,f 93. Flying Circus R. Krebs 7.0/1 b 94. Blood Feud R. Krebs 5.0/1 b,f 95. The Maze of Quasequeton B. Kondalski 3.0/3 a,f 96. The Chamber of the Dragons B. Kondalski 2.0/2 a 97. The House of Secrets G. Gunn 6.0/1 a 98. Slave Pits of Kzorland R. Hersam 3.0/1 a 99. In the Clutches of Torrik J. Nelson 5.3/3 c,f 100. Sorceror's Spire J. Nelson 7.5/5 c 101. Ground Zero Sam 1.0/2 a,g 102. The Eamon Railroad Sam 2.2/5 a,h 103. Top Secret Sam 1.5/2 a 104. The Lost World Sam 1.0/1 a,g 105. The Strange Resort Sam 1.0/1 a,h 106. Camp Eamon R. Slemon 7.0/2 b,f,h 107. The Last Dragon R. Pender 7.7/3 c,f 108. The Mines of Moria S. Ruby 8.2/4 c,f 109. The Forest of Fear S. Ruby 6.3/3 c,f 110. Fire Island G. Gioia 5.0/1 c,f 111. A Vacation in Europe D. Smith 4.5/2 c,h 112. Hills of History D. Smith 6.0/2 c 113. The Life-Orb of Mevtrelek R. Volberding 6.5/2 c,f 114. Thror's Ring T. Zuchowski 9.0/6 c,f,i 115. The Ring of Doom S. Ruby 5.0/1 c,f 116. The Iron Prison S. Ruby 5.5/2 c,f 117. Dungeon of Doom D. Knezek 8.0/3 a,f,k 118. Pittfall S. Starkey 8.0/1 c,f 119. Grunewalde P. Hurst 6.5/2 b,f,l 120. Orb of My Life J. Nelson 9.0/1 c,f 121. Wrenhold's Secret Vigil R. Davis1 8.2/2 c,f 122. The Valley of Death S. Ruby 4.0/1 c 123. Wizard of the Spheres M. Elkin 5.0/1 c,f 124. Assault on Dolni Keep T. Zuchowski 9.0/5 c,f,i 125. The Mattimoe Palace J. Actor 3.0/1 b,f,h 126. The Pyramid of Anharos P. Hurst 7.3/3 c,f 127. The Hunt for the Ring S. Ruby 6.8/2 c,f 128. Quest of Erebor S. Ruby 7.0/1 c,f 129. Return to Moria S. Ruby 8.6/4 c,f,l 130. Haradwaith S. Ruby 7.0/2 c,f 131. Nucleus of the Ruby K. Somers 6.0/1 c,f,j 132. Rhadshur Warrior R. Pender 7.9/5 c,f,h 133. The Final Frontier R. Slemon 5.0/1 c,f,g 134. Pyramid of the Ancients J.& R. Pirone 4.0/1 c 135. The Tomb of Evron M. Greifenkamp 2.0/1 b 136. The Mountain Fortress M. Greifenkamp 3.0/1 b,f 137. The Ruins of Ivory Castle M. Greifenkamp 6.5/2 b 138. Starfire E. Phillips 4.8/4 c,f 139. Peg's Place M&A Anderson 7.5/2 c,f,h 140. Beginner's Forest M. Anderson 5.0/1 b 141. The Infested Fortress M&P Hamaoka 3.0/2 c 142. The Beermeister's Brewery J. Actor 6.0/3 b,f,h 143. The Alternate Zone J. Actor 6.0/2 b,f 144. Gartin Manor G. Gioia 5.0/1 c,f,h 145. Buccaneer! P. Hurst 8.3/3 c,f,l 146. The House of Horrors D. Cross 6.0/1 c,f,h 147. The Dark Brotherhood P. Hurst 8.7/3 c,f,l 148. Journey to Jotunheim T. Zuchowski 8.2/4 c,f,i 149. Elemental Apocalypse S. Ruby 7.8/4 c,f,n 150. Walled City of Darkness T. Zuchowski 8.8/2 c,f,i 151. Eamon S.A.R.-1 (Deneb Raid)D. Crawford 3.5/2 c,f,g 152. The Computer Club of Fear N. Segerlind 5.5/2 c,f,h 153. Lost! N. Segerlind 5.0/1 c 154. A Trip to Fort Scott W. Trent 7.0/1 c 155. Tomb of the Vampire Trent/Grayson 5.7/3 c,f 156. The Lake N. Segerlind 4.0/1 c 157. Pathetic Hideout of Mr. R. N. Segerlind 5.0/1 c,f,h 158. The Lair of Mr. Ed N. Segerlind 7.0/1 c,f,h 159. The Bridge of Catzad-Dum N. Segerlind 6.5/2 c,f,h 160. Monty Python & Holy Grail N. Segerlind 7.0/2 c,f 161. Operation Endgame S. Ruby 8.9/5 c,f,h,m 162. Eamon 7.0 Demo Adventure T. Zuchowski (N/A) d,i 163. The Sands of Mars T. Swartz 5.7/3 a,f,g 164. A Real Cliffhanger T. Swartz 6.0/1 a,h 165. Animal Farm S. Ruby 6.8/2 c,f,h,l 166. Storm Breaker ` S. Ruby 8.5/2 c,f,m 167. Expedition to the DarkwoodsG. Gioia 3.5/2 c,f 168. The High School of Horrors M.Haney/A.Hunt 4.5/2 a,h 169. The Black Phoenix R. Pender 8.1/4 c,f,g 170. Ragnarok Revisited N. Segerlind 7.8/3 c,f,i 171. The Pyramid of Cheops R. Parker 5.0/1 b 172. The Mountain of the Master M. Dalton 5.0/1 a,f 173. The House that Jack Built R. Parker 2.0/2 b,h 174. Escape from Granite Hall R. Parker 3.5/2 b 175. Anatomy of the Body R. Parker 3.5/2 b,g 176. Dirtie Trix's Mad Maze R. Parker 3.0/1 b,h 177. Shippe of Fooles R. Parker 3.0/1 b 178. The Alien Intruder R. Parker 4.0/1 b,g 179. The Wizard's Tower R. Parker 4.4/2 b 180. Gamma 1 R. Parker 3.5/2 b,g 181. The Eamon Sewer System R. Parker 1.0/1 b 182. Farmer Brown's Woods R. Parker 1.0/1 b,h 183. The Boy and the Bard S. Ruby 7.8/3 c,f 184. Quest For Orion P. Gise 5.4/5 d,f,i 185. The Body Revisited R. Parker 5.0/3 d,f,i 186. Beginner's Cave II J. Nelson 2.0/2 c 187. Batman!! A. Geha 2.0/1 b 188. Encounter: The Bookworm R. Parker 6.5/4 d,f,i 189. The Ruins of Belfast D. Sparks 3.0/1 a,h 190. Shift Change at Grimmwax D&A Sparks 4.5/2 a,f,h 191. Enhanced Beginners Cave Brown/Nelson 5.0/1 c 192. Mean Streets T. Tetirick 4.0/1 c,h 193. The Creature of Rhyl R. Parker 7.0/1 d,f,i 194. Attack of the Kretons N. Segerlind 9.0/2 d,f,i 195. The Training Ground C. Hewgley 5.0/1 c 196. The Cat House Anonymous 1.0/1 b,h 197. Star Wars-Tempest One S. Averill 2.0/1 c,g 198. Revenge of the Bookworm R. Parker 6.5/1 d,f,i 199. Quest of the Crystal Wand R. Davis2 5.0/1 c,f 200. The Lost Isle R. Davis2 4.0/1 c 201. The Caverns of Vanavara C. Hewgley 5.0/1 c,f 202. The Plain of Srevi K. Ivers 4.5/1 c 203. Lotto's Masterpiece H. Haskell 5.5/2 d,f,i 204. Sanctuary S. Ruby 9.0/1 d,f,l 205. Utterly Outrageous P. Gise 6.5/1 d,f,h,i 206. Curse of the Hellsblade Nelson/Zuchowski -/- d,f,i 207. Eamon Renegade Club P. Schulz 5.0/1 d,f,h,i 208. Assault on Helstar P. Schulz 6.0/1 d,f,h 209. Apocalypse 2021 H. Purvis 5.0/1 d,f,g,i 210. Return of Ngurct H. Purvis 5.0/1 d,f,i 211. Lair of the Marauders H. Purvis 6.0/1 d,i 212. Haunted Keep H. Purvis 5.0/1 d,i 213. Demongate H. Purvis 7.0/1 d,i 214. Deathstalker's Castle P. Schulz 6.5/1 d,f 215. Treasure Island M. Anderson 6.0/1 d 216. The Pirate's Cave M. Anderson 5.0/1 d,f 217. Eye of Agamon H. Purvis 7.0/1 d,f

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