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Notices and Junk is a column published in most issues of the Eamon Adventurer's Log, usually written by NEUC president John Nelson.


Issue Subjects
March 1984 Disk copy fees
Benefits of obtaining Eamon adventures through the club
May 1984 Dungeon Designer 6.0 available
Disk return policy
Eamon newsletter publishing dates
20 new adventures
August 1984 Membership benefits and newsletter-only rates
January 1985 Questionnaire results
March 1985 List of products and prices
May 1985 Missing adventures
Order desk update
New disk prices
Membership expiration dates
August 1985 Notes on ordering adventures and other materials
October 1985 Seeking input and suggestions for improvement
January 1987 Questionnaire results
Membership dues and proposed changes
October 1987 New club address (by Jennifer Nelson)
Tech Support Department (by Tom Zuchowski)
1988 Deciding which adventures to convert to PC
PC conversion process
April 1989 Club update and status