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This is a Class A (gold star) article.

Club News is a column published in most issues of the Eamon Adventurer's Log and usually authored by NEUC president John Nelson.


Date Author Subjects
March 1984 John Nelson
  • Free adventure lists available
  • Eamon utilities reorganized
  • 11 new adventures announced
May 1984 John Nelson
  • Membership dues introduced
  • More detailed documentation in progress
  • Eamon tournament upcoming
August 1984 John Nelson
October 1984 John Nelson
  • Tournament postponed
January 1985 John Nelson
  • Overview of club objectives
  • Club to resume advertising
  • Documentation update
  • Updated utility programs
March 1985 John Nelson
  • Misunderstanding with AAA
  • Staff list
May 1985 Steve Mahr and John Nelson
August 1985 John Nelson
  • Photocopier purchased
  • Eamon Notebooks still available
  • Staff list (and losses)
October 1985 John Nelson
  • Newsletter publishing dates
  • A message from John's son
  • Staff list
June 1986 Bob Davis
  • Club status, reorganization, and questionnaire
April 1989 John Nelson
  • Adventures planned for conversion to PC