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Club News is a column published in most issues of the Eamon Adventurer's Log and usually authored by NEUC president John Nelson.


Issue Author Subjects
March 1984 John Nelson Free adventure lists available
Eamon utilities reorganized
11 new adventures announced
May 1984 John Nelson Membership dues introduced
More detailed documentation in progress
Eamon tournament upcoming
August 1984 John Nelson More information on club dues
Eamon Notebook announced
October 1984 John Nelson Tournament postponed
January 1985 John Nelson Overview of club objectives
Club to resume advertising
Documentation update
Updated utility programs
March 1985 John Nelson Misunderstanding with AAA
Staff list
May 1985 Steve Mahr and John Nelson Orders and pricing update
NEUC Eamon Adventure Contest announced
August 1985 John Nelson Photocopier purchased
Eamon Notebooks still available
Staff list (and losses)
October 1985 John Nelson Newsletter publishing dates
A message from John's son
Staff list
June 1986 Bob Davis Club status, reorganization, and questionnaire
April 1989 John Nelson Adventures planned for conversion to PC