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Spotlight On is a column published in the Eamon Adventurer's Log that consists mostly of Eamon adventure reviews written by NEUC staffers Bob Davis, John Nelson, and others. In its 12 installments it gave detailed reviews of 24 adventures with shorter assessments of 15 more, plus reviews of the Super Eamon system and the Graphics Main Hall.

Its equivalent in the later Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter was titled "Adventure Reviews".


Date Author Subjects
March 1984 Bob Davis
May 1984 Bob Davis
August 1984 Bob Davis
  • Intermediate adventures
  • Best adventures
  • Tough adventures
October 1984 Bob Davis
January 1985 John Nelson,
Dan Cross,
Bob Davis
March 1985 Bob Davis
May 1985 John Nelson,
Dan Cross,
Steve Mahr
August 1985 John Nelson,
Bob Davis
October 1985 Bob Davis
June 1986 Bob Davis,
John Nelson
October 1987 Pat Hurst
April 1989 John Nelson
  • Note on converted adventures