Terminological Inexactitudes

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Terminological Inexactitudes is a long-running column published in issues of the Eamon Adventurer's Log, the Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter, and the Eamon Deluxe Newsletter. John Nelson noted in the first column that "things appearing in this column must not be confused with actual facts" since it generally consists of silly, made-up reports that lampoon the club or its members.


Date Subjects
March 1984 Donald Brown, tournament disks, John Nelson
May 1984 Donald Brown, drive-up window, softball team
August 1984 Bob Davis, Knight Quest
October 1984 Questionnaire, names, The Quest for Trezore, The Prince's Tavern
March 1985 Roving reporter, John Nelson, club origin, dragon repellant
May 1985 BobQuest, lifetime memberships
August 1985 Eamon Founder's Day parade, club for sale, club calendar, John Nelson
October 1985 Burly Irishman AI, trivia content, version numbers
June 1986 Books about Eamon
April 1989 Terminological Inexactitudes, Bob Davis, Donald Brown