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This article is about the newsletter column. For the mapping program, see Eamon Mapper. For adventure guides in general, see walkthrough.

Eamon Walk-Through is a recurring column published by EAG president Tom Zuchowski in the Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter. Each column gave readers detailed instructions for how to successfully play through one Eamon adventure (or occasionally two), presented as a series of steps for which rooms to enter, what items to collect, how to handle difficult adversaries, and hints for solving puzzles.

Eamon Walk-Through list

The newsletter included a total of 22 adventure walkthroughs which were published in all but one of the 20 issues from March 1996 to December 2000. (Zuchowski "punted" it from the September 1997 issue in order to fit in more reviews.) From 1999 onward Zuchowski also usually included a directory of the walkthroughs and the issues they appeared in.

Number Title Issue Walkthrough author
7 The Devil's Tomb December 2000 Tom Zuchowski
19 Death Trap March 1998 Tom Zuchowski
62 The Caverns of Doom March 1997 Paul Hollander
74 DharmaQuest March 2000 Tom Zuchowski
77 Temple of the Trolls March 1999 Tom Zuchowski
107 The Last Dragon December 1999 Tom Zuchowski
114 Thror's Ring December 1996 Tom Zuchowski
116 The Iron Prison December 1999 Tom Zuchowski
120 Orb of My Life September 1998 Tom Zuchowski
126 The Pyramid of Anharos June 1998 Tom Zuchowski
127 The Hunt for the Ring December 1998 Tom Zuchowski
129 Return to Moria June 1999 Tom Zuchowski
132 Rhadshur Warrior June 1996 Tom Zuchowski
145 Buccaneer! December 1997 Adam Myrow
147 The Dark Brotherhood September 1996 Tom Zuchowski
150 Walled City of Darkness March 1996 Tom Zuchowski
161 Operation Endgame June 1997 Tom Zuchowski
194 Attack of the Kretons June 2000 Tom Zuchowski
206 Curse of the Hellsblade December 2000 Tom Zuchowski
220 Catacombs of Terror September 2000 Tom Zuchowski
239 Idol of the Incas September 1999 Tom Zuchowski
256 Redemption June 2000 Sam Ruby

Zuchowski considered making walkthroughs for a handful of additional adventures but decided not to because their authors already included hints and solutions in the adventure (either in the game itself or in accompanying files). Five he listed are Animal Farm, Storm Breaker, The Boy and the Bard, Sanctuary, and Heart of Gold.