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The Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter, February 2003 issue.


Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter Archive


February 2003


Eamon Adventurer's Guild; Tom Zuchowski (editor)


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The Eamon Adventurer's Guild
February 2003

This is the second "online" issue of the EAG newsletter. It is the result of the arrival of a new Eamon from Matthew Clark, a new author.

EAMON ADVENTURER'S GUILD Thomas Zuchowski, Editor


This document is released to the Public Domain. Any part of this newsletter may be reproduced without permission. Please honor the privacy of the members listed herein, and ask their permission before distributing their names or addresses.

If you would like to add your own Eamon adventure to the EAG list, send it on a disk to the above address. It will be assigned an Adventure number, and tested for bugs and other problems. An informal critique and disk with bug corrections will be returned for your final comment, action and approval before release.

Our mail-order Eamon vendor:

               Kula Software
               2118 Kula St.
               Honolulu, HI 96817

Eamons are available online. I recommend these sites:


Here are some more: (also has emulators) appleII/eamon/guild/

Last but far from least, has links to just about every Apple II site that there is.

Eamon Walk-Through List

         7 The Devil’s Tomb        Dec00
       19 Death Trap         Mar98
       62 The Caverns of Doom      Mar97
       74 DharmaQuest     Mar00
       77 Temple of the Trolls        Mar99
     107 The Last Dragon  Dec99
     114 Thror's Ring        Dec96
     116 The Iron Prison   Dec99
     120 Orb of my Life     Sep98
     126 Pyramid of Anharos  Jun98
     127 The Hunt for the Ring      Dec98
     129 Return to Moria   Jun99
     132 Rhadshur Warrior Jun96
     145 Buccaneer!         Dec97
     147 The Dark Brotherhood      Sep96
     150 Walled City of Darkness   Mar96
     161 Operation Endgame Jun97
     194 Attack of the Kretons       Jun00
     206 Curse of the Hellsblade    Dec00
     220 Catacombs of Terror Sep00
     239 Idol of the Incas Sep99
     SD137 Redemption    Jun00

Here is a list of Eamons that have been considered but not done in this column because they have solutions either in standalone programs, or "online" as you play. This is not a complete list!

165 Animal Farm

166 Storm Breaker

183 The Boy and the Bard

204 Sanctuary

       240 Heart of Gold

Always check your Eamons for bonus programs on the disk! Several of the better authors have been known to do this on occasion.

Adventure Reviews

  1. 246 The Sword of Inari by Matthew Clark

Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski

MAIN PGM Version: 7.1

Extra Commands: PAY

Deleted Commands: None

Special Features: None

Playing Time: 30 minutes

Reviewer Rating: 7.5

Description: In a rather long and complicated introduction you are hired to recover the magical Sword of Inari from an evil kingdom that has aggressive designs on your own country. This is a sneak mission in which you and a companion are inserted by an airship, which drops you off on a very high tower in the enemy stronghold. You are given several magical items to assist you in your Quest.

Comment: This is a very pleasant and relaxing outing. It is primarily puzzle-oriented, but the hints are strong and the puzzles are not overly difficult. Those who love combat will be disappointed, as a successful Quest will show you just a few easy opponents. However, an unsuccessful foray might find you facing as many as 400 at once!

The play is very linear and you will see very few options outside of the correct course. The map is small, just 36 rooms. Matt did a nice job of adding a number of special texts to explain why you would not go in this direction or that, helping to preserve the illusion of a larger space than what you actually see.

One hint: you were given those magical items for a reason, and you will need to use them all to be successful.

Difficulty of (3).