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AdventureDisk number 1.



July 1984


Jeff Bianco


The use in this wiki of this non-free item is permitted on the grounds of fair use.

Other versions

File:AdventureDisk 1.dsk

Number 01

PO Box 216
Mercer Island, WA 98040
(206) 232-8272

Publisher: Jeff Bianco
Editor: Jeff Bianco
Production: Jeff Bianco
Circulation: Jeff Bianco

( $9 to start / $6 per month )
( $69.95 per year )
( $89.95 per one-way year )

Lower text by Jim Weiler
Music from "Electric Duet" by Paul Lutus
Carnival by Jim Peterson


At last! AdventureDisk is finally here. After two months of collecting subscribers, I finally have the fifty people that I needed to justify a first issue.

For those of you who still don't know, here is a brief description of my goals as to what I want AdventureDisk to be:

A new concept in adventure gaming. A monthly double-sided disk published especially for the adventure game fan. The front side will be filled with hints, tips, solutions, and questions and answers all about your favorite adventure games (Hi-res, Text, and Eamon). On the back side each month, there will be a new Eamon adventure.

To accomplish these goals, what I need is your help. I need everyone to get involved by trying to help out someone who is stuck on an adventure, or by not being embarrassed to ask what they think might be a stupid question. Everyone was an adventure novice at one time, but by encouraging people to stick it out, they will get better. I am sure that one day these "novices" will come back and help out those people that consider themselves old pros.

A lot of you also subscribe to Softdisk, and about now you are saying to yourself, "Hey, AdventureDisk looks a whole lot like SoftDisk." This is true, because the inspiration for AdventureDisk came directly from Softy, Jim Mangham, himself. The mailers were supplied by Softdisk, and most of the programming was scavenged from old issues of Softdisk. I started out on my own to write a base program for AdventureDisk, but the more I worked, the more I realized how much SoftDisk is the state of the art, and that there was no way that I could live up to its standards on my own. So therefore, I decided to use the already available programming for the first issue of AdventureDisk. After you finish with this issue, I hope that you will agree that AdventureDisk lives up to the high quality standards that are always shown by Softdisk.


There are now three ways to receive your next issue of AdventureDisk:

  1. Enclose $6.00 for your next issue.
  2. Sign up for an annual subscription and enclose a check for $69.95. This was the disks still have to be returned.
  3. Sign up for a one-way annual subscription and enclose a check for $89.95. This way you can read AdventureDisk at your own pace and not have to worry about returning it on time. You can just hold on to it, and I will take care of the rest.

As you might have noticed, this first issue of AdventureDisk is labeled with a number (#1) instead of a month. This is because the publication dates will be a little shaky until everything gets rolling. Expect your next issue of AdventureDisk about a month after you receive this one.

If a subscription is said to be annual, what it actually meant is 12 issues, regardless of whether or not it actually takes one year to publish them all.

Mailing procedure

This brings us to what you have to do to return this issue to me. It is actually very simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Copy both sides of the disk labeled "AdventureDisk #1" and replace the original in the mailer.
  2. Fill our the enclosed paper note as to what you have added to AdventureDisk (i.e., hints, tips, etc.).
  3. Enclose payment unless other arrangements have been made (i.e., annual subscription or one-way subscription).
  4. Open plastic pouch on mailer and turn over the card so the AdventureDisk address is now showing.
  5. Close mailer with the velcro tabs (tape is not needed).
  6. Drop the mailer in the mail.

Since this is the first month for all of you, keep the disk with the Eamon "Master Disk" and the "Advanced Dungeon Designer Disk" on it. This disk is labeled "Keep This Disk".

If you are a one-way subscriber, then all you have to do is enjoy AdventureDisk and wait for your next exciting month's issue to arrive in the mail. If you wish at any time to contribute hints or tips, then just drop me a line c/o AdventureDisk and I will see that it gets published. Paper letters are fine, but if you want to send it as a text file usable by a word processor, all disks will be promptly returned.


This is what will eventually become the heart and soul of AdventureDisk. This is the section where you ask questions of your fellow adventurers and they in turn answer back. The topic of all of this is obviously Adventure games. All types can be covered, including Hi-res, Text, and Eamon.

Originally, this program was called Message Center, and was written by Dan Tobias. I then spent several hours changing it to suit my needs as a forum for adventure fans. It is not yet perfect, and you might find a few minor bugs, but nothing to worry about.

The program is located on the front side of this disk and is accessible from the hello program by choosing option "c".

It is mostly self-explanatory and easy to use, but I will still give a brief description of how it works:

  1. It will ask you for your User ID. Just type in your full name.
  2. It will then ask you if you want to read the bulletin board posts. If you answer "Y", you will be able to read all the hints, tips, and questions from all of your fellow adventurers. If you answer "N" at this time, the option will come up again later.
  3. After that, you can now have the option of sending feedback to me, or posting a bulletin yourself. These are both self-explanatory.

Already three people have contributed to the AdventureCenter. I have printed their bulletins along with a couple of reprints from SoftDisk. With your help, this section will be overflowing in the future.

Remember to leave me a paper note if you add a bulletin or feedback or anything else to AdventureDisk. Otherwise, I won't know it is there and it won't be processed.

Remember when...

How about a kick back to the days of yesteryear. For the first issue of AdventureDisk, I think it would be fun to go back and see what one of the first adventure games looked like. As a matter of fact, this was the very first adventure game that I ever saw. It was written way back in 1979. Remember back then, it was about the same time that they invented the wheel.

Eamon adventures

For those of you who are not familiar with the Eamon Adventure gaming system, here is a short description:

Eamon Adventures are a series of 72+ public domain text adventures in which you create a character and use him (or her) throughout the whole series.

The second disk that you received with AdventureDisk contains the Eamon "Master Disk" and "Advanced Dungeon Designer Disk". The "Master Disk" is the most important because through it, you create your character. You need to boot this disk first in order to play any of the other adventures.

On the Master Disk there is also an easy adventure called "Beginners Cave. It is recommended that you take a character through this adventure first. If your character doesn't survive this, it probably won't survive any others. The "Master Disk" will hold many characters, so you might create many before you find one you really like.

On this disk, there are also two valuable "cheater" programs.

  1. Resurrect—Allows you to resurrect a dead or lost character. You will probably use this program a lot.
  2. Character builder—Allows you to create a custom character. You get to choose the character's attributes and therefore how powerful he (or she) is.

On the "Advanced Dungeon Designer Disk" (ADDD) there are also two valuable manuals that are accessible by word processor.

  1. Players Manual—Complete manual to playing all of the Eamon adventures. I recommend that you read this first.
  2. Dungeon Designer Manual—Explains how to use the ADDD to write your own Eamon Adventures.

If you are interested in writing your own adventures, then I suggest you order the Eamon Utility Disks that are explained later on. You will find these very helpful.

Eamon 65 School of Death

The Eamon Adventure for this issue is:

Eamon 65 "School of Death"

Unfortunately it is not one of the simplest adventures. The reason that I used this particular adventure for the first issue is because it is an adventure that I previously had not had for sale. As you shall soon find out, I have Eamon 1-64 for sale, so Eamon 65 was a natural for the first issue.

My suggestions for easy adventures are:

Eamon 02 "Minotaur's Lair"
Eamon 42 "Alternate Beginners Cave"

Next month I will have a special on easy adventures.

If you get too frustrated playing "School of Death", remember that you can always create a character with the attributes and weapons of your choice. The program for doing this is on the Master Disk and is called CHARACTER BUILDER.

Maps and things

One of the best and most efficient ways to keep track of where you are in an adventure game is to make a map. I know many people who put a lot of work into and take pride in their maps. If you are one of those people, send a copy of your maps into AdventureDisk. If I get enough of them, then I will compile them into a little booklet of maps available only to AdventureDisk subscribers. Appropriate credit will be given to those who contribute.

I am especially interested in gathering maps of Eamon adventures. So much so that I am going to stage a little contest.

  1. Best map of School of Death
  2. Bet map of any other Eamon adventure
  3. Best map of any hi-res or text adventure

The maps can just be floor plans, but if you want to win, you probably should list what is found in each room.

All work must be original.

The prize for each category will be a free issue of AdventureDisk.

All entries must be received by Aug 25 1984. You have a month to work on them so take your time.

Eamon list

In all there are 72 different disk sides available for Eamon adventurers. They consist of:

63 Adventures
4 Utility disks
3 Tournament disks
1 Advanced Dungeon Designer Disk
1 Master Disk

They are available from AdventureDisk in several ways:

  1. In 4 separate Units. The Units will be defined later, but here are the prices:

    1 Unit—$35.00
    Any 2 Units—$60.00
    Any 3 units—$85.00
    All 72 adventures and utilities on 36 disks—$110.00

  2. Any 4 adventures for $8.00
  3. Individually for $2.50 each

Unit 1

Eamon 00) The Master Disk
Eamon 01) Beginner's Cave
Eamon 02) Minotaur's Lair
Eamon 03) Mind Cave
Eamon 04) Zyphur RiverVenture
Eamon 05) Doom Castle
Eamon 06) Death Star
Eamon 07) Devil's Tomb
Eamon 08) Abductor's Quarters
Eamon 09) Assault on the Clone Master
Eamon 10) Magic Kingdom
Eamon 11) Molinar's Tomb
Eamon 12) Trezore's Quest
Eamon 13) Treasure Island
Eamon 14) Furioso
Eamon 15) Heroes Castle
Eamon 16) Caves of Mondamen
Eamon 17) Merlin's Castle
Eamon Advanced Dungeon Designer 6.0

Unit 2

Eamon 18) Hogarth Castle
Eamon 19) Death Trap
Eamon 20) Black Trap
Eamon 21) Marron Quest
Eamon 22) Senator's Chambers
Eamon 23) Temple of Ngurct
Eamon 24) Black's Mountain
Eamon 25) Nuclear Nightmare
Eamon 26) Moleman Assault
Eamon 27) Moleman Revenge
Eamon 28) London Tower
Eamon 29) Lost Apple Island
Eamon 30) Underground City
Eamon 31) The Gauntlet
Eamon 33) Orb of Polaris
Eamon 34) Death's Gateway
Eamon 35) Lair of Mutants
Eamon 36) Citadel of Blood

Unit 3

Eamon 37) Quest for the Holy Grail
Eamon 38) City of the Clouds
Eamon 39) Museum
Eamon 40) Daemon's Playground
Eamon 41) Caverns of Lanst
Eamon 42) Alternate Beginners Cave
Eamon 43) Priests of Xim
Eamon 44) Escape from the Orc Lair
Eamon 45) Swordquest
Eamon 46) Life Quest
Eamon 47) Futurequest
Eamon Tournament 1) Count Fuey Castle
Eamon Tournament 2) Search for the Key
Eamon Tournament 3) Rescue Mission
Eamon Utility 01)
Eamon Utility 02)
Eamon Utility 03)
Eamon Utility 04)

Unit 4

Eamon 48) Picnic in Paradise
Eamon 49) Castle Kophinos
Eamon 50) Behind the Sealed Door
Eamon 51) Caves of Eamon Bluff
Eamon 52) Devil's Dungeon
Eamon 53) Feast of Carroll
Eamon 54) Crystal Mountain
Eamon 55) Master's Dungeon
Eamon 56) The Lost Adventure
Eamon 57) Manxome Foe
Eamon 58) Land of Death
Eamon 59) Jungles of Vietnam
Eamon 60) Sewers of Chicago
Eamon 61) Harpy Cloud
Eamon 62) Caverns of Doom
Eamon 63) Valkenburg Castle
Eamon 64) Modern Problems
Eamon Advanced Dungeon Designer 6.0

The Eamon Utility disks are now all documented by a text file on the disk. All you need is a word processor to print them out. If you cannot get access to a word processor, send me $2.00 for copying costs, and I will send you a copy.

For $2.00 I will send you a hardcopy of any of the manuals (ADDD, Players or Utility).

Utility 1 is for everyday adventuring
Utility 2 is for designers
Utility 3 contains monster battles
Utility 4 creates unbeatable characters

For next month, I will have an order blank on a text file that you can print out. But for now, please use a piece of paper for any orders.

Adventure reviews

Both Quality Software and Micro-Fun software have been kind enough to send me demo copies of some of their adventure programs to be reviewed. The programs are:

Quality Software:

Micro Fun:

  • Death in the Caribbean

Here is the deal. If you would like to be a reviewer, send me a message either through AdventureCenter or on paper note telling me which adventure you would like to review. The Apple random number generator will pick a name for each adventure, and that person will get the game for a month. During this time they will play the game and then write a review of that game to appear in AdventureDisk. It can be written on paper, but a text file is preferred. If you don't feel confident that you can write a quality review of one of these adventures, then please don't request the demo copy. It would just be a waste of everyone's time.

Adventure solutions

Thanks to Tom Phelps of Dunlap, IL, I now have several complete adventure solutions on text files. I will try to publish a different one each month. This month, the solution will be to Infocom's Star Cross.

For next month, I will ask you to vote for which solution you would like me to publish. Write your vote on the enclosed paper note. If space allows next month, I might publish the 2 or 3 most popular requests.

Some of the files just give the straight solutions, while others only give hints. If you are using one with the straight chronological solution, make sure that you stop reading once you get past the point at which you are stuck.

These files should really only be used as a last resort. They shouldn't be used as a substitute for the AdventureCenter.

Here is a list of all of the files that I have. If you have any that are no on this list, please send me a copy so they can be shared with your fellow adventurers. Make sure to vote for the one you would like to see next month.

Dragon's Lair (arcade game)
Blade of Blackpool
Cranston Manor
Critical Mass
Dark Crystal
Escape from Runginstan
Kabul Spy
Mask of the Sun
Mission Asteroid
Mission Impossible
Mystery Funhouse
Pirate Adventure
Pyramid of Doom
Secret Agent
Serpents Star
Sherwood Forest
Voodoo Castle
Wizard and the Princess
Zork II
Various Wizardry, Kod, and Llyg files

Solve Star Cross

StarCross is a relatively simple adventure—it's all simply a matter of shoving color coded rods into the appropriately colored slots. (Freud would have been proud.) The only problem is in finding the rods and slots. This column will tell you everything you need to know... (in chronological order!) so be sure and hit the escape if I start to tell you anything you don't want to know yet. A word to the wise: if you put a rod into a slot of a different color, it will disappear forever.

The landing

Get up. Get library. E. Push red button. Read screen. Get the coordinates for whichever unidentified mass (Um—??) has been chosen at random from the chart below:

Coordinates for mass objects

Object R Theta Phi Type
UM91 050 015 121 Uncharted mass
UM12 100 345 107 Uncharted mass
UM24 100 285 087 Uncharted mass
UM08 150 210 017 Uncharted mass
UM52 175 165 035 Uncharted mass
UM70 100 135 101 Uncharted mass
UM31 150 105 067 Uncharted mass
UM28 250 045 178 Uncharted mass
AB40 250 300 022 Asteroid (Ceres)
Mars 250 120 012 Planet
US75 175 135 034 Ship
AX71 125 180 047 Asteroid
AX32 125 240 105 Asteroid
AX01 200 240 134 Asteroid
AX87 125 075 102 Asteroid

Enter couch, say to computer "R is (R), Phi is (Phi), Theta is (Theta)". Wait for computer to reply that there is indeed a mass there. If it doesn't then you got the coordinates wrong! Try again. Then type: Say Computer "Confirmed." Fasten belt. Wait. (The rockets will fire.) Unfasten belt. Get up. East. Don suit. Get line. W. Sit. Fasten belt. Wait. Wait or look until the tentacles grab you and you are safely docked. (A total of 7 waits.)

Getting in

Unfasten belt. Get up. Open inner. Out. Close inner. Open outer. Out. Press fourth bump. (The sculpture is supposed to be the solar system. You press the fourth bump because it corresponds to your home planet (Earth). Why is Earth the fourth bump and not the third? Because the sun counts as the first bump!) At this point you should see a "tiny bump". Press tiny. Now you will see a black rod rise up. This rod is a "self-destruct" device! Do not put it in any black slot, ever! Take black rod. The airlock door will open when you take the rod. In. Close outer. Open inner. In. Ta-da! You are now in the "Artifact"!!!!

The Artifact

Think of it as an intergalactic intelligence test. Put the right blocks in the right holes and win the prize. The Artifact is cylindrical in shape, and divided (like a pie) into four wedges, which (like the slots) are color coded. These colors are: red, blue, green, yellow. These wedges are transected by 5 concentric rings: in short, the cylinder is divided into a sort of circular grid system of rings and colors. (This will be more obvious to you as you move about in the Artifact.) Directions are: N, S, E, W, U, and D. Up and down correspond to in and out. East and west correspond to left and right, and also to port and starboard. When you enter the Artifact, you will be unable to enter the yellow section without being eaten by the grues (which were apparently captured on the planet Zork, but who escaped from the alien zoo for the express purpose of menacing adventurers foolhardy enough to travel without light).

Collect those rods!

You can get these in different orders, but the following one will definitely work: black, red, silver, yellow, pink, blue, gold, brown, violet, green, clear (crystal), white.

Getting the red rod: It's being held captive by "ant-men"! To get there: N. W. Forward. E. Now, the ant-men will be very nasty if you try to take their rod away. So let's keep them busy doing something else—like rebuilding their nest... Throw something at the nest—the tape player will do nicely, and your space suit will also work if you want to bother taking it off. Then get red rod. Don't forget to reclaim whatever it was you threw!! (Get library)

Getting the silver rod: (It's on the way to the yellow one, which we really need!) From the nest: W. Aft. W. S. S. Port. Get gun. Look into gun. Get silver rod. (Too easy, no?)

Getting the yellow rod: It's in the spaceship docked outside the blue airlock. From the weapons deck: E. N. Open inner. Out. Close inner. Open outer. Out. S. S. Give the tape library to the spider (the clue here was that he is intensely interested in news). He'll give you the yellow rod, but that's all he's good for. (Give tape. Get yellow rod.) The yellow rod is one of the "useful" rods: you'll need to stick it in the yellow slot to get some of the others. To get to the yellow slot: N. N. In. Close outer. Open inner. In. Up. (You are now in the grasslands. The weasels and unicorns here are strictly local color, not useful.) S. Open hatch. D. Put yellow rod in yellow slot. (Putting the yellow rod in the yellow slot will turn on the emergency lighting in the yellow section of the "Artifact".) While you're here, put the red rod in the second red slot (this will turn on the life support system and get that tell-tale Windex aroma out of the air in a few turns. Later on this will enable you to trade your old spacesuit for something truly useful (like a brown rod)). Get card. You'll need to put this into the computer— I suspect it's a Disk II controller card— can't boot up without one!

Getting the pink rod: It's in the spaceship docked outside the yellow airlock. Be careful, one false move and it's deep space for you. To get there: U. N. D. W. Open inner. Out. Close inner. Open outer. Get basket. (This basket can be used to hold the rods till you need them—that way they won't take up valuable inventory space.) Open outer (yes, again: it stuck the first time!). Out. Attach line to spacesuit. Attach line to hook. Port. Get pink rod.

Getting the blue rod: It's in the laboratory, with other useful implements. To get there: E. Detach line from hook. In. Close outer. Open inner. In. S. S. Put all rods in the basket. E. Get all disks. Now comes the tricky part: the rod is embedded in the silver sphere. All we have at our disposal to obtain it is the 4-position dial and the two disks... fortunately, there are "transporter disks". Unfortunately, they explode into nothingness if you allow them to touch... Anyway, here the procedure: put red disk under globe. Put blue disk on floor. Put card on globe. Turn dial to 4. Turn dial to 2. Get card. Get blue rod. Get all disks. Put blue rod in basket. W. Put blue disk on floor. (You have to put it on the floor here so the "maintenance mouse" can collect it and put it in the garage so you can transport there (and out of trouble) later!!!)

Getting the gold rod: N. N. N. N. W. Aft. Now you're in the computer room. Open panel. Put card in slot. Close panel. Turn computer on. (It will spew out a gold bar for you.) Put gold rod in basket. Look around if you like, but there's nothing else to do here. The enunciator panel tells you what you have to fix to put the Artifact in order, but I'm going to tell you that anyway...

Getting the brown rod: N. W. W. S. S. E. E. Remove suit. Look around or "wait" or something until the chieftain comes. Offer suit to chief. Point at brown rod.

Getting the violet rod: You have no time to put the brown rod in your basket! Follow the chief when he leaves. It's the only way to get the violet rod!!! Just keep saying "follow chief" until you get to the "Center of the Warren". Then: D. Close inner. Open outer. Out. P. P. Get visor. N. Move skeleton. Get violet rod (move the skeleton only once!!). S. S. Put red disk on floor. Stand on red disk. Surprise→ Transporter City. With any luck you'll now be in the garage. If the mouse hasn't collected the blue disk yet, you'll be back outside the laboratory. You'll just have to wait till he comes and gets it, then transport to the garage...

Getting the green rod: Enter bin. (Keep typing "enter bin" or "again" until you find the green rod. It may take up to 10 tries!) Get greed rod. Put green rod in basket.

Getting the clear rod: F. P. N. N. N. N. W. Look at laser through visor. Get clear rod.

Getting the white rod: E. S. S. U. S. S. P. U. U. Jump. Put silver rod in silver slot. In. Get white rod.

You've got all the rods now. All you have to do is figure out why you've collected them

Finishing up

Put the white rod in the white slot. (A black slot will appear. Do not put the black rod in the black slot!)

Getting to the Control Bubble: Out. U. Jump. Fire gun at Drive Bubble. Again. Again. (You should now be "on Control Bubble".) D. Put gold rod in gold slot. In. Put clear rod in clear slot. Five colored slots will appear. Put the appropriate rod in each slot→ the order you do it in doesn't matter.

The final sequence: You now use the various colored spots to set the course of the Artifact toward Earth. Touch large square. (The view now covers the area from the Sun to Jupiter.) Touch brown spot. (You will have to touch it 4 times, until the Earth is highlighted.) Touch violet spot (three times, until the path forms a circle around the Earth. (Don't stop at the ellipse!)). Touch green spot. (The path will flash.) Touch blue spot. Blast-off!!!!! You win!!

Adventure rental

Starting next month, I was thinking about having an adventure game rental service. I was thinking of charging about $5.00 per month per adventure. Leave your opinion about this or anything else on the feedback option in AdventureCenter.

Always remember to also leave a paper note when you add something to AdventureDisk.

Adventure exchange

Here is how the adventure exchange is going to work:

  1. Send in any adventures that you have played and solved or for some reason no longer need. They should all be originals with documentation if possible.
  2. Send in a list of adventures that you would like in return. List as many as possible. Also list games you have played so you don't end up with an adventure you already have.
  3. Send in $5.00 for each adventure sent. If you send 3 or more, then deduct $1.00 for each adventure.

If I cannot match you up with a suitable adventure in one month, then I will return your adventure along with a refund of the fee.

Disks for sale

The disks that you receive AdventureDisk on are called Generick Disks. They come bulk packed in boxes of 100 with envelopes.

The prices are as follows:

100 Generick SS/SD disks w/ envelopes for $130
10 Generick SS/SD disks w/ envelopes for $15.


There are several people who I would like to thank for their part in helping to get the first issue of AdventureDisk out. First of all, without the help of Jim Mangham and the whole SoftDisk crew this would have been impossible. They have helped me so much, and I am looking forward to working closely with them on upcoming issues.

I would also like to thank Tom Phelps for supplying the adventure solutions. He has several suggestions as to how he can help out more in the future. They include making adventure maps using a program called Fontrix. You will hear more about that in the near future.

I also would like to thank the Quality and Micro Fun software houses for sending me demo programs to be reviewed.


For the next issue of AdventureDisk, look for the following:

  1. The Eamon adventure will be Eamon 66 Dungeons of Xenon
  2. Look for an adventure rental service
  3. An update on the map contest
  4. More complete adventure solutions
  5. Hopefully more on the AdventureCenter
  6. Lots more fun

I hope you have had as much fun reading AdventureDisk this month as I had writing it. Good luck on the rest of the issue and see you next month.


Wizardry and others

Posted by: Whit Crowley 06/07/84

A hint for new Wizardry players——avoid the frustration of killing Werdna and getting the amulet only to teleport into stone and lose your party. Look to level four as a safe landing place from the spot on ten where you end your fight.

I am still working on scenarios two and three of the Wizardry series. The Infocom games I have enjoyed thoroughly even if Zork and Enchanter have kept me up half the night on more than one occasion. For those who have not completed the many enigmas in Zork I—Cyclops is the real key to the whole adventure and will "open" a very valuable dimension to the game. Read carefully and examine the text in the book on the altar!

Ultima III consumed me for several weeks. I finished it successfully last week in just over 360,000 moves. The location of the exotics is critical-:- wait for dawn, consult the priests, and search! Sometimes all information is hard to get and must be fought for. And the clue the Time Lord shares is essential to defeating Exodus! Has anyone tried the Ultima III character editor in the June issue of InCider? I have spent hours typing, editing, and testing and still cannot get it to transfer my party characters from the scenario disk to the editor program for alteration. I have written Kerry Lanz at InCider for help on this one. If anyone has a working copy of this program, please let me know through AdventureDisk or through the mail.

I have started Questor and standing Standing Stones. Both appear to be entertaining games at this point.

I also have Ultima II in progress and am somewhat stuck. I would like some hints on getting keys primarily.

Whit Crowley
1007 Silversprings Lane
Manchester, MO 630011

Enchanter and Quest

Posted by: Robert Carle 06/21/84

I really enjoy playing adventures and even though I have solved a few I still get stuck on others. I just completed Death in the Caribbean, a good adventure but the writing could have been better. I am currently working on The Enchanter and The Quest.

In The Enchanter—I have found Krill's secret room, but how do you kill the dragon? Magic does not work. I think the adventurer in the Hall of Mirrors is needed, but I'm not sure.

How do you get in the map room? The Kulcad spell I'm sure is needed for the winding stairs and not here.

In The Quest—I found the dragon, the dragon cub, and can talk to the dragon (thanks to the hermit). Lisa is with us. I have the key, carpet, but know what? If I bring the dragon cub to the dragon I get killed! Any ideas?

Adventures solved (but not without help): Mystery House - Time Zone - Transylvania - Wizard and the Princess - Death in the Caribbean - Dark Crystal.

The Quest

Posted by Nancy Gulick 06/25/84

My biggest frustration at the moment is "The Quest". Can't seem to do the right thing with the dragon in the Sphinx's cave. Hope somebody can help me!

Help in Cranston Manor

Posted by: Adams 02/01/84

Hints for Cranston Manor:

  1. The pink bull—what he can't see can't hurt you.
  2. Crystal sphere—the computer operates it and must be deactivated.


Posted by: Lil Harvey 02/04/84

Floyd can be found next to the maintenance room, but you have to figure out how to turn him on.