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Always be mindful of copyrights when using others' work. (Burgundian scribe Jean MiƩlot, 15th century.)

A copyright is a legal right held by the creator of an original work to control how that work is used. This page describes the policies and guidelines of the Eamon Wiki (EW) on matters related to copyrights.


Outside materials added verbatim to the wiki must always be added under license. This license indicates to readers and editors the reasons why it's appropriate for the item to be included in the wiki.

Source licenses

Sources are textual materials added to the wiki as pages rather than as uploaded files. A source's license should be described in a subpage named "license" below the source: for example, the licensing information for the Eamon Adventurer's Log is at Eamon Adventurer's Log/license. This page should describe where the material came from and why it's appropriate to reproduce it in the wiki.

File licenses

The following licenses may be applied to any uploaded file, as listed in the "Licensing" dropdown selector on the upload page:

{{LicenseUnknown}} I do not know the license
Your own work:
{{LicenseSelfWiki}} Allow use only in Eamon Wiki
{{LicenseSelfCredit}} Allow use as long as others credit you
{{LicenseSelfPublicDomain}} Release into public domain
Someone else's work (permission granted):
{{LicensePermitted}} The copyright holder gave me permission to use this work in Eamon Wiki articles
Someone else's work (public domain or fair use):
{{LicenseAudio}} Audio sample
{{LicenseVideo}} Video sample
{{LicenseCover}} Cover of book, magazine, software, etc.
{{LicenseLogo}} Logo
{{LicenseFreeSoftware}} Screenshot of free software
{{LicenseNonFreeSoftware}} Screenshot of non-free software
{{LicenseWebsite}} Screenshot of website
{{LicenseOtherFree}} Other free or public domain work
{{LicenseOtherNonFree}} Other non-free work where usage is believed to constitute fair use

EW Copyright

The EW holds copyright on the original graphical elements and visual design of the site, as well as on any logos or other graphical elements that relate specifically to the EW. EW logos should be considered trademarks of the EW.

All other EW material (with the exception of licensed materials and sources as specified above) may be reproduced and modified by anyone anywhere as long as that reproduction or modification cites the EW as the source.