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"A World Far, Far Away", an article about Eamon published in the 3A Computer Products 1985 Apple Public Domain Software Catalog, pages 23-26.





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World Eamon Group

Let's improve Eamon

3A supports the Eamon adventure system and solicits your support.

We know there are bugs in some of the Eamon programs that need to be identified and published so you and others can fix your copies.

We know significant improvements are long overdue, such as...

  • a save-game feature on every disk,
  • faster run time,
  • graphics,
  • better code structure, and
  • (even the spelling needs work).

When you help out in this continuing project to find and fix the the bugs or improve the Eamon system (even create a super-Eamon master?) we will show our appreciation by publishing and distributing your "fix" and exchanging a 3A volume of your choice with you at no charge as well. We will also publish your name as having contributed to improving Eamon.

For those sitting on the side lines, after improved versions are published, we will recopy your volume with the improved version for a $1 copy and shipping fee.

Many folks have requested a level of difficulty grading system for each Eamon adventure. We would like to hear your opinion of each adventure you play. Perhaps you will write a short review that we may publish and give you credit.

We intend to keep Eamon in the public domain and discourage locking-up programs or affixing copyrights to the series!

In our last catalog we sponsored a "National Eamon Club" believing it would accomplish some of the above, but it hasn't happened. For example, rather than identifying and publishing how to fix some of the Eamon bugs the "club" wrote a program to log the bugs, but still has not published any.

So we now launch the 3A "World Eamon Group" and look forward to spreading the Wonderful World of Eamon even more than in the past and keeping all of Eamon in the public domain!

We are very interested in any and all comments and suggestions on Eamon and how you would like to participate. We are particularly interested in exchanging copies of Eamon adventures and other Eamon programs that you may create or know of.

Welcome to Eamon

The Wonderful World of Eamon

Eamon is an adventure series quite similar to Dungeons & Dragons. Eamon was created and developed by Donald Brown. The adventures were created by Donald and various people as yourself.

To actually play Eamon on the Apple computer, you must first "bootup" the diskette marked "E001 Eamon Master". Your disk drive controller card must be in slot six, drive one — Eamon doesn't know how to handle any others yet.

After you are shown the dragon picture (which you can break out of early by pressing the "Esc" key), you will be almost ready to enter the Main Hall and create a character. Simply follow directions. The Main Hall is a place to leave from to go on an adventure.

Only one Eamon adventure will be stored on a diskette. To go on an adventure, proceed from the Main Hall as directed, inserting the diskette with the new adventure into the disk drive (slot six, drive one) at the proper time. From then on, you're on your own.

Characters who do not return from adventures are considered dead (erased). Turning off the computer in the midst of an adventure or halting it by pressing Ctrl-C or Reset merely commits suicide.

To help your character get some gold to equip himself properly and gather a little bit of experience, one adventure is included on the master diskette —The Beginners Cave. It's a gentle little romp through a set of caves. We strongly advise that you send your new character through The Beginners Cave first.

If you succeed in getting back to the Main Hall your character is stored on the E001 Eamon Master Diskette, so it can be called up again the next time your play.

Run the "Player Manual" and learn much more.

E001 Eamon Master & Beginners Cave

Public Domain   60 free sectors

A 002 E001 EAMON MASTER V4.0

Eamon adventures

Order by volume number and title to avoid mistakes.
Each adventure consists of a group of programs (as shown above) that are on one diskette.
The Eamon Master "E001" is required to run any of the adventures!
The numbers after each adventure name are explained at the end of the list.

E001 Eamon Master (V4.0)
  & Beginner's Cave
77/61 Donald Brown
E002 Lair of the Minotaur 140/66 Donald Brown
E003 Cave of the Mind 69/64 R Varnum & J Jacobson
E004 Zyphur Riverventure 142/75 Jim Jacobson
E005 Castle of Doom 151/78 Donald Brown
E006 Death Star 117/60 Donald Brown
E007 Devil's Tomb 110/78 Jim Jacobson
E008 Abductor's Quarters 142/83 Jim Jacobson
E009 Assault on the Clone Master 110/66 Donald Brown
E010 Magic Kingdom 89/64 David Cook
E011 Tomb of Molinar 115/79 Donald Brown
E012 Quest for Trezore 132/78 Jim Jacobson
E013 Caves of Treasure Island 123/63 P Braun & G Genz
E014 Furioso 157/84 William Davis
E015 Heroes Castle 206/88 John Nelson
E016 Caves of Mondamen 106/88 John Nelson
E017 Merlin's Castle 200/65 Randall Hersom
E018 Hogarth Castle 178/85 Ken Nestle
E019 Death Trap 206/93 John Nelson
E020 Black Death 89/72 John Nelson
E021 Quest for Marron 194/90 John Nelson
E022 Senator's Chambers 63/72 James Plamondon
E023 Temple of Ngurct 205/86 James Plamondon
E024 Black Mountain 206/82 John Nelson
E025 Nuclear Nightmare 182/71 John Nelson
E026 Assault on the Mole Man 169/62 John Nelson
E027 Revenge of the Mole Man 172/68 John Nelson
E028 Tower of London 176/63 Fred & Sandy Smith
E029 Lost Island of Apple 100/63 Donald Brown
E030 Underground City 157/63 Steve Adelson
E031 Gauntlet 101/71 John Nelson
E032 House of Ill Repute (obscene) 145/62 Anonymous
E033 Orb of Polaris 128/70 John Nelson
E034 Death's Gateway 199/86 John Nelson
E035 Lair of Mutants 164/84 Evan Hodson
E036 Citadel of Blood 210/85 Evan Hodson
E037 Quest for the Holy Grail 216/85 Evan Hodson
E038 City in the Clouds 176/106 Evan Hodson
E039 Museum of Unnatural History 140/71 Rick Volberding
E040 Daemon's Playground 107/60 Rick Volberding
E041 Caverns of Lanst 165/62 Rick Volberding
E042 Alternate Beginners Cave 109/63 Rick Volberding
E043 Priests of Xim! 224/70 Marty & Ed Bauman
E044 Escape from the Orc Lair 218/54 Jay Hinkleman
E045 SwordQuest 269/75 Roger Pender
E046 Lifequest 103/58 David Crawford
E047 FutureQuest 188/75 Roger Pender
E048 Picnic in Paradise 161/79 John Nelson
E049 Castle of Kophinos 209/89 Don Doumakes
E050 Behind the Sealed Door 132/67 Tim Berge
E051 Caves of Eamon Bluff 247/98 Tim Berge
E052 Devil's Dungeon 123/67 Jeanette Merrill
E053 Feast of Carroll 120/69 Dan & Jon Lilienkamp
E054 Crystal Mountain 112/81 Ken Hoffman
E055 Master's Dungeon 192/84 Jeff Allen
E056 Lost Adventure 180/82 Jeff Allen
E057 Manxome Foe 138/57 Ray Olszewski
E058 Land of Death 149/65 Tim Berge
E059 Jungles of Vietnam 183/68 Jeff Allen
E060 Sewers of Chicago 242/72 Jeff Allen
E061 Harpy Cloud 138/62 Allan Porter
E062 Caverns of Doom 204/66 Matthew Mullin
E063 Valkenburg Castle 138/64 Jeff Weener
E064 Modern Problems 172/62 Anderson/Barban/Thompson
E065 School of Death 205/59 Kurt Townsend
E066 Dungeons of Xenor 225/54 Sam Bhayani
E067 Chaosium Caves 174/55 Sam Bhayani
E068 Smith's Stronghold 193/63 Allan Porter
E069 Black Castle of NaGog 151/82 Doug Burrows
E070 Tomb of Y'Golonac 160/61 Robert Romanchuk
E071 Operation Crab Key 192/53 Joe Vercellone
E072 House on Eamon Ridge 254/98 Tim Berge
E073 Deep Canyon 165/89 Kenn Blincoe
E074 DharmaQuest 209/93 Roger Pender
E075 Temple of the Guild 62/59 J Nelson & D Doumakes
E076 Search for Yourself 140/65 J Nelson & D Doumakes
E077 Temple of the Trolls 182/95 John Nelson
E078 Prince's Tavern 210/97 Bob Davis
E079 Castle of Count Fuey 128/67 Donald Brown
E080 Search for the Key–Part 1 84/61 Donald Brown
E62 Rescue Mission–Part 2
(Require the key from Part 1)
76/89 Donald Brown

Compare program size

The set of numbers after each Eamon adventure indicate the relative size in sectors of the dungeon description text file / and the Main Program. These are provided as a basis for your comparison.

To save space we have not printed the "catalog" of each adventure volume as we did for all the other public domain volumes.

We hope we have correctly listed all the authors' names and spelled them correctly as well. Please tell us if any are not right!

Eamon utilities

There is now one less Eamon utility volume because we discovered 26 program duplications on the former 4 volumes and eliminated them!

E241 Eamon Utility 1

Public Domain   72 free sectors

E242 Eamon Utility 2

Public Domain   117 free sectors

E243 Eamon Utility 3

Public Domain   182 free sectors

E250 Eamon Designer

Create your own adventure!
Public Domain   129 free sectors

Eamon Player Manual

Insights to Eamon

On the original Eamon Designer Diskette were two "manuals" (text files) named...

One explains how to design your own Eamon adventures and the other manual tells the background and some secrets of playing Eamon.

We moved the "Player Manual" onto E001, the Eamon Master Diskette!!

We felt it is more appropriate to have access to the Player Manual when first encountering Eamon and, moreover, not to have to buy another diskette to learn more about the Eamon system.