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The World Eamon Group (sometimes called the World Eamon Club) was a short-lived Eamon club established and dissolved in 1985 by Ron Maleika of the Apple Avocation Alliance. Though Maleika initially promoted John Nelson's National Eamon User's Club in 3A's 1983 catalog, he announced in early 1985 the formation of his own "World Eamon Group" as a response to what he believed was the NEUC trying to capitalize off Eamon bug fixes rather than freely sharing them with players. Nelson reported in the March 1985 issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Log that he'd spoken with Maleika and let him know that the NEUC did print bug fixes in its newsletter; Maleika reportedly apologized for the misunderstanding and agreed that it wouldn't be practical for him to start his own club.

The 1985 article "A World Far, Far Away" contains the text of Maleika's club announcement.