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An Apple II computer with a monitor and two floppy diskette drives.

The Apple II (also stylized as Apple ][ or Apple //) is a series of 8-bit home computers created by Apple Computer that was the original and principle platform for the Eamon game series. Its successor is the Apple Macintosh.

In adventures

  • The Clone Master has an Apple II computer in his quarters, described as a "strange, white, and blockish device" (Assault on the Clone Master).
  • A "good ol' reliable Apple IIe computer" appears in the museum of The Computer Club of Fear; elsewhere an Apple floppy disk drive may be used as a nunchucks-like weapon.
  • The computer room in Gamma 1 includes an Apple II computer "with a color monitor, dot-matrix printer, and two disk drives!"
  • An Apple II Plus appears in the computer room in The Caverns of Doom.
  • Bookworm 3-D includes two "Apple-compatible" machines.
  • A number of "thinking machines" with the word "Apple" on them appear in the The School of Death, in a room called the "Apple Orchard".
  • A basement room in The Hindenburg Ogre is piled with Apple II computers. Among them is "a fully equipped Wozniak Edition Apple IIGS complete with all the manuals and dozens of software floppies, all in perfect condition."
  • A futuristic "Apple XVI" appears in The Underground City.
  • An even later model — an Apple CLVII-R with a 650002P chip, in use in the year 4099 — is mentioned in FutureQuest.
  • An Apple II keeps track of transactions at the computer store in The Shopping Mall.
  • An Apple II Plus is in the computer room in Ground Zero.
  • An Apple II Plus modified to run on solar power appears in the computer room in The Lost World.
  • An Apple IIc is included at the beginning of Star Wars - Tempest One.
  • A hidden and inaccessible Apple IIe is included in Adventure in Interzone. ("It would be in perfect working order if somebody hadn't spilled beer on the motherboard.")

Model history

The Apple II logo.
The Apple II logo.
  • Apple II – released June 1977
  • Apple II Plus – released June 1979
  • Apple IIe – released January 1983
  • Apple IIc – released April 1984
  • Apple IIgs – released September 1986
  • Apple IIc Plus – released September 1988

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