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The disk's main menu.

The EAG Utilities Disk is a collection of Eamon utility programs organized by Tom Zuchowski and distributed by the Eamon Adventurer's Guild as a single DOS 3.3 diskette, along with an equivalent ProDOS volume. It features 29 BASIC programs drawn from the earlier Eamon Utilities series assembled by John Nelson of the NEUC and consists mostly of utilities for listing, editing, and testing adventures or for managing adventurers. Zuchowski announced its release in the December 1988 newsletter, writing that it "contains the best programs from the old Utilities set, deleting obsolete and duplicate stuff."


The table below lists the files present on the EAG Utilities Disk. Zuchowski gives a short description of each file in his EAG Utilities Disk Handbook.

Utility Type
Add Light to Rooms BAS
Advanced Bench BAS
Artifact Maintenance BAS
Artifacts Convert BAS
Change Eamon Name BAS
Char Rebirth BAS
Desc Edit BAS
Dungeon List 6.0G BAS
Dungeon List Z BAS
Dungeon Aid BAS
Character File Maintenance BAS
Eamon DOS Remover BAS
Eamon Utilities Disk BAS
Flex Dungeon List 2.1 BAS
Freespace/Filedump BAS
Fresh Sam BAS
Last Update Install BAS
LCase Killer BIN
List Eamon R.A.M. BAS
Quicky Room Print BAS
Remove Dummy Artifacts BAS
Room Analysis BAS
Room Names Convert BAS
Rooms Convert BAS
Start Adventure BAS
Test Bench BAS
Universal Check Files BAS
Utility List TXT
Version Analysis BAS

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