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The main menu for Eamon Utilities IV

Eamon Utilities IV is the fourth volume in the Eamon Utilities series, a set of disks containing Eamon utility programs collected (and mostly created) by John Nelson and distributed by the National Eamon User's Club in the mid-1980s. Nelson states in the disk documentation that it's "useful for those who want to customize the system".

Several of the programs were later included in the condensed EAG Utilities Disk assembled by Tom Zuchowski and distributed through the Eamon Adventurer's Guild.


The following are the utilities and related files included on the fourth volume.

Utility Type
Artifact Maintenance BAS
BaseFix BAS
Character Editor BAS
Condense Characters BAS
Create Text Save Base BAS
Create Text Save Orig BAS
Create Text to Fix Boot BAS
Create Text to Save Game BAS
Dungeon Aid BAS
Flex Dungeon List BAS
Gauntlet Edit BAS
List Eamon R.A.M. BAS
Quicky Room Print BAS
Remove Dummy Artifacts BAS
Reverse Monster Names BAS
Room Analysis BAS
Test Bench BAS

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