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Eamon Utilities VI, also known as Eamon Functions, Arms School, or EU6, is the last known volume in the Eamon Utilities series, a set of disks containing Eamon utility programs. The first four volumes of the series were created by John Nelson and distributed by the National Eamon User's Club, but an additional two disks seemingly assembled without Nelson's involvement were circulated as volumes five and six.

Eamon Functions, the suite of programs to which Eamon Utilities VI is dedicated, was created by Bruce Miller in 1985 and adds various enhancements to the standard Main Hall program.


The following are the utilities included on the sixth volume.

Utility Type
Arms School BAS
Buy Arms BAS
Loading Program BAS
Logo Create BAS
Main Hall Update BAS
Printout Chars BAS
Reorganize Chars BAS
Startup File BAS
Store Weapons BAS
Transfer Chars BAS
Update BAS

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