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Eamon on JAVA is a means of playing an Eamon adventure via a Java-based Apple II emulator, specifically the Applelet emulator created by developer Steven E. Huggs. Webmaster Matthew Clark, with assistance from Andrew Gregory, successfully embedded the Applelet Java applet into a set of pages on the Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online site in December 2003 and set up four adventures to be playable through the system.

In the years since the system's debut most browsers have made it either difficult or impossible to run Java applets, so playing the game can be a challenge despite the fact that the pages are still available through the EAG Online site. The source code of the Applelet emulator is publicly available on Huggs's website.

In the EAG's master adventures list, Clark refers to the system as "Travel by Beagle".


Title Author Link
The Beginners Cave Donald Brown eamonag.org/java/Java-001.htm
The Lair of the Minotaur Donald Brown eamonag.org/java/Java-002.htm
Assault on Dolni Keep Tom Zuchowski eamonag.org/java/Java-124.htm
The Sword of Inari Matthew Clark eamonag.org/java/Java-246.htm

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