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The introductory menu of AdventureDisk #1.

AdventureDisk was a monthly, diskette-based newsletter devoted to adventure and role-playing games for the Apple II computer, and also acted as a distributor of Eamon adventures in the mid-1980s. Each issue of the newsletter diskette included a free Eamon adventure and was accompanied by a hard copy "AdventureBook" with maps and tips for solving games. It was created and operated by Jeff Bianco.


In correspondence with Huw Williams in January 2014, Bianco recalled that he first began collecting adventures in 1981 or 1982 at the age of 13 or 14, and ultimately gathered over 120 adventures which he would copy on his Apple IIe and sell by mail order along with an 8.5x11-inch sheet (later an 8.5x14-inch sheet) listing them all. Bianco charged a couple of dollars apiece, but also sold larger bundles with better values.

Bianco's AdventureDisk publication, which he began in 1984 and ran from his home in Mercer Island, Washington, grew from this project and ran for about 10-15 issues, each of which would include a free Eamon adventure along with other content like maps or tips for solving games. A mid-1985 review by QuestBusters noted that subscriptions were $6/month or $69.95/year. In December 1985, it reported that AdventureDisk had compiled many of the best public domain text adventures onto three "AdventureGame" diskettes which it distributed for $15/diskette; the first volume contained Donald Brown's "Star Wars Adventure".

Bianco was assisted by a talented programmer, also in his early teens, who designed the disks' menu interface and helped create some of the content; Bianco never met him in person and in later years could not recall his name.

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