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Aspen Software was a public-domain software vendor founded around 1982 by Daniel M. Lefler and based in Prescott, Arizona. Aspen distributed a wide variety of software titles, including Eamon adventures and utilities; the price in 1988 was $1.85 per diskette, or $0.75 if the buyer mailed in their own blank diskette. Aspen also sold "adventure hint books" ($2.70 each) that included maps, clues, solutions, and trivia for various text adventure games.

Included as Aspen's Eamon Utilities 6 diskette (EU6) was the Main Hall enhancement project "Eamon Functions" by Bruce Miller. Aspen's EU8 diskette contained the Expanded Master by John Nelson and Jon Heng.

Lefler announced Aspen's closure in the December 1992 issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter, noting that after ten years of operation and becoming the oldest mail-order public-domain vendor in the U.S., it was permanently out of business.