Magnetic Fantasies

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Coordinates: 34°04′21″N 118°17′50″W / 34.0726°N 118.2973°W / 34.0726; -118.2973

Editor Richard Koch
Frequency Bimonthly
Publisher Claude Plum
Location Los Angeles, California
First issue February 1981

Magnetic Fantasies (or MagFan) was a gaming magazine, bulletin board system, and distributor of software active in the early 1980s. Author Robert Plamondon writes in his 1983 article for Creative Computing that Donald Brown considered Magnetic Fantasies to be "the official Eamon distributor."

A 1981 Hardcode Computing piece reported that the magazine, dedicated to adventure enthusiasts, consisted of reviews and articles about computer-based fantasy games, lists of available games, and various other information. Its publisher (and BBS sysop) was Claude Plum and its editor Richard Koch; copies sold for $2.95. The Space Gamer magazine gave the publication a poor review.

In a 1983 ad in Computer Gaming World, the organization described itself like this:

Magnetic Fantasies—(213) 388-5198: Which extra-ordinary, marvelous, and outlandish BBS is run by two humans, three elves, and a very nasty dwarf named "Sir Twitt?" MagFan, of course. Located in Los Angeles and established in 1980, MagFan is the "granddaddy" of gaming BBSs. There are several FRPGs in progress on the board for players of all levels. Adventure game hints can be exchanged by leaving requests on the public board and receiving replies through private, electronic mail. Whether a caller decides to join a party of adventurers or merely to follow its exploits by reading the board, an enjoyable time is guaranteed.

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