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Caloke Industries was a small public domain software distributor owned and managed by Carl J. Kenepaske, Jr. (18 July 1926–27 January 1997) which operated from the late 1980s until Kenepaske's death. EAG president Tom Zuchowski announced in the December 1995 issue of the EAG Newsletter that he'd offered to send several old Eamon vendors a complete collection of the club's up-to-date adventures and that two — Caloke Industries and Kula Software — had taken him up on it. Zuchowski promoted both distributors in his short 1996 article "Ready for Adventure" in II Alive.

Zuchowski mentioned Carl Kenepaske's death in the GEnie Apple II roundtable and announced it in the June 1997 issue of the club newsletter.

Caloke's public mailing address was P.O. Box 18477, Raytown, MO 64133.