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Coordinates: 33°52′07″S 151°12′23″E / 33.8685°S 151.2063°E / -33.8685; 151.2063 Select Software was a distributor of public domain software based in Sydney, Australia that from 1986 through at least 1989 distributed a variety of free titles mostly for MS-DOS systems but also for Apple II, Macintosh, Commodore, and others. The company's catalog included adventures from the Eamon series as well as Creative Adventure Disk, a software tool for building text adventure games compatible with Eamon. Select charged AU$15 per diskette (about US$10) to cover costs of promotion, testing, and distribution, and published a bi-monthly newsletter.

The company was initially located at 3 Barrack Street in Sydney; around 1989 it relocated to offices in Charles Plaza at 66 King Street and in 1994 reformed as Select Software Solutions, a software development company focused on applications for the telecommunications industry.


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