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Portrait by DALL-E 2 and Huw Williams
Class Human
Occupation Weapon smith and exotic weapons merchant
Affiliation Guild of Free Adventurers
Appearances Eamon Deluxe
Graphics Main Hall

Grendel is a specialist weapons merchant located in the village south of the Main Hall.

Function Within the Guild

The Eamon Deluxe manual describes Grendel's shop as serving adventurers who find the standard weapons sold by Marcos Cavielli inadequate. Grendel specializes in making custom weapons for clients, letting adventurers specify the name and effectiveness of each, though these can be extremely expensive to design depending upon how damaging adventurers would like them to be. Grendel also sells a selection of ready-made weapons, two of each category, for either 500 or 1200 gold pieces.

Personality and depiction

The manual describes Grendel's service as discrete and gives the full name of his shop as "Grendel's Weapons and Exotic Smithery"; this may suggest that Grendel's business is of a very formal nature akin to a high-class tailor or dressmaker, which is understandable given that only very wealthy adventurers can afford his services.

In Examon Deluxe, Frank Black depicts Grendel as white-haired, dressed in a brick-colored shirt and brown pants, and carrying what looks like a hammer or an axe.

Grendel as depicted in Eamon Deluxe
Grendel as depicted in Eamon Deluxe


Grendel first appeared in Rick Volberding's Graphics Main Hall and was ported to Eamon Deluxe along with the other vendors from the village. His personality was expanded in the Eamon Deluxe manual by Luke Hewitt and Frank Black in an effort to give the newer characters in Eamon Deluxe the same sort of background as those from the original Eamon.


In Volberding's Graphics Main Hall, Grendel's prices were much lower, only 50 or 80 gold; however, in Eamon Deluxe Grendel's prices are increased to make adventurers work and save for them, as well as to avoid making Marcos' weapons totally redundant.

Grendel's name is likely a reference to the monster from the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf, thought to have been written somewhere between 700 and 1000 CE. Interestingly enough, in the poem Grendel is a monster who overcomes many armed men with the strength of his hands alone, until his arm is finally torn off by the hero Beowulf in a test of strength, making his name a somewhat ironic choice for that of a weapon merchant.