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The Old Kingdom, also known as the Cyrakian Kingdom, was a kingdom located on the far (western) side of the Great Mountains west of Evenhold, once a peaceful and prosperous land centered around a castle in a deep forest. From this castle the land was governed by the Cyrak Princes, a family which produced a long line of rulers including some who were great warriors, clerics, and mages.

During the reign of Talon Cyrak, last of the Cyrakian line, many in the kingdom fell under the evil influence of the Dark Lords who sought to conquer the land. Talon and his supporters resisted but were outnumbered, and when Talon died his supporters fled east across the mountains and founded the New Kingdom. Meanwhile, a plague-like curse decimated the remaining population of the Old Kingdom, started deliberately by Talon just before his death to punish those who had betrayed their land and to prevent them from collaborating further with the conquerors. The enemy assumed control and held the kingdom for the next three centuries.

Recently the enemy sent a contingent across the Great Mountains to attack the New Kingdom, but though the New Kingdom repelled the attack the invaders carried with them the ancient plague and passed it to the defenders. The Crown Prince summoned the adventurer to join an expedition into the enemy-occupied Old Kingdom to find the enchanted rod of Talon which has the power to lift the curse and curse the plague.

The Old Kingdom, its history, and its relationship to the New Kingdom are described in Ruby's Eamon adventure The Curse of Talon.