Temple of the Guild of Free Adventurers

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This is a Class B (silver star) article.
This article is about the structure. For the adventure, see Temple of the Guild.

The Temple of the Guild of Free Adventurers is a site operated by the guild that provides a variety of services and recreational opportunities to its members. It's deliberately situated far from the Main Hall in Evenhold to discourage casual or inexperienced adventurers from visiting.

The temple is the setting of the 1984 adventure Temple of the Guild by Don Doumakes.


The temple gives adventurers four main areas to visit:

Bureau of Names

A high-ranking cleric employed by the guild helps adventurers rename themselves or their weapons. The cost to change an adventurer's name is 100 gold and the new name must be approved by the Board of Judges. If the new adventurer name matches any others on the Eamon Master, or the new weapon name matches any in the adventurer's inventory, the requested change will be rejected.

Sheepskinner Casino

The casino lets visitors place bets either on roulette or on the results of wrestling matches. The roulette wheel randomly produces a number from 1 to 16, while the matches pit against each other two randomly selected opponents out of a pool of six, each of which have slightly different odds:

Spartus 0.6
Cyro 0.5
Conan 0.7
Claudius 0.4
Athenius 0.6
Zelano 0.7

The casino allows negative bets which can be a great way to make a lot of money.

Gladiator Pool

The pool, operated by a few of the older and wealthier adventurers who find violent combat entertaining, pits adventurers against robotic opponents. An adventurer who survives and beats their opponent wins a cash reward of anywhere from 75 to 10,000 gold pieces.

Adventurers' Proving Grounds

The innermost part of the temple is the Proving Grounds where an adventurer may attempt to increase one of their three basic attributes by one point, at a cost of 5,000GP for charisma or 10,000GP for hardiness or agility. After paying the fee, the adventurer must fight their way through a short dungeon populated with various combat robots and other opponents, and on completion receives the one-point increase to their chosen attribute.