Grimhold's Tower

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Grimhold's Tower is a tall stone tower that features in the adventure The Treachery of Zorag by Derek Jeter.

The tower stands just north of the Foulwater Marshes many miles north or northeast of Evenhold, with a cobblestone path leading up from the marshes to the surrounding wall. Known as the Blackwall, the barrier is built of black stone reinforced with iron bands and encloses the area around the base of the tower, with a single gate on the south side. Visitors passing through the gate walk north across the paved courtyard to reach the tower's portico.

Below the tower lies a dungeon, while above rise the four ascending levels of the tower: the main level dominated by grand halls and ballrooms; the second dedicated to dining halls, personal quarters, and cells; the third to armories, equipment storage, and laboratories; and the topmost level to the chambers and halls of the captive mage Zorag.