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An adventurer browsing the Times. (DALL-E 2)

The Eamon Times is a daily newspaper read in the world of Eamon.

The paper is mentioned by name in the introduction to The Caverns of the Sphinx when the adventurer picks up a copy in the Main Hall and reads the ads in the "Adventurers Wanted" section. The adventurer also reads the paper in Expedition to the Darkwoods when he finds a copy on a barstool. In the introduction to The Tomb of Evron, the adventurer is at home reading "the daily Eamon newspaper".

In Museum of Unnatural History, Professor Larkspur mentions reading about the disappearance of the museum in the paper.

A competing publication may be the Eamon Enquirer, "the gossip rag of the Main Hall and outlying counties" (A Runcible Cargo).