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Apollonia is an Earth-like planet that is the setting of the science-fictional Eamon adventure The Black Phoenix by Roger Pender. The planet orbits Epsilon Indi, a star roughly 12 light years from Earth in the constellation Indus.

In the 58th century the planet Apollonia is a populated human colony world situated in the Neutral Zone between two interstellar empires, the Star League and the Procyon Confederation, and has become a battleground in the centuries-long war between them. The Star League's elite Black Legion, of which the adventurer is a member, travels to Apollonia to fight the Procyon Confederation forces, landing at a site known as Firebase KT-13 on the Plain of Tears south of the Grendel Mountains.

Several locations on Apollonia are named for science fiction authors, including Asimovburg and Heinleinville. The planet is orbited by twin moons named Artemis and Phoebus.