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This article is about natural satellites. For Earth's satellite, see Moon.
Eamon's three moons at dusk

Moons are the natural satellites of larger worlds and are present around Eamon and other planets.

Moons of Eamon

Multiple adventure authors have made reference to Eamon's moon or moons in their adventures. Dan and Jon Lilienkamp note that Eamon is orbited by three moons which are all full at the same time on only one day out of the year, the Feast of Carroll. The Last Dragon by Roger Pender mentions "a fat yellow moon" on the horizon, and the adventures House on Eamon Ridge, Demongate, A Runcible Cargo, and The Boy and the Bard all describe locations on Eamon lit by moonlight. A gibbous moon shines over the Arcosian Swamp in Well of the Great Ones.

The Eamon Wiki login page features artwork by Huw Williams that includes a symbolic depiction of one of Eamon's moons.

Moons of other worlds

Earth's natural satellite, the Moon, is the setting of The Alien Intruder by Robert Parker.

Arda, the setting of J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium and of a dozen Eamon adventures, has a single moon that was created by the Valar at the start of the First Age.

Apollonia, setting of The Black Phoenix by Roger Pender, has twin moons named Artemis and Phoebus.

Diurla and Zagora, worlds that are close physical parallels to Eamon, likely have moons similar to Eamon's.

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