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Zagora is a parallel version of the world of Eamon that exists in another dimension or universe, described as "identical to the world of Eamon; yet at the same time, different: evil, twisted, and deadly." Zagora is the setting of Roger Pender's adventure Rhadshur Warrior (1987).

In Eamon's distant future, Threndor Tokas, a descendant of Hokas Tokas, accidentally creates an opening to Zagora through which a deadly blight spreads, and which agents from Zagora use to invade Eamon and steal Threndor's life orb. The adventurer, tasked with recovering the orb and closing the rift, enters Zagora and finds a world that's sunny and physically beautiful like Eamon, but with people who are more cruel and devious. The principal city — possibly equivalent to Evenhold — is populated by assassins, slavers, and thieves, and patrolled by the ruthless Blood Guard.