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Deneb in the constellation of Cygnus is a location the adventurer visits in two science fiction Eamon adventures: Eamon S.A.R.-1 by David Crawford and The Final Frontier by Bob Slemon.

In Crawford's Eamon S.A.R.-1 the planet Deneb III in the distant future is a human colony world governed by a ruling family that includes the adventurer's friend Crown Prince Johnathan, and is home to a terrorist group known as the Deneb Liberation Army (DLA) that opposes the monarchical rulers. When the DLA captures the Crown Prince's daughter Princess Lisa, members of the elite Eamon Search and Rescue Command journey to Deneb III to free the princess from her captors. The operation takes place in the general area of Alteron Spaceport.

Deneb is one of five Federation-controlled star systems in The Final Frontier and is located at coordinates (19,4,8).


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