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This is a Class A (gold star) article.

A weapon is an artifact that an adventurer or monster may wield to inflict damage in combat. Adventurers purchase basic weapons in the Main Hall and obtain more varied weapons by going on adventures, where they may be discovered or seized from monsters. Up to four weapons may be kept when returning from an adventure; any more must be sold to the pawnbroker Sam Slicker for gold.


Weapons in Eamon fall into one of five classes:

  1. Axe, including battle axes, hatchets, and like weapons. A standard axe does 1d6 damage and has a base price of 25 gold pieces.
  2. Bow, which includes all projectile weapons. A standard bow does 1d6 and has a base price of 40 gold.
  3. Mace, which includes all blunt or crushing weapons. A standard mace does 1d4 damage and has a base price of 20 gold.
  4. Spear, which includes various pole weapons. A standard spear does 1d5 and has a base price of 25 gold.
  5. Sword, the standard version of which does 1d8 and has a base price of 50 gold.

In some Eamon variants, the classes are either expanded or renamed. In Eamon Pro, for example, an additional class of weapon is introduced, which could only be purchased in the Adventurer's General Store or acquired from a monster:

  1. Dagger, a small thrusting weapon, such as a broken bottle or small knife.
  2. Rifle, a "technological"-class weapon, the only instance of which was an "antimatter rifle" in the Adventurer's General Store.
  3. Missile, a "technological"-class weapon, contained on the Adventurer's General Store disk.
  4. Ring, an type of enchanted jewelry capable of casting magic spells against monsters, the prices of which range from 2,500 gold to 25,000 gold.

In the case of the Missile class of weapons, the only instance in Eamon Pro, a "rocket," is carried by an enemy helicopter located in a room whose only exit is a death trap. Hence, the only means of acquiring such a weapon is by cheating. In the Eamon Deluxe conversion of General Store, a means of escaping the location is provided, although the weapon is classified as a Bow (as is customary in Eamon).


Marcos Cavielli, a tradesman who operates a small weapons and armor shop in the Main Hall, is the principal purveyor of weaponry to members of the guild. Expanded Eamon masters have sometimes added additional vendors to the Main Hall:

  • Grendel, introduced in the Graphics Main Hall and reappearing in Eamon Deluxe, is the proprietor of Grendel's Weapons and Exotic Smithery where adventurers can purchase more unusual weapons than are offered by Marcos, or order custom weapons made to their own particular specifications.
  • Beaty's Special Weapons Shop, shown in Ron Maleika's Guildhall, also gives adventurers the opportunity to purchase more unusual weapons.