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Section excerpted from the July 1994 issue of GEnieLamp A2.


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July 1994


Tom Zuchowski, Ken Gagne


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Invalid Eamon Assumption

It seems a lot of Eamon adventures receive 7's. Have any gotten 9's or 10's?

Ken Gagne (KEN.GAGNE, CAT16, TOP6, MSG:53/M645;1)

>>>>> Ken, everything that I've uploaded for some time now has been 7-rated because I already did the better ones and am working down the list. Here is a list of the Top Twenty (the first number is the rating and the second is the number of people who have rated it):

SD#137 Redemption 9.5/1
124. Assault on Dolni Keep 9.2/6
114. Thror's Ring 9.0/6
78. The Prince's Tavern 9.0/3
194. Attack of the Kretons 9.0/2
120. Orb of My Life 9.0/1
204. Sanctuary 9.0/1
161. Operation Endgame 8.9/5
150. Walled City of Darkness 8.8/2
147. The Dark Brotherhood 8.7/3
129. Return to Moria 8.6/4
166. Storm Breaker 8.5/2
145. Buccaneer! 8.3/3
108. The Mines of Moria 8.2/4
148. Journey to Jotunheim 8.2/4
121. Wrenhold's Secret Vigil 8.2/2
169. The Black Phoenix 8.1/5
91. FutureQuest II 8.0/5
117. Dungeon of Doom 8.0/3

All of these adventures (except Redemption) are in the A2 library in 80- col. versions.

A (7) rating seems to have become the standard rating for "above average", but it doesn't really show up all that much more often than other ratings. There are 35 Eamons rated between 7.0 and 7.9, making up just 15.6% of the total Eamon listing.

TomZ (T.ZUCHOWSKI, CAT16, TOP6, MSG:54/M645;1)