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Section excerpted from the March 1995 issue of GEnieLamp A2.


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March 1995


Charlie Hartley


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The Treasure Hunt

Yours For the Downloading

by Charlie Hartley

Welcome back to the Treasure Hunt! This month I've decided to feature the transcript files of special Real-Time Conferences held in the Apple II RoundTable over the years. Whether you are looking for specific information about a product, or just interesting in traveling down memory lane, there is a wealth of information available in these files.

Most are ASCII text files that have been shrunk with various forms of ShrinkIt. Unpack them and read them with your favorite word processor.

I've provided you with the file numbers, the file names, the size of the files in bytes, and a brief description of what is in the file. I've begun with the most recent file and worked my way back. I did not include the oldest of the transcript files, but if you are interested in them, go to the Apple II library 17 and select a file number smaller than the last one given here.


File: 9376 — Name: TOMZ.RTC.BXY — # of bytes: 8820

This is the transcript of a RTC held on December 19, 1989. The guest was Tom Zuchowski, GEnie Eamon expert and president of the Eamon Adventurer's Guild, who discussed the popular public-domain Eamon series of role-playing adventure games.