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This is a Class B (silver star) article.
This article is about the history of the fictional planet. For the real-world history of the game, see History of Eamon.

The history of the world of Eamon is long and little-known, revealed in infrequent and sometimes contradictory snippets by different adventure authors. What pieces are known are described below.


John MacArthur's Journey Across the Muerte Sea describes a creation myth about the genesis of Eamon: four competing gods representing the elements of earth, air, fire, and water decided to create a world together in an effort to forge peace among them. The world was made, but the competitive gods grew more discordant, and fought with each other in the Muerte Sea.

Distant past

  • 20,000 years ago: The land of Tasavalta is destroyed (The Sword of Inari).
  • Long ago: The Eruvolian civilization flourished (A Runcible Cargo).
  • The reign of Anharos, an ancient king of Eamon renowned for being good and just (The Pyramid of Anharos).
  • The reign of Evron, the "once mighty ruler of the land" (The Tomb of Evron).
  • The reign of Molinar, last of the great wizard kings (The Tomb of Molinar).
  • The ancient Human-Troll wars (Temple of the Trolls)
  • Indeterminate past: The land was ruled by an ancient council of twelve, a group of warriors and mages, each with a different colored robe (The Training Grounds).
  • Hundreds of years ago: The Lanstian civilization flourished (Caverns of Lanst).
  • 500 years ago: The time of Thaddeus the Scholar. The period of his greatest works was about 253 E.A.R. (The Training Grounds).
  • 300 years ago: The New Kingdom was founded on the opposite side of the Great Mountains from the forest of the Old Kingdom (The Curse of Talon).
  • Over 200 years ago: The Black Castle of NaGog, stronghold of the evil Lord Rovnart, is attacked and all inhabitants killed (The Black Castle of NaGog).
  • Over 200 years ago: The mage Castanamir and his island completely disappear (The Lost Isle).

Recent past

  • The Ale Revolt of 1093 (Redemption).
  • The 593rd year: The evil sorcerer Draxnehr attacks and occupies Valkenburg Castle (Valkenburg Castle).
  • Several years ago: Ford Prefect arrives at the Main Hall (Heart of Gold).


The present is the period of time when Eamon adventures take place. Ordering events in this period is complicated by the fact that players may undertake adventures in any order, and that most adventures make no reference to events that took place in others. However, a handful of exceptions can be chronologically ordered:

  • The Beginners Cave is assumed to be the earliest adventure since various others assume familiarity with it or reference events or characters from it.


  • The Eamon Search and Rescue Command is formed (Eamon S.A.R.-1).
  • 23rd century: The United Federation of Eamon controls several million cubic parsecs of the galaxy and vies with the Nebuleans (The Final Frontier).
  • Far distant future: Science and magic have blended into a single discipline known as Rhadshur (Rhadshur Warrior).