The Oasis in the Desert

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The Oasis in the Desert
Eamon adventure
Author Michael Penner
Released 1989
Native format Atari DOS

The Oasis in the Desert is a lost adventure created by Michael Penner around 1989 for Eamon 3.0, his Atari ST port of the Eamon game system, and is the last of the full Atari adventures he authored. Penner uploaded these to the GEnie file library, but no copies of Oasis have yet been found.


In comments in 2013, Penner recalled, "The only feedback I ever got on any of these adventures back when I wrote them was from a woman whose son had downloaded OASIS.ARC from GEnie, played it and went absolutely nuts for it. She wrote me a letter telling me how much he loved it, and I have to assume since it was the last one I wrote (summer after senior year) it would be well worth finding."

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