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Ngurct is the patron demon of exotic monsters, introduced by James and Robert Plamondon in The Temple of Ngurct and seen again in Hoyle Purvis's sequel Return of Ngurct. Ngurct is associated with Nektor, the god of the undead, and requires the regular sacrifice of human nonbelievers. His power is bound to a small, golden medallion.

Ngurct is worshipped by a cult that once occupied a ruined citadel in the mountains near the Kingdom of Evenhold until the adventurer, on orders from the King, raided the citadel and obtained the medallion of Ngurct. The King then broke the medallion and ordered it pieces scattered; however, a secret cultist collected and reassembled the pieces, leading to cult to resurgence and again drawing the King's attention. The adventurer assaulted the citadel again, this time wiping out the cult, slaying Ngurct, and recovering the medallion.

Regarding the origin of the name Ngurct, James Plamondon says it "was the option that my brothers, friends, and parents found to be the least pronounceable, so I chose it."