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Statue of Tash in an Evenhold temple

Tash is a demonic god who is the subject of worship at the Temple of Restoration in Evenhold, just east of the Main Hall. Visitors to the temple who make a sufficiently large offering may opt to have the priests resurrect a deceased individual, which they accomplish with "powerful incantations and chants". Human sacrifices to Tash used to be made at the temple, but the practice was discontinued after a prolonged boycott.

Tash is the creation of author C. S. Lewis and first appears in The Horse and His Boy (1954), the fifth book in Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia series. Tash is the antithesis of the good Aslan and appears as a skeletal, four-armed being with the head of a vulture.

The only appearance of Tash in Eamon is in the Super Eamon master created by Paul Van Bloem.

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