Cobalt Front

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The Cobalt Front is an organization on the world of Eamon that the adventurer encounters during the events of Malleus Maleficarum, an Eamon adventure written by Keith Dechant.

Based in the nearby area of Nival, the Cobalt Front is a fanatical paramilitary organization that opposes the use of magic and seeks to harass, imprison, or kill those who practice it. The group made inroads into the Duchy of Virrat in the western part of the Kingdom of Evenhold, with its armed forces burning buildings, arresting magic-users, and freely patrolling Virrat City. The adventurer uncovered the group's larger plan to seize control of the entire kingdom and shared it with the Duke of Virrat, who then dispatched his forces against the Cobalt Front and drove them out of the kingdom.

Members of the Cobalt Front wear blue religious tabards over their armor.