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Adam and Eve by Cranach the Elder, 16th century

Sex is one of the basic characteristics of adventurers in Eamon and related games. Players assign the adventurer's sex during the character creation process.


Programs sometimes use the adventurer's sex (male or female) to adjust situations or tailor dialogue. When a player examines an adventurer in the Main Hall, the program selects the epithet based on sex: "the mighty" for males, "the fair" for females. The banker Shylock McFenney also refers to the adventurer as "my dear boy/girl" depending on sex.

In Donald Brown's The Lair of the Minotaur, the adventurer's romantic companion is either a woman named Larcenous Lil or a man named Slippery Sven based on their sex. Similar customizations occur in Jon Walker's The Ice Cave (Lovely Lil or Gorgeous George) and John Nelson's Picnic in Paradise (Heather or Magnum). To date, such adjustments always assume heterosexual orientation, with males assigned female partners and vice versa.