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Attribute value probabilities (3d8)

New Character (originally New Characters) is a program on the Eamon Master that takes the player through the process of creating a new adventurer. The program is launched from the introductory Wonderful World of Eamon program if the player provides and confirms a name that's not present in the Characters file. When this happens, the Burly Irishman hits his forehead and says, "Ah, ye must be new here! Well, wait just a minute and I'll bring someone out to take care of ye."


The program talks the player through the following steps:

  1. Select sex. The player enters M for male or F for female. After making this selection the Irishman walks away and is replaced by a possibly Elvish instructor who manages the rest of the process.
  2. Get attributes. The program randomly generates values for the three attributes of hardiness, agility, and charisma by rolling 3d8 for each one. The result for each attribute is a value from 3 to 24, with the most likely result in the middle of the range (12–15). If the sum of the three attribute values is less than 39, the player may opt to have the adventurer "commit suicide" and roll for new values.
  3. Read instructions. The player may press R to read a booklet of basic instructions about attributes, weapons, combat, armor, and magic, or T to return the booklet to the instructor. (Read the text of the booklet.)
A new adventurer gets their attributes

Once the process is complete, the instructor gives his valediction and the Main Hall program loads.

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